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The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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Nudism & Health

Nudism & Health

I was in business 35 years and still a nudist. I thank my mother. Nudism is very healthy. We live longer, studies show. Our children have a higher IQ then clothed children. Our children abstain from sex in later years. We are happier, healthier, have less stress than clothed people. Studies have shown this for years. Nudism and health is paradise, as God intended us to live our lives naturally without clothes. We all need to come out of the clothes closet and change the world without harassment in our own yard or beaches.

Wake Up Call

Well I hope this is the right venue to write this. It is really a story that has yet to materialize but hopefully will be realized.

I will go to a good friend's funeral tomorrow, dead from a massive heart attack on Friday.
Two hours from life to death at 50.

The point of this is reflection. I became a nudist four years aqo, and joined AANR a little over a year ago. I have enjoyed the direction toward improving nudists' health being taken. The stories and articles are motivating and I have given thought to changes, even more so now.

I will turn 55 in a couple of days, and it is time to let go of some bad habits and instill healthy ones. Before AANR, I would never have considered nude yoga let alone a nude 5K, both of which I am looking forward to pursuing. So this is my nude health story in the works!

Please keep the motivation and healthy living tips coming!

It Was Always "Natural"

My experience with being nude started really at birth and ever since. My Parents weren´t nudists but, living in Holland, it is the norm. Then we came to Canada. At the tender age of 6, I remember Mom just letting us go nude at the lake all the time. I always thought the other kids were strange wearing bathing suits.

Why? As time went on my brother and I would always be nude at the house, even when there were guests of Mom and Dad's around. Of course they came from the old country. As I got older I always went hiking nude. Sure, we ran across people out in the woods, but they stared and we continued on.

As a adult now I go to the resorts that have non-clothing options. I guess I feel the opposite from those who feel great when they take off their clothes. I feel normal when I feel the warmth of the sun, or the feel of sand or leaves on my skin. I love it when
the waves of the ocean hit you and you feel every thing. The best part is when you are nude with others; there is true fellowship with them. You see all of them as they are with nothing to hide.

I think the whole world should be nude. After all isn't that how it started in the beginning?

Bare Buns

In 1986, I was on a business trip to California and I had heard Black's Beach was in the area so I decided to find it and check it out. It is north of San Diego not too far off I5. The beach is at the bottom of a tall cliff that runs a fair piece of the coast in that area and you got to the beach by going down a somewhat torturous hand-hewn path in the cliff. The beach itself is rather narrow but stretches for some distance on either side of the entrance to the path.

It was a weekday so there weren't a lot of people, some couples but mostly men; still, they were all naked. I doffed my clothes and except for my fair hide looked almost like a native. It was refreshing as I walked along the water's edge which was surprisingly cold. In fact, there weren't many people in the water and those that were didn't stay in long. The few people around didn't pay me any mind, this was reassuring and I soon got over my initial shyness.

I stayed about an hour on the beach and found out that the California sun is very unforgiving to redheads, I got a nasty sunburn, especially in places that hadn't seen much sun before.

In 1975 I bought a sailboat and quickly found that sailing offers many opportunities to to go bare buns to the wind. I do it as often as I can and have been fortunate in that my lady friends like to do it also. Unfortunately, while they don't mind going nude sailing, they've been reluctant to do it in any other venue. Those who have joined me on my boat in the nude can attest that nude sailing is a very pleasant experience. Everyone should try it, it's the only way to sail.

When I First Became a Nudist

I remember well when I had my first nudist experience. I was running down the street outside my home in San Antonio, Texas. My diaper fell off at age three and the rest is history.

Since then I have enjoyed the outdoors, swimming, sports, martial arts, you name it as a nudist. That means 61 years of absolute joy and freedom.