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Nudist & Proud

A Nudist for 70 Years

During WW11 I was part of the airborne invasion of Southern France. After leaving the battlefield I stopped off at Nice, France, wearing a steel helmet and carrying a Thompson sub-machine gun and wearing filthy fatigues.

Sitting there on the beach [age 20] when a klaxon horn went off at 12 noon; girls of all ages and description came down to the beach, took off their clothes and put on swimming suits. Since all I knew about women I got from the pages of the Sears Roebuck catalog I was overwhelmed. I hoped it would catch on in the USA... (No nude bathing IN TOWN!)

I came home, found Sunbathing magazine and never looked back! I found out that my brother [who had been in North Africa as a pilot] found the same freedom of nudism and joined the 'Cotton Tails' in Kansas. Now I am a member of Glen Eden, Corona CA.

I have warned my neighbors that I am nude at home. I call it "air bathing." Who is to say that a widower, age 90, can't be FREE!

I have been to Zoro numerous times, as well as other National Convention sites. Robert M.

I started with just Sunbathing nude

I guess I first got into the nudist lifestyle in the early 90s when I would go out into the woods to find a place to layout in the early spring. I first wore shorts but realized this was kind of silly since I was in an area where no one could really see me. So I took off all my clothes and it was such an amazing feeling of liberation, and it just felt right. I know that might sound like it's just the thing to say about your first time, but it was true for me. Having the sun on all my body after being so clothed all winter felt absolutely wonderful. I then started looking for every opportunity I could to sunbathe nude. Then I started taking short hikes nude, again where I felt I wouldn't run into people and I was hooked. I was feeling happier when nude than when not. So I finally started being nude in my apt but that wasn't the same, but still better than being clothed. Then I moved to a house where I had some privacy in the backyard and started doing things out back naked and loved it so much. But no one else really knew about my love of nudism until one day I was caught by my parents who showed up unexpectedly along with my two young nieces (roughly 8&10). I was just caught briefly then put on some shorts and went about my business back in the house. My nieces ran up to me and asked in an excited voice 'Uncle Guy, Uncle Guy, do you cook bacon nude too?' which was just too funny. So I then just told everyone that I was a nudist and would be nude anywhere I could around the house since I was most comfortable that way, so if they had a problem with it they could call first before coming over. Soon I had told a lot of people about it with NO negative responses or people disliking me etc. It's really not nearly as traumatic as most people imagine. Soon after I formed a nudist group on Yahoo called the GJ Naturists ( and started trying to build a group in our area. And in 2009 we even hosted a World Naked Gardening Day at our house and ended up being on the local TV news 4 times, nude each time. And we were also on the front page of our local paper so now everyone knew. And we still got very minor negative response from anyone, including my wife's employer. And we discovered that I'm now more at ease when nude than clothed. Funny how that works. I've always been real shy, but when nude I'm much more confident. And my wife was close to 300 lbs (now down to 200) and she was totally comfortable being naked around others, partly because other nudists are some of the most friendly and accepting people there are. So we now live nude as often as possible and try to plan our activities and trips around nudist venues and locations as much as possible because recreating nude is the most comfortable and relaxing way we know. If you haven't tried it, you should or you may miss out on an awakening that is amazing.

My Nudist Life

I visited my first nudist club at the age of 18 and was totally blown away with the experience. (It actually took two visits before I went inside. I was too nervous and scared the first time and just took the information from the lady at the front gate.)

Once I experienced the freedom and liberation of nature and interacting with people in the nude I was hooked for life. I just couldn't get over the fact that here were all these people with no clothes on and doing just regular stuff: talking, lounging, enjoying the nice summer day, etc. and all without a stitch of clothing on. What was surreal about it was that no one seemed the slightest bit concerned that everyone was nude. There were no sly glances or nervous twitters or any suggestion that being nude was bad. I knew then and there this was a lifestyle everyone should embrace. Back then I was too naive not to think that everyone would love going nude as I did. Because of that, I had no opportunity to head for the closet. I went right home and told everyone I knew, my friends, my mother and sister, my co-workers, everyone, about this neat, exciting, and natural way of living. After I got over the shock that not everyone thought the way I did, I decided to pursue my nude life on my own. From day one everyone has known I'm a nudist and proud of it.

Some weeks later I met my wife of 37 years at the same nudist club and we were married within a year. We raised three kids as nudists but alas, they all left the nudist life after growing up and marrying clothes-minded spouses. (I'm still amazed today that not everyone embraces a nude lifestyle.)

I went through a nudist activist phase for about five years where I thought I could convert the world to nudism. My wife and I helped in the formation of the then American Sunbathing Association's newest regional group, the Southwest Sunbathing Association and I served as it's first President. I started a worldwide naturist correspondence group, The Network, with members in 32 countries and a Bed and Breakfast Registry for nudists who wished to host traveling nudists in their home. I formed the first nudist group online on Compuserve and later transferred it to Delphi. I was involved in the creation and development of Houston's first nudist apartment complex in the 80s, Club Fieldstone. My wife and I appeared on countless TV and radio talk shows promoting the apartments and nudism in general. We also taught a brief introduction to nudism through Leisure Learning and appeared at church, Rotary Clubs, and University psychology classes as guest lecturers explaining nudism. I helped produce a nudist promotion film to be aired on cable TV for the Southwest Region. Despite all that I don't think I "converted" one solitary soul to nudism--sigh.

Today, I'm content to live nude and visit our local nudist club occasionally where I do the club newsletter and website.

Take care and ... Keep it Bare!!!

Being Nude

I began the nudist thing back three years ago, we have a secluded farm that allows us to do what we want, well anyway, I began to go nude when i could,and now I am nude all the time.Me and my wife wanted to do it socially so we visited a couple of resorts in our area, and man I gotta say some of the best folks I have ever met there is no judging or anything. It makes me glad I went nude and I will be nude when I can at the home front, and be at the resorts with others who enjoy the nude lifestyle. Nothing like it from my way of thinking of it more should try it, maybe then they won't be so uptight and worried about every little thing

Race Results

A few friends know that I usually visit a nude beach. Recently I ran the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 7K Trail Race at Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA. It was a great opportunity to combine my love of the sport and my love for outdoor naturism. I posted my results in the newsletters of the two running clubs that I belong to. So I came fully out of the nudist closet for all to read.