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A Closer Look at Compromising

"It is not a sign of weakness to agree to compromise - rather, it is a sign of strength."

Government Affairs can be very complex. We find laws proposed for all sorts of reasons. Rarely is it just because someone was nude in public, although that does happen. More often than not it’s because a person goes into a situation where they encounter someone nude and their reaction is, “That’s inappropriate.”

Along with our responsibilities as citizens, we have rights. We have a right to be offended but we don't have a right to take away someone else's rights just because they offended us. In the news we hear everyday about someone who feels that another person has violated his or her rights. Laws come in when we as a society decide that a behavior is so egregious that it requires a law. Nudity does not rise to that level unless it involves behaviors that make it something more than simple nudity. A great deal of our AANR and GAT education programs are explaining to people that nudity is not intrinsically wrong.

We are all living here and we have likes and dislikes. We can choose where we go and we have to respect each other. Our responsibility is to act in a mature manner – to work to make our lives and those of the rest of society a little better than when we came into it.  We do that with finding common ground. We look for areas we can agree on and set limits based on those compromises.

During this political season, we are seeing some compromise but also a lot of people digging in and refusing to try and find areas where compromise would result in a solution that people can all agree to follow. Compromise doesn’t mean to acquiesce; it means to accept that you have to give up some of the fights you like in order to give others something they like. It is not a sign of weakness to agree to compromise —   rather, it is a sign of strength. You are willing to let others have their comfort zone challenged, while at the same time yours is being challenged. We find that compromise and then viewing the results leads to people finding out that things are not always as bad as they thought they would be.

Not everything is black and white; there are shades of difference and shades of comfort. If we all just let go a little bit we can move forward and begin to see where something we thought may turn out wrong or bad can be beneficial to everyone. In a society it’s about finding common ground we all can live with.