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Update from the Government Affairs Chair

Early Detection Tools

Posted: November 22, 2015

Last month I talked about the need to use the electronic tools we already have to help our members contact the Government Affairs Team (GAT) easily. I am happy to report that thanks to the efforts of the team and our electronic media manager Lynn Taylor we now have a vehicle in place to help foster communication between the team and members.

We have placed in the member area of the website a reporting form. Now when you learn about potential issues, you can go to the website and let us know about it. The earlier we can learn of a potential issue the easier it is to work to block implementation of poor legislation. We are most effective when we can get in early and start to suggest changes that affect nude use that should be protected. By the time a bill gets out for signature it is usually too late to make a meaningful change. By adding reporting forms to the website we open a new avenue for alerts.

This is a work in progress so check out the website and see what we have done. If you feel changes should be made to help us get all the pertinent details, let us know that too. If you want to remain anonymous that is also possible. We welcome all suggestions on how we can improve our communications with you, our members, as well as with the legislators who could affect our nude recreation.

Government affairs depends on each member’s diligence in spotting bad legislation at the earliest possible step in the process. Election years seem to bring out even wilder legislative ideas that infringe on our ability to use public lands. 2016 is a national election year so we can expect to see some strange legislation.

The concept of the Community Action Teams (CATs) was local involvement is the best route to affecting change. Early detection, like in cancer screening, works for anti-nudity legislation as well. Being aware of the trends in your community and letting us know when you see something that you feel has the potential to hurt our cause is the way to keep nude recreation safe. Whether you are a team of one or organized around a local team or club you are an important link in nude recreation enjoyment for all of us.