Fun in the Sun

We are in convention season now and a groundswell that started in AANR-Northwest with GAT Chair Shirley Gautier is reaching the last regions. The challenge Shirley brought to the team to present to the regions was a reaffirmation of the AANR non-discrimination policy. 
We have heard that as regions meet at their annual meetings, this dialog is back in active discussion, and the overwhelming feeling is that AANR supports non-discrimination. GAT addresses a lot of issues each year. Some stay on the mind, while others fall to the wayside when the next issue comes along, only to be picked up again later. The non-discrimination policy was adopted by AANR and is part of our ruling documents. How individual clubs enforce and support the policy is the reason we’re bringing this up now. It is our goal to make sure all clubs honor the policy when they are accepting visitors to their clubs. 
Two years ago we were asked to weigh in on the Free The Nipple marches. While we agree that being free is good for nudists, it also gives us an option to repeat our mantra of nude education. We need to always remember that top-free is not the solution to nude acceptance, but it may be the spark that gets the conversation started. We have had disagreements on how and when we should support the efforts. However, we had no disagreement that we need to use these as teaching moments for nude education.
Just as women want the right to be top-free where men can already be top-free, others want the right to be accepted as nudists without regard to their race, creed, sexual orientation, or any other label. Shirley and the AANR-Northwest board have been pushing this latest effort to reaffirm our commitment to non-discrimination throughout AANR. 
It is our responsibility to bring this issue to the attention of those who can make a difference in how it is enforced. GAT, through our calls, actions, and discussions, supports this effort.