The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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Getting Social

Nudists Much More Social

My experience tells me that nudists are much more socially oriented that clothes-ers (My original, BTW!) Since we are not self-conscious about disrobing in public, we are prone to be more outgoing and can engage in conversation with total strangers who may also be nude, but not necessarily so. Truthfully, I have never been rebuffed (no pun intended) in conversation by another nudist. I am convinced that heaven is a nudist resort!
Recently I went boating and swimming on a textile lake and thought how much more fun I would have had nude. IL2BN! (I love to be nude!)

As Often As I Can

In 1997, I acquired a book called "Living Naked And Frugal" by Paul Penhallow a.k.a. Robert A. Holm. The book exposed me to the nudist lifestyle for the first time. I thought the book was absolutely fascinating. The book listed nudist clubs all across the United States to visit, and the contact addresses of the American Association For Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society.

It took me 9 years to finally go to a nudist club because I was afraid to let anyone know that I wanted to go a nudist club. I was afraid of the criticism that I would receive from my family and friends. So, finally in 2006, I went to a nudist club for the
first time.

The nudist club is called "The Berkshire Vista Resort" located in Hancock, Massachusetts. I went there on a cold and rainy Labor Day weekend and I enjoyed the experience and vowed that I would go to nudist clubs as often as I could. Today, my favorite nudist club of choice is the Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

Getting Social

Ive been a social nudist for forty years and I make no secret of that fact so I get the same three basic concerns about people's reluctance to embrace naturism; 1)their body type 2)their religious concerns 3)job sensitivity.

First,NOBODY cares what you look like (except the people who think you look better than they do);second God created us naked and to rejoice in it (we brought shame onto ourselves);third most understandable, can you imagine how the textiles would crucify a poor school teacher if it were found he was a NUDIST!?

With the exception of the third concern I believe people can overcome their reluctance and shed their clothes and bathe in the glorious sunshine!

Guided Tour

The first time my wife and I visited a nudist resort was during a national nudist weekend. We took the guided tour (it was mandatory); the guide was a very nice young lady. She looked like a high school student, but she told us she was a student at San Jose State.

As she drove us on the tour we asked her how long she had been a nudist. She said her parents had brought her and her brother out to the resort when they were 6 and 8 years old and the family became members shortly after.

We ask her if she brought any of her friends from school out. She said yes, but we had to get their phone numbers so she could call their parents to get their permission. She said almost all the time her friends and her brother's friends were able to come to the resort. Sometimes the parents came out to. Many of the parents became members!

We asked her when she started dating if she brought any of her boyfriends out. She said some of them, but she had to get their parent's phone number so her parents could check with the boy's parents. Most of the time, it was okay. Once she went over to a boy's house. When his mother came in and he introduced her to his mother his mother said "so you are the naked hussy my son has been going out with".

She said that she was out of there in a New York minute! She said she never went out with that boy again. She told us she had a steady boyfriend now and he was coming out after he got off of work at noon. Later that day while we were at the pool the guide came over with her boyfriend and introduced him to us.

Travel Destination Becomes Permanent

We are a gay couple and have visited many gay "clothing optional" clubs over the years.
More recently we decided to start camping with a trailer. We heard of Sunny Haven campground near South Bend, and decided to give it a try (having been firmly rejected by New Jersey clubs).

The Sunny Haven folks let us know we were fully welcome and gay didn't matter. As we have aged, the gay nudist clubs have become less attractive because "cruising" is part of the scene, and we're not interested in that; so Sunny Haven opened a whole new world for us.

Next we took our trailer to Florida and visited Sunny Sands and Sunnier Palms. We were fully welcomed. However, as we moved across the Panhandle of Florida, gates were closed to us as gays. Not welcome!! Finally we ended our travels at Penn Sylvan H.S. in Mohnton, PA. Everyone was gracious and let it be known if anyone gave us a hard time, the management would take care of it.

We decided to stay. We traded our little trailer on a bigger one and it will be here permanently. Our traveling days are over, and this has become our "home away from home."

I'm sure some of the older members have had to do some mental adjustments, seeing a gay male couple dancing together, but everyone has let us know we are fully welcome as a member of the community.

PSHS is unusual in being a northern club open year-round, with perhaps 1/3 year-round residents. Our water is shut off in the winter, but we're just a 100 yards from the central complex for toilets, showers, hot tub, pool, sauna, and rec hall where there are social activities all year round.

I am writing this now with two feet of snow outside our door - but the camp graciously plowed us in and we're enjoying a winter break.
PS: When we were in the airport in Germany we saw life-size advertising posters with men and women fully nude - no genitals showing. That poster would never make it in the USA. We are so prudish!