Skinny-Dip Day

Skinny-Dip Day and Nude Recreation Week are big events for Government Affairs. Our press releases go out, and the media picks up on nude recreation at least one time a year. For our trade shows and the annual National Conference of State Legislators Show, Skinny-Dip Day is a topic of conversation. Normalizing nude recreation is supported by publicity of the family-friendly events that happen on Skinny-Dip Day or during Nude Recreation Week.
Local broadcasters can usually be coaxed out to a local resort for a human interest story by the time the first week in July comes around, and the dog days of summer leave them looking for positive stories of hot weather fun. I was really pleased to hear at the AANR-West board meeting, how our youth leadership team is emphasizing getting more events at more resorts geared to youth. We have not always put enough emphasis on finding things younger nudists want to do, so they keep coming to resorts or go out to public lands on their own as they become adults. 
Our sports groups, too, are putting more emphasis on bringing in people who may not have thought about going to a nudist venue to participate in a fun run. We have to move nude recreation into the spotlight if we are going to draw from the fringes into the mainstream. We need to make our recreation activities the draw, not depend on nudity being the draw. 
Public outreach has been a major effort in getting the word out that nude recreation is an option for warm weather fun. The springtime saw us at our annual trip to the California Parks and Recreation Show, this year in Sacramento, and our education efforts there were to public employees. We let them know about our beach ambassadors programs for nude beaches, as well as how we have local groups that want to rent pools for indoor swims in the colder weather. 
Our education front also involves pointing out how laws can be tailored to protect nude use, while keeping the public aware that they may encounter nude users when they are in public areas, and that is alright!