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Friends, Family and Nudism

My Family and Nudity

Let first off I love being nude and try to be as much as possible. I am a 25 year old, African American beauty married for 7 years. I was raised a nudist and my family is very much on board. We have a family tradition of being nude at home. When friends came over they were shocked to see us all nude.

But they soon accepted and join us. I love every moment of it until we moved to a new city in the South. I feared we would be understood and even shunned. But surprisingly most people were nice although some were not.
We openly told people that we don't wear clothes at home. Most laughed and thought we were joking until they came over and realized that we were telling the truth. Again, most accepted and even joined in, although some didn't.

I met my husband during my high school years and I fell for him instantly but I was nervous about telling him what my family does. He came from a very conservative family. But one day I just decided he had to know and told to come over my house and, of course, I was naked along with my mom and sisters. He looked shocked but soon relaxed. He soon met other family members who are as diverse with nudity as we are.

We ended up getting married. It took some time for him to shed his clothes. We lived with his mom for six months who, not a fan of nudity, limited me from being nude in her house. Then we moved to an apartment where I had a little more freedom but it was limited. Then we finally moved to the house of my dream where we could go nude anywhere on our property.

I love it and my neighbors' just had to get used to it.My family and friends are welcome to disrobe as soon they come over. Unlike my parents I want my husband to share in the nudity as well. Oftentimes he doesn't unless we are alone or with my family. But I told my husband in 2012 I will be fully nude at home no matter what and no matter who comes over and when we have kids I will raise them like I was raised. Our family is great and I thank God for my parents and my upbringing.

Who Knows

I have been a nudist for over forty years. When I first started in the teenage years I kept it to myself. One day as I was naked in the house, my mother came home from work early and saw me. She asked me if my clothes were dirty and if that's I was naked. I told her it felt good not wearing them. She was fine with that.

A few years after that, my girlfriend was on her way over. I had to tell her. So I didn't get dressed. When she got there I opened the door naked. She came in and said I looked good like that. I told her about my nudity and she got undressed also. So any time we were visiting each other we would always go around naked.

Years after that when I married someone else, I told her. At first she accepted it and I always was naked when her friends would visit. They didn't see anything wrong with it. But now my wife doesn't like the idea that I'm a nudist. I still sleep naked but she won't. Most of our family members don't understand, but some do. Some of our friends are nudists also.

Being Open About Being a Nudist

I am very open about being a nudist. I feel it is important to let people know and to get rid of all the ideals that people have about nudists. Being a nudist and being naked does not make it something sexual. It is about the freedom of being clothes-free and being around other like-minded people.I am very open with my family, friends and co-workers about me being a nudist and love introducing newbies to the experience.

Most people are shocked at first, but always seem to come back with questions about the lifestyle. Most questions are from people being curious or they comment on their own body and that they feel that they would be uncomfortable in that situation. I always explain to people that it's not about how you look, but being able to accept your body as it is and as a nudist, you get to meet all types of people and body types and you get to know the people for who they are and not by how they look.

One example that I give is: "If a lady goes out to a club and is wearing something that shows her cleavage, most people's attention is drawn to that area, but as a nudist, we tend to focus on a person's face when we talk to them and you get to really know that person. As nudists, we do not hide behind clothes and we are who we are."

I always encourage my family members, friends and co-workers to come and join me for a day at the nudist resort. Most people are curious about going, but they always seem to make the comment that they need to get in shape first. I always laugh when they say that to me and tell them that the resort I go to is clothing optional and that would give them the chance to check out the environment first and if they were still not comfortable that they could leave. I have not had a person leave yet. Most people are naked within the hour and conversing with other fellow nudisst.

I am a member at Deer Park Nudist Resort in Calif. I became a member after a couple of visits to the resort. The people and staff there are always friendly and polite and made me feel like I was at home, every time I would visit. They welcome all the newbies I bring to the resort and the people and staff always make them feel at ease and comfortable. I will always be open about being a nudist. I feel educating people about nudism is important and educational.

sky is my clothing

I love to be nude more so in company of other nudists. once we get used to it we do not feel any different. I have a feeling nudists are more open, with free mind, can mix very feely with others, both sexes,young and old, nothing to hide. Therefore I say sky is my clothing. There are a clan of Jains in India who do not wear any clothing at all, they are permitted by both Govt. and society for religious purposes. They advocate nudism.. I love to walk nude along the foothills of Great Himalayas!


I grew up in a VERY conservative midwestern town and at age nine had the shock of my life. A new family moved down the street and had three sons, one my age, and we became friends. My parents were going out of town one weekend and I asked if I could stay behind at my new friend's house. I arrived Friday after dinner, we played outside for a while then bedtime came. As we walked up to my friend's bedroom his older two brothers came out of their room not wearing a stitch of clothing. I just stared at them and didn't say a thing then we got to the bedroom and my friend took off everything, looked at me and said "Aren't you going to get undressed for bed?" I said "You mean naked like you?" He just looked at me funny and said "Yeah!" So, off came my clothes. We woke the next morning and he goes running downstairs, still naked. So I just followed. We get downstairs and there stands his mother in the kitchen, his brothers and father at the kitchen table and none of them had any clothes on. Well after that weekend went by when my parents got home I asked my mother how come we never walk around naked like my friend's family did. That did it-I was not allowed to play with him anymore and not allowed to go in their house. As I grew up, I never really thought about that much but always remembered what happened that weekend and how it just seemed so natural.
Shortly out of college I took a job in Monterey, CA and moved out there from Michigan. I got out there a month before I started work to get acclimated and explore the area. One Saturday I decided to drive down the coast to Big Sur. On the way down I discovered a parking area along a stretch of beach, parked my car next to the five or so other cars there and walked down to the beach-no one was in sight but I noticed the beach went on for a good half a mile to the north, so I started walking. I got half-way down the beach, jumped over a little creek, walked another 100 yards or so then noticed a couple lying nude on the beach. I kept walking eventually seeing that of the 15 or so people laying on the beach, none of them had any clothes on! I had stumbled across my first nude beach. The very next week I was down there sunbathing in the nude. A couple years later I moved up to Santa Cruz and started going to a very popular nude beach called Bonny Doon. I became a regular there for years and enjoyed the great company of a very mixed crowd of every age, shape and size and soon became a home nudist-the second I got home from work the clothes came off. My friends knew this and even though some of them were not nudists they expected that when they visited my house I would not be wearing any clothing nor would some of my other guests. Sadly, my employer went out of business a couple years ago and I moved back to the midwest. Although I am still a home nudist, I had to give it up when having friends over- finding a much more "uptight" attitude here. And any sort of public nudity is forbidden! I miss my freedom!