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The Year Of The CAT

"We need to share our causes with the wider community."

Posted: February 5, 2016

Every Chinese New Year we hear the phrase, "Happy Year of the whatever animal corresponds to their astrological sign for that year." The year of the monkey is 2016. I propose we make it the year of the CAT for AANR, the Community Action Teams.

This year is a national election year and volunteers are needed for causes large and small. Many of you are already involved in efforts that are your personal favorites or causes. That spirit of volunteerism is important to affecting change and 2016 is a good year for sharing your nudism as you share your time.  Maybe you have already found a cause you want to work on more in 2016.

In my columns I share concerns about things happening locally that we hear about. There are a lot of other things we do that never make it to the column; because you don’t share your on-going interests that aren’t directly related to nudist activities. For example, I volunteer each week at the local blood center. I don’t bring it up because it usually doesn’t have any relevance to nudism. This year AANR is encouraging clubs to sponsor blood drives. That brings one of my personal causes into the nudist realm.

Maybe there is something you are active in that your fellow nudists are also involved in and that involvement needs to be highlighted. We are not one-dimensional and we need to let our diversity out and share our causes with the wider community.  When we share aspects of ourselves, we educate those we work or volunteer with on the joys of nude recreation.

Look at what you can do to help your community be stronger and see how you can use your volunteerism to maybe create a little nudist activism by speaking out about your other causes. Make this your year to spread the word in your communities of interest that you are a nudist, and proud to share your experience with those who may just need a little encouragement to experience clothes free living.