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Nudist & Proud

Being Nude

I began the nudist thing back three years ago, we have a secluded farm that allows us to do what we want, well anyway, I began to go nude when i could,and now I am nude all the time.Me and my wife wanted to do it socially so we visited a couple of resorts in our area, and man I gotta say some of the best folks I have ever met there is no judging or anything. It makes me glad I went nude and I will be nude when I can at the home front, and be at the resorts with others who enjoy the nude lifestyle. Nothing like it from my way of thinking of it more should try it, maybe then they won't be so uptight and worried about every little thing

Race Results

A few friends know that I usually visit a nude beach. Recently I ran the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 7K Trail Race at Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA. It was a great opportunity to combine my love of the sport and my love for outdoor naturism. I posted my results in the newsletters of the two running clubs that I belong to. So I came fully out of the nudist closet for all to read.

How I Came Out of the Nudist Closet

We live at a nudist park in TN and recently a TV crew from AL came to do a news story. I was one of the folks interviewed for the piece. This is the link to how I came out of the nudist closet on TV(with video and everything!):

Totally A Nudist - Inside and Outside

I have always been a nudist in mind and heart all my life. I was not born into a nudist family, although I wish I had been.

I didn't practice nudism actively until I started working at age 17. It took me a number of years to experience my first nude vacation - at Club Orient on St. Martin. When I arrived there, I was very nervous because that was the first time I had been completely naked. I was nervous that others would comment negatively about how I looked, but they didn't! They accepted me just like I was and talked with me openly and I met some wonderful people while there, including the managers who were nudists from Holland.

As the week progressed, I was very comfortable wearing nothing and by the time the week was over, I hated to put clothes on for the trip home.

I am retired now and am living in a retirement community that is textile. I have to wear clothes when I am outside my apartment but when I'm inside my apartment, I live naked all the time.

I will tell anyone I'm a nudist and proud of it if the conversation lends itself to revealing that about myself to my friends here. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure I will be able to "come out of the closet" about my liking to live naked all the time!

Living naked is lots of fun! I don't have to decide what I'm going to wear any day. It sure makes doing laundry easier and less stressful!

For the rest of my life, this is the way I choose to live--naked and free, and proud of it! I'm hoping to marry a nudist lady to share my life with and grow old together. For me "The best is yet to be!"

Meeting a Better Class of People.

I've met some of the coolest people at nudist resorts. Nudists are different than most textiles...better.