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Nudists United

Since the AANR Convention, we have been gathering the training materials we have used and added new materials to create a package of training guides. We need to keep things fresh for members interested in getting more involved in the political aspects of preserving nude recreation. This is not an easy task and one that has involved a lot of work for staff in the AANR office as well as from Board members and fellow members of the regional GAT teams.

I work very hard to keep GAT focused on the need to build our local members database. Membership in AANR includes the opportunity to share your skills outside nudist activities in a way that helps your fellow nudists whether they are AANR members or not. We have been asking our regional members to scout their local meetings and clubs for members who share our desire to protect nudist venues and secure more spots where clothing-optional activities are allowed.

These on-going efforts need to be constantly reevaluated. This past month I shared my presentation from the 2012 convention when we were trying to educate the GAT team on what we have done in the past. Some of our efforts have been scrapped along the way, some have come back into use again. The important thing is we constantly look at how we reach out to our members and how they reach their elected officials and those in positions of authority that can affect our ability to use facilities and venues clothes free. 

Another thing we need to do is write about our efforts. If we participate in a beach clean-up and he media covers it, we need to get that information out to our members across the whole organization. A member in California who participates in a beach clean-up and reports on it in The Bulletin or on the website might inspire a member in Wisconsin to organize a clean-up there. Reading about local action may be what is needed to give someone an idea about an effort in their local area; an effort where members make a positive impact and promote nude recreation by doing something they would do anyway. Until we identify ourselves as members of an organized group pushing for recognition, the good we do may not get the full recognition it deserves to show how diverse we are in our likes, concerns and whatever else fires us to action.