On the Road

I like March. Spring training starts and I usually take the opportunity to head to Arizona to see a few baseball games with my siblings, my spouse, or a mixture of my clan. It also gives me a chance to visit Patty Faber and the great folks at Shangri La Ranch for some nude time. It’s such a great time of year for nude activities; it’s just too bad we can’t go to the games naked! Since we can’t do that, a day with an easy walk during the early hours before the day gets too hot is followed by pool time during the warmer hours, and back to walking again in the afternoon and evening. Meditation is also something I like to do while enjoying my quiet, nude time.
I also like to hike, swim, and relax in the hot tub. In fact, I meet a lot of interesting people who want to hear all about government affairs while relaxing in a pool or hot tub. My local club is Laguna del Sol, outside of Sacramento, California. I have had many conversations and heard a lot of people’s concerns about nude use on public lands while sitting in the conversation pool. It is a place where people want to learn what is going on to protect their nudists’ enclaves. I always point out, without our actions when challenges are made, we can lose our hard-won nude use areas. 
My local travel clubs in Sacramento schedule a lot of activities in the Sierra Nevada beginning in the spring. For 2018, we will have outdoor activities sprinkled with a few house parties and excursions to Lake Tahoe or a houseboat, if we have enough interest. Nude houseboating on the San Joaquin San Francisco Bay Delta is a great experience. Again, like-minded people are eager to talk about the places they love to go nude and are eager to learn how we can strengthen our privilege to use it nude as we see fit. I like to think casual conversations are some of the best ways to help fellow nudists understand how important it is for us to have an organization like AANR whose sole purpose is to promote nude recreation.