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GAT February Update

I’ve gotten some positive feedback on the column I wrote in December about the Community Awareness Teams (CATs). It’s time for AANR members to have a vehicle for letting the Government Affairs Team (GAT) know what you see locally. Acting locally is key to success. We are working to get a reporting form on the AANR website.

Additionally, we are encouraging those members in clubs to revive their CATs. Those that were active helped us reach out to the community to show nudists are active members of our community. We live in a variety of communities, and we need to be active once again. Each of us has concerns about how we interact with the other members of the community.

While some of us are “out” with our nudists membership and lifestyle, others are not. Each of us can still help GAT by going to the website and filling out an information page on an issue you saw or heard about that you feel could impact nude recreation locally. The form will not require you to identify yourself, but it will have a place for you to provide contact information if you choose to do so.

This as well as other GAT projects were being championed in the AANR office by staff who are no longer employed with AANR. I have been trying to assist the newly assigned office staff in getting this project as well as other GAT initiatives back on track. I’m hoping that we can commit the resources necessary to move these projects forward so members have the tools they need to support government affairs.