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Getting Social

Happy Birthday

We decided to throw a 'birthday suit birthday party' for dear old dad on his 80th birthday next summer.

A long time fan of being in the buff whenever he could, dad only recently publicly claimed his title as a 'nudist'. While the response has been mostly positive, his wife has always been uncomfortable with his recreational uniform. She has been a good enough sport to escort him (albeit clothed) to nude events, but it's a compromise that ironically leaves them feeling more distant from each other.
By scheduling a nude soiree to happen next summer we thought it would give time for any attendees who would have issues leaving their clothes at the door to work on their comfort levels, and to think of different strategies to adjust to the dress code. We hope that by demonstrating nude comfort with typically clothed loved ones, we can put dad's wife at ease with his nudism.
It's been interesting to see the reactions of the invitees, and how having an octogenarian as the guest of honour has given cover to particular objections. More than once I heard, "I could never go to a naked party. Oh, it's an 80th birthday? That's great, can I bring a friend!"
Hopefully, his wife will become more at ease with recreational nudity and realize that nudity seems to be less of an issue when you're nude too. If not, at least we'll have a great party!

We'd love to hear tales and advice of how other nudists were able to win over textile committed family members.


I wanted to experience NUDISM with someone who was in the NUDIST LIFESTYLE. Since there are no clubs or NUDISTS resorts in the BAHAMAS WHERE I LIVE I contacted an older NUDIST LADY who lived in the U. S. A. and was a DEVOTE NUDIST and invited her to visit the BAHAMAS, I wanted to experience NUDISM for the first time with a person who knew more than I about this interesting lifestyle. She was an older lady and came for a visit. We both ENJOYED BEING TOTALLY NAKED TOGETHER and spent many pleasant days exploring the many secluded beaches here in the BAHAMAS. We went for long beach walks together, I listened as she explained to me THIS HEALTHY,WHOLESOME, BEAUTIFUL LIFESTYLE. I wanted to remember this experience and took many WONDERFUL PHOTOS of her [ and had photos taken of US TOGRTHER NAKED, many of them I have ENLARGED, IN FRAMES IN MY HOUSE and DISPLAY THEM PROUDLY.] Since then I joined AANR and have to say IAM A PROUD NUDIST and AANR MEMBER. I have met many NUDISTS who have visited the BAHAMAS and over the years have become LIFELONG FRIENDS. I am still in contact with this WONDERFULL OLDER NUDIST LADY who gave me the courage to give NUDISM A TRY. I often look at the photos taken the day of my FIST SCOCIAL NUDIST EXPERIENCE and remember hot LOVELY IT WAS TO ENIOY THE FEELING OF NUDIST FREEDOM WITH A DEVOTE OLDER NUDIST LADY. Brian Clark

Social Nudism

My first time experiencing nudism: I was at one of the many secluded beaches here in the BAHAMAS and saw a group of 8 naked people, all older couples. As I walked by they waved, smiled and said Hi. They looked so relaxed and happy. I thought what a wonderful sight NAKED IN NATURE.

I wanted to join them, so I removed my bathing suit and joined them. ALL OF THEM SMILED AND CLAPPED HANDS. I spent a BEAUTIFUL, PLEASANT DAY WITH MY NEW FOUND NUDIST FRIENDS.

Since then I have been a LONG TIME NUDIST and AANR MEMBER. Over the years I have met MANY NUDISTS VISITING THE BAHAMAS and we have become LIFE LONG FRIENDS through our enjoyment of NUDISM.

My First Social Experience

My first time was June 2012, when I was staying in Columbia, SC for 4 weeks of training. Once I was finished for the day, I would return to my hotel room and strip off all my clothes and be naked in my room for the rest of the day.

One Saturday, I went on the Web to see if I could find I nudist resort or a nude beach. To my surprise I found a nudist RV park 45 minutes outside Columbia named Cedar Creek. I called the office to let them know I was planning to visit by myself and they happily said see you when you get here, just call when you arrive at the gate.

On the way to the nudist resort I was anxious and a little nervous at the same time. Once inside the resort I met Melissa and paid the day fee. She made me feel very welcome and went back to my car to get naked. It was such a great feeling to be naked outdoors,feeling the hot sun on my skin.

I walked down to the pool and everyone was so friendly. I then walked the nature trail to the creek and met two very nice couples. They asked if my wife was with me but told them she was back home and I was in the area for school.

The one couple, I ended up hanging out with them for most of the day. It was a great feeling to be with other nudists just relaxing and having a conversation without a care in the world.

Since my first experience, I went to another nudist resort to run a 5k at Cypress Cove in Florida. After the race I met some great people and plan to go back. This April I plan to go back to Cedar Creek to run my second nude 5K. I can't wait.

I love running nude. I just wish I could do it more often.

Meeting other nudists

I have enjoyed being nude around the house since my early 20s. It really started with sleeping nude; how relaxing. Later, I began to work round the house in the nude and even cleaning my car in the nude.

Once I gained the courage I stepped outside and enjoyed the breeze. What a feeling when totally nude. I continued to become braver by hiking nude in the sand dunes. My only concern was meeting a clothed hiker and have them being offended. The feeling of the sun and breeze one oneself, while nude, is unbelievable.

I wanted to share the feelings and thoughts on being nude but didn't know anyone. My wife is not into nudity but doesn't mind too much my being nude.

I finally went to a nudist club and had no qualms about stripping out of my clothes. Walking around nude without concern is great. One day at the nudist club it was just starting to be warm but I was already nude. I have no problem talking to others, at the club, who are still clothed. That is the great part of a club; you can be nude anytime.

Although I'm not a member I have met some nice individuals. My only regret is that I didn't become a social nudist earlier.