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AANR and Public Lands

 AANR has a strong commitment to fostering nudity in appropriate settings on public lands. AANR’s work includes proactive fundraising and volunteer projects as well as asserting nudists’ rights where needed. Please watch this page for events, activities and volunteer opportunities in your region.

AANR-Northwest Region

Upcoming AANR-NW Government Affairs Team (GAT) clean-ups:

Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28 is National Public Lands weekend and the final beach and riverside clean-up days at Rooster Rock and Sauvie Island are now also on the schedule.  More details will be released later.

We need additional volunteers at these events so that we can retain our beach sponsorship.  These legal nude beaches are unique to Oregon and we want to continue to keep our beaches bare!!

Want to volunteer but need more info?   Contact me below.

Mike Parker

AANR-NW Government Affairs Chair



Below are a few of the beach cleanup and education initiatives AANR has undertaken in the past:

Education Initiative in Oregon

Public officials are educated about nude recreation at Rooster Rock State Park in Oregon.

Cape Cod Yearly Beach Cleanup

Cape Cod National Seashore staffers have repeatedly expressed their belief that there is room for a clothing-optional zone on the 40+ miles of shore in Massachusetts. However, their hands are tied by a regulation dating to the mid-1970s. A volunteer cleanup is held every year because volunteers think that regulation at least deserves a second look. The event is sponsored by AANR, AANR-East, Sunchasers Travel Club, Sandy Terraces, Bare Bottom Beach Club, and all who love the Cape Cod Beaches.

Assateague Beach Cleanup a Huge Success

The weather was great, people turned out, and those advocating for a clothing-optional beach in Maryland made a significant impression on park service staff as they cleaned a large section within the state park.

AANR-West Bonny Doon Cleanup

This clean-up at Bonny Doon beach, a white sand beach in Santa Cruz County, California. Nudists frequently visit the north side of this prestigious beach. The Bay Area Naturists (BAN), a TNS-affiliated, environmentally focused group, has led the Annual Coastal Cleanup Day at Bonny Doon every September since 1988.