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GAT At The Grassroots Level

"We were able to defeat their attempts to put a new anti-nudity bill on the books."

Government affairs takes as much time as you will give it. Some of us spend hours at a time, and some just a few minutes. You as a concerned nudist can spend a couple of minutes filling out the notice on the AANR website of something local to you that we need to be made aware of — when you’re usually done, our work begins. GAT is a grassroots level effort. Each of you does your part by your personal attention to potential problems locally and your dues contributions that help pay for our bill tracking efforts.

In each region we have people passionate about protecting rights to be nude, sometimes it’s just your GAT Chair, but usually there are a lot of folks willing and eager to help make sure the precious places we have don’t get lost, and that new places can be added.

Last year in AANR-Northwest, Dave and Kathy Smith took the lead for GAT in pushing to block a poorly written bill in Spokane. The city council had already let it drop, but local activists felt there was a need to bring it for a vote. There were a lot of meetings to attend, some cancelled at the last minute and rescheduled, and a lot of follow-up to make sure none were missed.

Thanks to the efforts of the AANR-Northwest team and especially the efforts of Dave and Kathy, we were able to defeat their attempts to put a new anti-nudity bill on the books. For their efforts, I was pleased to award Kathy and Dave Smith the 2016 Alonzo Stevens Jr. Government Affairs Award at the annual meeting held at the Willamettans in August.

Dave is the incoming president of the region and Kathy is a fellow trustee serving on the AANR-Board. Their ongoing commitment to AANR and its standards makes working with them on projects one of the perks of being the GAT chair! Congratulations to the Smith family and AANR-Northwest for the effort and the award.

GAT is a community effort and all of the people who help make sure bad laws don’t hinder our freedom to be nude deserve our thanks.