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Celebrate the Successes

"The Government Affairs Team vows to continue our efforts to protect nude use."

Posted: April 25, 2016

Government Affairs is not sexy. In fact, it is sometimes very arduous work with no positive result at the end. Your team works hard to keep nude use areas protected and fight for new areas. 

We try to keep you informed of our efforts through the methods at our disposal. For example, we provide weekly updates in the Clubs and Trustees Weekly Report. Time sensitive issues can be emailed to members in the region, posted on the AANR website or in the monthly e-newsletter, The Undressed Press.

I write this column monthly to report on long-term projects and goals or share what I think may be trending that would be of interest to members. Over the last five years, I have seen trends and try to share them with you. Some places come up repeatedly while others are one-time items. We try to cover both the peaks and valleys. This month I am sharing some of those things that have been grabbing attention during late winter and early spring.

Back in July of 2014, Mazo Beach in Wisconsin was again under attack for its nude use areas. We shared information on a Naturist Action Committee (NAC) action request asking our members to send their request for designation of nude use areas within the park that includes Mazo. Despite the efforts of the nudist community, the erosion of nudist use continued, first as weekend only use, a move we countered with calls for a Beach Ambassador Program similar to the successful efforts at Haulover Beach. 

However, complaints about nude use continued and always seemed to be linked Celebrate The Successes “The Government Affairs Team vows to continue our efforts to protect nude use.” in with illegal activities in the Mazo area.
Despite our efforts as a community, we learned that Mazo Beach has been closed to nude use. We are very disappointed in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources staff who fail to see the difference between legitimate nude use and those using the beach for other purposes. We will continue to work with all the parties involved to see how we can move Mazo back on the list of acceptable nude use areas. 

We have also had successful campaigns and we love to share those stories. In that light, we were pleased to learn the Oregon Department of Forestry Board decided not to adopt the anti-nudity rule changes that were being proposed for designated areas in the state forest. It was noted that in addition to the oral testimony and discussion at the March 2016 meeting, they had received 175 written submissions from the public objecting to the rule proposal, and none in favor.

Top-free efforts also fared well this past season. The New Hampshire state legislature voted down a bill that would have
made it illegal for women to expose their breasts and nipples in public, bringing an end to a contentious debate. 

In Springfield, Missouri, a controversial law that passed last year after a couple of rallies on the square, which included
women going topless in the name of supporting gender equality, has been reversed.

The Government Affairs Team celebrates our successes and vows to continue our efforts to protect nude use everywhere we can.