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With New Resolve

The AANR Convention at Sunny Rest gave me another first visit chance to see a club and learn something of the people and the area. We made the trip to Pennsylvania an opportunity to see the historical areas in Philadelphia and Gettysburg, as well as make trips to Hershey and sightseeing in Chadds Ford where I had family.

I was very impressed by the history of political activism in Pennsylvania. It is affirming of our struggle to get recognition for our right to practice nudism without government inference to see how many issues throughout its history the people of PA have embraced.

I had a great conversation with a couple in the pool at Sunny Rest. The woman is visually impaired and we talked about access issues in general and then how hard it is for government to act when access is brought up as an issue. She related the problems she has getting to their favorite nude beach, Blacks Beach in San Diego.

Yes we were in Pennsylvania and yes they are from the same state as me, California, but the AANR convention brings people together in new places and sometimes under odd circumstances. It got me thinking about how fragmented we are in terms of getting access not only for nudists but for all to traditional nude use areas.

We are in the midst of arguing for designation of nude use areas in the California Parks Forward Plan commissioned by the Legislature. We have been focused on nude use; I think we need to look at access for all users. Arguing that access for a visually impaired user to use their favorite beach as they see fit is easier to sell than nude use alone. The chance meeting of fellow nudists from my home state in Pennsylvania has given me renewed resolve to look at how we push for land use recognition.