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Friends, Family and Nudism

New Years Run and Nude Polar Bear Swim

I figured a good way to ring in the new year was with a first run with a polar bear swim in the buff. I would have attended a group event, but I had to work. So as soon as I got done, I went and rang in the new year on my own. I thought it would be pretty cold, and it was, but it was exhilerating to go for a dip in the buff. Cheers!

Nude in the Great Outdoors

To all all newbie nudists, What was your first time nude actually like? That is the first time you were nude socially? How long did it take you to be actually comfortable? Now what do you do? Do you go nude at home as well? Do you answer the door nude? Or do you cover up? What happens when you get so comfortable that you forget that you are nude?

New at Nudism

My experience began a few years ago when joking I said to my husband we should go camping at a nudist campground. Well he was so excited about going that we looked for one online and found one not to far from our home. We booked a weekend and on our way. I was nervous at first but he couldn't wait to take his clothes off. When we arrived he was naked as soon as we parked the camper. It took me a bit, it was raining and there were a few people there. We went to the clubhouse with a couple who were camping next to us and one of them suggested to go into the hot tub. What better way to spend a raining day.

Well we all know what you need to do to go into a hot tub so off came my clothes and that is how we spent the whole weekend. We liked it so much we went back and on that second trip was when I told my mother and our kids. They both seemed okay with it. In fact my mother told me that my father always wanted to go but never did. He was a indoor nudist. On hot days he and my mother would go skinny-dipping across from our house. We haven't told close friends yet but I know it will just be a matter of time before we do.

Showing a Family About Nudism

I bought my first house some years ago and lived in the East Coast most of my life. I had 3 acres of serene countryside complete with trees, grass, rabbits, deer,and birds. It was paradise. As a part-time dancer and model, I spent all my time there nude, and the neighbors saw it and knew it. They never complained. Apart from the initial gawking, they got used to it, and came to accept that if they looked out or came up to the house, they would see me naked. In fact, their visits became more frequent.

Only a few of my non-nudist friends however really knew this. I was still in the closet so to speak. But when I moved to California and lived in an apartment, one of my friends back east asked me if I missed my house there. Well I told her as a matter I fact I missed being able to just come home and shed everything and be naked outside. She was not shocked or surprised, but wanted to hear more about nudism. I guessed that one of my other friends had told her that I was a nudist. We talked about resorts I soon discovered in California,I could spend time on weekends being naked. She was really curious. The next time I visited her back east, (I was passing by on a visit while going to the beaches), I stayed with her and her husband and children. I was clothed at first, but as the day wore on, we were in their enclosed backyard where the pool was. It was hot. The kids skinny-dipped and their mom asked if I'd like to join them. So, I stripped also. The parents clapped when they saw me get naked. It was a lot of fun playing with the five children in the pool, all enjoying the sun on our naked skin. After drying off, we stayed nude the rest of the day into the night--wrestled, played games, ate--all in the nude. I tucked them in nude and their parents gave them permission to sleep naked for the 1st time. Their parents were a little nervous at first taking their own clothes off because our body shapes are different. But the shame went away after mom at first went topless, then bottomless, and then dad revealed everything also. This time, the kids and I clapped and we all laughed for a while. Since then the family has been going nude every weekend. My friend tells me it sure cuts down on the laundry!

Most People Know

In early 2008 I started exploring nudism on the internet and thought it sounded like fun. I started going nude whenever I was alone at home. My wife and I are empty nesters so whenever she was gone for a length of time I got nude. I didn't think she would care for me being nude. By spring of 2009 I started going nude even while she was at home. She said it was fine with her as long as I did it at night with the curtains closed so nobody could see me. That is the way it started.
In Sept 2009 I went to the Oregon Coast and had my first, sadly alone, outdoor nude experience and instantly loved it. In the summer of 2010 I had my first social nude outing at our local nude swimming hole. My wife went with me and had a good time but remained in her swim suit. In the summer of 2011 she left the swim suit behind and cannot think of having to wear clothes while swimming.
In the fall of 2010 we joined the Rogue Suncatchers nudist club and have made some great friends. She remained a semi-textile by wearing a sarong and panties. She now just wears the sarong during club events. While I am nude whenever I am in the house, unless we have non-nudist company, my wife will still not sit around nude. I am fine with that. We have had one non-nudist friend join us in our hot tub and she said thanks to liquid courage she went nude with us.
I am a full time college student at 57 and have handed out the AANR brochures as well as our club's and they have been well received even if none have joined us yet.
90% of our family and friends know we are nudists, in fact when I told my mother she said it didn't surprise her as I have always hated clothes. Growing up my father would not allow any male to eat at his table, even during a picnic, without a shirt on and my first time eating nude made me think about that. My wife and I still laugh about it at times.
Shortly after deciding to look for nudism on the Internet I found and joined a Christian Nudist forum website and have since been made an Administrator/Moderator. Yes, Christians get nude as well. There are many Christians who embrace nudism and there are many Christian nudist sites as well.
My wife and I have joked over the last year about buying an established nudist resort or starting one here in Southern Oregon. At this time it isn't going to happen.