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Pushing AANR's Positive Image

"Our annual pin we give out along with literature is a sought after item at NCSL."


I have Boxers, and I spend some of my free time going to dog shows. Our dog we are showing is Irondale’s naked truth and we call her Anna nee AANR. Some of the shows are multiple day events and you camp with other dog people. If you have ever seen the hilarious movie “Best In Show,” then you get a pretty good send up of the dog show people and mentality. Its characterizations of dog show attendees are taken to the extreme. What there really is, is a passion for each breed exhibited by the handlers and owners. It’s a place that brings together people with common interests and diverse breeds with vendors and advocacy groups. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a strong supporter of dog shows.  

Dogs are natural nudists – they have a coat but nothing else. They usually don’t care what you wear, but they are not good about how they point out if you spilled food on yourself. They are almost always happy to see a fellow dog or dog lovers.

Another thing their oners’ do is advocate for their rights. A couple of years ago when I was attending the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) for AANR, I saw AKC had a booth too. Logo branded items putting the AKC brand in the minds of lawmakers was everywhere.

We do the same thing with our AANR logo items. Our annual pin we give out along with literature is a sought after item at NCSL. Some attendees told us that they have every pin since we started, and that they have a positive image of nudists and nude recreation tied to the branded items. I have my AANR magnet on my refrigerator and give out a fair number during the dog shows. I try to be open about my nudist advocacy and often compare it to AKC and their advocacy for dogs.

I see the AKC’s legislative initiatives and actions against breed specific legislation a lot like our efforts to block nude use restrictions from legislation. The broad brush of the law sweeps us up with actions designed to stop lewd activities but confuses that with nude use. We need to be more like AKC in pushing our positive image out for the public to view.