Happy Independence Day!

Summer is really heating up, and picnics and barbecues are the norm. We celebrate our independence in July. Canada Day is July 1 and on July 4 the U.S. celebrates the Declaration of Independence. Nudists’ activities are in full swing by the warm month of July. 
Freedom requires diligence. As nudists, we have learned that by not being diligent, we can lose our access to places we thought would be free to nude use forever. July is a month when we should pledge ourselves to renew our commitment to keep nude use available. We are working to secure new beaches from Florida to California. We watch the status of Sandy Hook and Mazo to see if we can restore them to nude use. 
We owe our freedom to those who fought for it and protect it. We owe our veterans a debt of gratitude and have a responsibility to support them in their pursuits after their service. Debra Mullins and I have a lot of veterans in our family, and right now we are watching one of our siblings go through one of his biggest struggles as he fights cancer. 
His service to our country and his desire to see freedom for all are what guided him into service and throughout his life. He was always supportive of our nudist activities even when he didn’t feel he was ready to try it himself. I’m drawing inspiration when I look at the challenges we face with reviewing legislation from his commitment to protecting all of our rights to be free. 
Let’s use July to recommit ourselves to the battle to protect and expand our nude use areas. Take the time to tell your friends that you are a nudist and you support the “right to bare arms” as you celebrate your freedom.