Government Affairs Accomplishments

Support Your Campgrounds


Just about two years ago, my local travel club members started out on their summer trips that resulted in Northern California Exposure winning the Schofield Trophy Award in 2018. This award is given to a non-landed club that accumulates and documents the most mileage on visits to landed clubs. It is one of the awards AANR can give out at the annual convention, just like the Alonzo Stevens Jr. Government Affairs Award.


I am proud to be able to spread the word of our efforts, as I have traveled to landed clubs. As we travel, we share our love for nude recreation and try to educate those unfamiliar with AANR and our mission and efforts. During the summer, it is usually very easy to find people camping who wish they could be skinny-dipping on the road. It is a great segue to talk about public land use, and the need for healthy and wholesome nude use on those public lands. 


At private campgrounds, we get a lot of support for skinny-dipping. Depending on the location and make up of those attending, you will hear where they want to have a nude venue if they could be assured no one would be offended. This usually leads to a discussion of the differences between nudity in Europe, where textiles and nudists coexist on some beaches and it is no big deal. Many times, the consensus is it would be nice if we could have that same thing here in North America. I point out Canada has designated nude-use parks, and it is the United States that is lagging on creating more designated areas. 

Our efforts are to get those areas that are traditional, and make more nude-use designated areas. It’s amazing how many people share their local area knowledge. There is usually someone who remembers the local swimming hole everyone used in the hot months of the year, but no formal designated areas were ever created. It’s refreshing to hear how many people support the idea of a designated nude-use area. A safe place that harkens back to the innocent days of summer breaks and escape. 


This year, my wife and I will be taking our trailer east to Colorado, not as far as last year’s trip to Indiana, but we are going north this year too. Hoping to find places between our AANR-West Convention at Mountain Air Ranch in Littleton, Colorado, and Sun Meadow in Worley, Idaho – site of the AANR Convention. Happy camping everyone!