Gardening is a great therapeutic activity.

Gardening is a great therapeutic activity. You have to plan and decide what you want to grow, research what crops are practical in your location, consider what your personal choices or desires might be, and then get to work. 
I love to see the results of my hard work, from tilling the ground right through the crop harvests. We’ve gone from nurturing the plants to grow through harvesting, then canning, freezing, sharing with friends, neighbors, and the food bank. It’s one thing I can do in my yard that connects me to my whole community. 
GAT is the same way. Week in and week out, it’s what is in your own backyard that is the issue. In February in Portland, Oregon, a local holistic health spa was challenged by its neighbors for nudity on the premises. It wasn’t that they could see the nudity, but they knew it was happening. A local zoning issue gave neighbors a chance to voice their concerns, and it gave local users of the facility a chance to step up and show their support for that community resource. 
When the forces around us challenge our local haunts, it is our responsibility as users of the resource to voice our support. We need to express support for the local businesses that let us relax in our community in the manner we enjoy. 
People fear the unknown, some fear change. If they don’t have first-hand knowledge of an activity, they may imagine it is a hazard, hostile, or a danger to them. Nudity seems to raise that fear in some people, while others only imagine what happens when clothes are off and react strongly. They want rules to restrict behavior they find uncomfortable or wrong. 
The best time to meet your local official is when you don’t need their help. Our meetings with local officials often involve clearing up misconceptions about what we do. “We do pretty much the same things as everyone else. We just do it with no clothes on,” is a commonly repeated phrase. 
When you have a local issue in your community, it’s time for you to contact your local elected officials and let them know you support that local venue or activity. Your ongoing involvement in local activities demonstrates you are a concerned and caring “local,” and just like that you are an activist.