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Getting Social

Travel Destination Becomes Permanent

We are a gay couple and have visited many gay "clothing optional" clubs over the years.
More recently we decided to start camping with a trailer. We heard of Sunny Haven campground near South Bend, and decided to give it a try (having been firmly rejected by New Jersey clubs).

The Sunny Haven folks let us know we were fully welcome and gay didn't matter. As we have aged, the gay nudist clubs have become less attractive because "cruising" is part of the scene, and we're not interested in that; so Sunny Haven opened a whole new world for us.

Next we took our trailer to Florida and visited Sunny Sands and Sunnier Palms. We were fully welcomed. However, as we moved across the Panhandle of Florida, gates were closed to us as gays. Not welcome!! Finally we ended our travels at Penn Sylvan H.S. in Mohnton, PA. Everyone was gracious and let it be known if anyone gave us a hard time, the management would take care of it.

We decided to stay. We traded our little trailer on a bigger one and it will be here permanently. Our traveling days are over, and this has become our "home away from home."

I'm sure some of the older members have had to do some mental adjustments, seeing a gay male couple dancing together, but everyone has let us know we are fully welcome as a member of the community.

PSHS is unusual in being a northern club open year-round, with perhaps 1/3 year-round residents. Our water is shut off in the winter, but we're just a 100 yards from the central complex for toilets, showers, hot tub, pool, sauna, and rec hall where there are social activities all year round.

I am writing this now with two feet of snow outside our door - but the camp graciously plowed us in and we're enjoying a winter break.
PS: When we were in the airport in Germany we saw life-size advertising posters with men and women fully nude - no genitals showing. That poster would never make it in the USA. We are so prudish!

My First Social Nudist Experience

I am a Christian so the standard understanding was that it was a sin to be nude. But I decided to visit a naturist resort in Florida called Sunsport Gardens. I had resolved the conflict of my Christian upbringing with being a naturist. The Fig Leaf Forum website resolved my ignorance of nudity and what the Bible said.

I nearly chickened out at the last moment because of my body size, but I went ahead with my plans. I am a widowed man (my wife passed away in 2004) so I did not have to convince my significant other. I arrived at the resort at night and immediately got real comfortable for my first social nudist experience in their hot tub. It took about 15 minutes to forget that I was naked. There was a family of four there, and not even the children snicked at my body size, and I began getting to know them more than superficially.

It is surprising to find that you can be more honest when you are naked in front of people. I made many friends in that three week stay and I visited again a year later. Since then, I have joined an AANR accredited local resort called Bluebonnet that is only a 30 minute drive from my house.

I plan to visit a number of resorts in Canada in the coming year. I also would like to attend the resorts at Corsica in the Mediterranean.

First-Time at Hidden River Resort

I was in Georgia for some training and remember being a young teenager. When I was home alone I would take all my cloths off while no one was home. I remember a trip to Georgia when I was looking for a nudist resort close by. I found Hidden River Resort and drove about 80 miles to get there. As I got closer I was getting very nervous, and when I arrived I pulled in and talked with the owner and said that I had always wanted to go to a nudist camp and wanted to know what it is like being in a somewhat public place with strangers nude.

I always knew what it was like by myself but wanted to experience more. I remember paying my entrance fee and the owner was only wearing a t-shirt that went about just past her hips. I pulled in and parked under the pine trees past the pool which had a few nude people. I was so nervous, I started walking to the pool with clothes on and the owner said you can strip at the car and leave your clothes there.

I went back to my car and paused for a moment and said, "well you always wanted to know." I stripped down and what a feeling!

As the breeze hit my body it was incredible. I walked to the pool and found a chair, put my towel down and laid in the sun. It was suggested that I check out the wonderful trails. I left for a long walk on the trails nude and if I could only explain what it felt like to walk for almost an hour without clothes in nature!

I was thinking back to when I was a kid and how awesome it was to have no clothes on. I plan to go back to Hidden River Resort. It was a great first-time great experience that I will always remember.

Butt Roast

It was Labor Day Weekend and I went to Hidden River Resort in Southeast GA. The theme was Butt Roast and a lot of people showed up. The year was 2001 and I had been at Hidden River before and knew the owner but had never spent the night.

This weekend I brought a tent and left my car keys in the tent. Saturday was a gorgeous Autumn day and I had a blast. When I went to my car to retrieve something and couldn't find my keys a guy who was there camped near me with a motorcycle and a towed house trailer felt bad because he had distracted me on the way to the car with conversation.

I told him my house was about 70 miles away and I had a spare key there. He drove me there on his motorcycle. I didn't have clothes because they were in the car. I bought him dinner and we got back to Hidden River. It was dark by then and when I went to my tent I found my key. The next day when everything broke up I didn't tell him I found my keys. It was cool though riding on a Harley,

Sunshine Park

My wife and I enjoyed the first time at a resort in New Jersey 6 months after we were married by going to one of the oldest resorts in the country. It closed shortly after that, so we heard of one in Penn. called Sunny Rest Lodge, which was a 4 hour drive from were we were stationed in the Coast Guard.

We enjoyed how friendly the people were so much that we started driving to Sunny Rest every weekend, and when we retired from the service, we moved to Bluebonnet in Texas, then near Star Ranch in Texas, which is 12 miles from our home.

We visit the resort every weekend year-round, and many times during the week. We now consider the members as family. You might say that it is one thing we will never give up. We do not see anything wrong with it and we are both God-loving, Bible-believing Christians.