Fun in the Sun

Nude Recreation Week has become an event that makes the news. We can usually count on a local news story if there is a local landed club. And occasionally “The Tonight Show” hosts, from Johnny Carson to Jay Leno and even Jimmy Fallon have mentioned it in their  monologues. 
We need to make sure this happens every year. World Naked Gardening Day in May got some airplay. Let’s see if Nude Recreation Week can generate buzz this year, too. We have had success with World Naked Bike Rides in some cities, with the Los Angeles ride getting published in the local newspapers. AANR-West supports the World Naked Bike Ride-Los Angeles (WNBR-LA) with advertising and on-site support. 
GAT supports these efforts, as well as booths at Earth Day and other community fairs. This year, there are multiple events planned throughout AANR. Each region needs to coordinate with our social media staff to get local and media attention for our efforts. I plan to participate by being at Laguna del Sol with our local travel clubs, Northern California Exposure, and the The Naturist Society (TNS) affiliated River Dippers Club. 
Nude Recreation Week is celebrated by AANR and TNS and when we can combine an event and get media attention for positive nude recreation activities, it’s a win for nude recreation and a win for all nudists. I’m looking forward to more events that are nude-centered rather than association-centered this year. AANR-West has coordinated with landed clubs on a series of 5K runs and we are pushing for more multiple-participation type events. These efforts help bring in non-members who have an interest in the events being promoted. Pickleball tournaments, runs, and biking events have all brought attention to nude recreation from a wider audience. AANR and GAT support efforts to bring nude recreation to a wider audience, not just during nude recreation week, but all year long.