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Core Values

A new year brings new challenges. Some of us make New Year’s Resolutions, some look ahead to see where they want to be at the end of the year, and some reflect on the past year. I do a little of all three.

I try to constantly be looking at my goals and how I am doing in achieving them. This past year saw a lot of changes for GAT and AANR. It’s time to move forward with a determined effort to make 2015 a better year.

First we are using the new bill tracking software we have been trying out since October. CQ Roll Call is the system we previewed after last year’s National Conference of State Legislatures. It provides better information for us than the previous system and allows us to internally use our membership database to target legislative alerts to members when issues arise in your local community or state that might impact our ability to be nude without worry.

As we embrace the changes in the family structure that are evident in a more progressive society, we also need to make sure potential members understand our commitment. This was most apparent in the discussions of a rating system for clubs within AANR. It became clear the inclusion of clubs where sexual activity occurs in public areas was not one of the areas within our comfort zone and not something AANR stood for, much less would tolerate in an AANR approved club.

If you want to join a swinger’s or sex club, that is your prerogative, but that is counter to the AANR core value of providing a safe non-threatening environment for nudists who are not at a facility for sex but rather to just relax naked. I’m bringing this up because when we are trying to promote our clothing free lifestyle with legislators one of the first things that comes up is, “Is this a sex club?” We have spent our 80 years of promoting healthy living by not providing a venue for sex clubs. We jeopardize the work we have done and the laws we have promoted by presenting an impression that we are relaxing our standards when it comes to what a visitor will see when they visit an AANR affiliated club.

The board has reaffirmed its desire to see AANR stand for wholesome, nude recreation without promoting public sex as a core nudist value. What you do, or whom you do it with, in the privacy of your domicile while at a club or at home is not the business of AANR; however, when you are in public areas we have a behavior standard we are not going to change.