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The Fight For Nude Use Continues

"Local invovlement is critical to getting things done."

Posted: May 23, 2016

I love summer and all the activities that pick up this time of year. The News and Events and Club Happenings Sections of the AANR website, as well as the weekly updates, contain news of activities that clubs and members are participating in to further nudist ideals.

It is also time for the candidates to speak on the issues they think will resonate with voters. I asked my local congressman how he feels about nude recreation. He said it’s not for him but understands some people enjoy it. He doesn’t see it as inherently wrong or worthy of legislation, either to defend or deny. Unfortunately, that is often the case when it comes to trying to get nude use designation into guidelines. I will be a volunteer this year at the reelection office so there will be a lot of  opportunities to educate others on what I support. My Nudist and I Vote button will be on display when possible. He will know why protection of nudists rights is important to me by the time election day comes around.

Nude use is something we need to add to public lands guidelines if we are going to make nudity more acceptable here in the United States. We continue to talk to local planning groups when new use regulations are proposed. We successfully fought to eliminate nude use restrictions being written into the recent Oregon Parks guidelines. We advocate for inclusion of designated nude use when we meet with the stakeholders.

We fought and continue to fight for nude use guidelines for the Mazo Beach area. When the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources first proposed eliminating nude use we pushed for a Haulover Beach style Beach Ambassadors Program. It was evident they did not want to control the activity on the beach if it meant nude recreation would be a part of the uses of Mazo. At Mazo nude use has been curtailed when the real problems were illicit use of drugs and public sexual activity, not simple nudity. That fight will continue and that focus is central to educating the public on the difference between our use of public lands and the broad spectrum of blame for illegal activities that groups try to tie to nudity. The Naturist Society (TNS) and Naturist Action Committee (NAC) are based in the Wisconsin area and their efforts on Mazo show a grassroots approach to addressing the issues that are the model we all use in situations where our nude use areas are under attack. Local involvement is critical to getting things done.