The Freedom Of Nudity

Now that the election is behind us and the holiday season is in full swing, it seems like a good time to reflect on the activities we consider important and look to the New Year with the change that is certain to come, as well as the changes that will be proposed. I was rereading my September column and a lot of the things I expressed concerns about then seem relevant as we face 2017.

Democracy is alive and well. In a republic, we live by the rules adopted by the majority and we move on. We compromise over issues that have limits. Not everything is black and white. It’s not slavery or freedom for the most part — it’s preferences and desires. We desire to have more nude use areas. We can still live healthy productive lives if we can’t get everything, but we would like it just the same. This is also true for those who don’t want to see nude use expanded.

We have the role of educating those who can’t understand the difference between simple nudity and its wholesome aspects, and the exploitation of nudity for more prurient interests. There are those who can’t be swayed that nudity is a path to danger, and we can only point to those things that counter their belief. We can’t force them to recognize the differences. Maybe someday when they step into their shower naked they will have that enlightening moment when they realize their own nudity is important to washing away the dirt — not dirt itself.

We are all living here and we have likes and dislikes. We can choose where we go from here but we need to respect each other. As we face the year ahead let’s celebrate our own holidays in our own ways, and be thankful all of us can enjoy that freedom together as united people. Let the divisiveness of the last few months be purged from our minds as we focus on the renewal of life in the year