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Friends, Family and Nudism

Nudists Are The Best Friends

When we first started going to our closest nudist resort, I never dreamed that the people we would meet over the years would become our best friends. Our best friends hail from Canada, California, Ohio, Florida, and who knows where else in the future.

I don't know why we are best friends. Maybe it is because we have a deep, abiding kinship from sharing laughter, food, sports, travel, freedom from clothing....

We come from diverse walks of life; we have differences of opinion; we have different levels of education, different occupations, different skills, different bodies. None of that matters.

What matters is that we all met one day because we went to the nudist resort. We shared a volleyball game, a tennis set, or other activity, a meal, a drink, a conversation, and we have continued to share with one another and to enjoy each others' company.

Mostly, though, we consider ourselves part of a greater family that we have chosen to be a part of, as opposed to a family in which we were born. We care about each other, we love one another. Our nudist friends are family.

Grandma Said Go Naked If You Want To

My first time was when I was around 13 years old. A friend and I were at my grandparents' farm and I suggested running through the corn but with no clothes on.The other boy thought nothing of it and we stripped off and ran through the corn and all over the farm nude as can be. It was such a feeling I couldn't explain it to my grandma when she caught us. I asked her not to tell my parents and she said she wouldn't and she said go naked if you want to. Needless to say I spent a lot of time there.

Hi, I'm Jim of Las Vegas

Hi, first, I'm new to naturism, having just decided to become so this summer while working in my backyard. I'm 61 years old and work as a Security Officer at a major hotel/casino on the Las Vegas Strip. My wife, so far, has not joined me in my lifestyle choice and may never. I have been fortunate enough, though, to get our soon-to-be 36-year old daughter (Dec 27) to join me nude twice at home and I can be freely nude in her presence anytime, though not if my wife knows about it.

I'm hoping to get our daughter to become a naturist herself, though she has said she's not sure about going nude outside so far.

I am a retired 24-year Air Force veteran. We have two children, our soon-to-be 41-year old son (Dec 27, also) and daughter. Additionally, we have a daughter-in-law and four grandchildren (all our son's and his wife's). Unfortunately, our relationship has been strained and we've not seen any of them for several years though they also live here in Las Vegas.

I began my journey into naturism a few years back by sunbathing in the backyard until my wife became fearful I'd be reported to the police if seen by our neighbors. I gave it up for her after she broke down in tears. This summer, however, while digging to get rid of rocks and caliche in the backyard I finally decided just to shed my clothes and not worry about it. Then, after getting reassurance, online from a member of the Las Vegas Bares club I should be safe from prosecution if my neighbors have to look over the wall to observe me, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and just go bare full time. I never plan to go back.

My wife is still uncomfortable with the idea but, I hope someday she will accept my lifestyle choice and will, in fact, join me. Further, I hope we can even bring our daughter in to join us sans clothing whenever circumstances allow.

I have even walked to our mailbox down the street after dark in only my robe with the front open and stood out front of the house with my daughter, both day and night, while she smoked a cigarette or to see her off, with my robe open when there was no one else present.

I'd love to introduce my entire neighborhood to naturism and feel free to walk about at all times clothes free.

I am also signed up on the figleaf forum website and the website, where you can read my introductory post of the same title I have used here.

I look forward to reading your stories about your introduction to and life as a naturist.

I really regret not having gotten into this lifestyle, with my wife, while or children were young to give them a sense of confidence and body acceptance without shame or themselves or anyone else.

Not sure whether I will ever join a club or take a nakation/nude cruise, though I think it would be a great experience to share with my wife, who happens to be of Vietnamese heritage and who I met in Saigon in 1971. We have been married since January 6, 1973.

Started Early in Life

It all started in Okinawa. As a child, I used to run naked through the fabulous white and billowing clouds of DDT, which were sprayed nightly in the summer months. Many of the local kids did this. I don't quite understand the impulse to be naked while doing this, but then again, during summertime at latitude N 26, my sisters and I spent most of our time with very little clothing anyway. It was a very basic feeling, arms outstretched, inhaling the sweet smell of the insecticide. Sure, it sounds horrible, now. The gas was banned in the states in 1967, but not out on the frontier. I see Johnny H. from Australia, and Claudia from DontKnowWhere, running next to me. We are all about 7 or 8 years old, sweetly innocent.

Much past that, I don't recall being naked outdoors again until my 20's in the Sespe Wilderness of Southern California, with either Bill O. or my wife, Cora. Yep, I'm talking about the very remote Sespe Hot Springs, only accessible after a long, hot 6 hour death hike.

Later, in my 30's and 40's, the ex and I, and the youngest of the girls, would frequent Bonny Doon beach, just north of Santa Cruz, CA.

Now, I belong to Oaklake Trails, about 3 hours away. I love every minute naked in the sun and with my friends.

I'm so glad ...Mom hated laundry!

I love to skinny dip and was lucky enough to grow up in a household where my Mother loathed doing laundry. She especially hated to wash clothes that had Kansas river mud deeply ground into the fabric. But my Mom had the answer ... skinny dipping. We went camping every weekend, almost always to the same location on Fall River in Butler County, Kansas, so we grew to know the other campers that frequented the area. One summer early in my life, my wonderful mother went around to each of the campsites and lamented her dislike for washing river mud from our clothes and swimsuits. She found several of the other mothers were like-minded on the chore, so she suggested we make the camp area "clothing optional" for all children under the age of 10 or so. Surprise, surprise, thereafter my brother, sister and I were naked from Friday night arrival until Sunday afternoon's departure. I honestly do not remember anyone complaining about us; even new campers seemed to just go with the flow. Life was good. I skinny dipped with the local children up until about the age of 12.

Sadly, life went on, along with my clothing, for the next five years... and I was sad. I joined the US Marine Corps at the age of 17, and served my basic training at USMCRD, San Diego. On my first weekend liberty, two of my friends and I hit the closest bar for a brew. The bartender was a nice young lady and of course we tried to "talk her up." She just grinned and put up with us. Then the conversation went to "where are the pretty girls?" as it always does with young men. Her answer surprised us, as it was ... naked or dressed? Naturally the conversation became lively at this point, and she said we could take a short trip north to "Black's Beach" where the "nudies" hang out. We went, we climbed down the cliff and we sat on the beach ... fully dressed ... watching a volleyball game taking place au naturel. Shortly a young lady came over to us and said "Either take your clothes off and join us, or get the heck off my beach because you have looked long enough. My buddies were a little shocked when I busted out in a really big grin and was naked in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

Thank God for my mother and that sweet young lady. I truly hope life has been as good for her as it has been for me. I have never, since that day, gone more then a few days without removing my stress by letting my skin come out to breathe. And, I cannot ever forget to thank the American Association for Nude Recreation, because without this association and its fantastic members working hard to protect our right to enjoy nude recreation, we would all be sad. By the way, Mom still hates to do laundry.