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Bev Price
AANR Trustee

BG Parkes
Co-owner, Suwannee Valley Resort

Gary Mussell
President, AANR-West

Joan Harris
AANR Trustee

Karen Lahey
AANR Trustee

Linda Weber
AANR-West Board of Directors

Pete Williams
AANR Bulletin Author

Ted Peck
AANR-SW President

Tim Mullins
Government Affairs Team Chair

Author Bio:

Bev Price

AANR Trustee
Bev Price is past President of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). She is currently an AANR Club Trustee and owner of Arizona Wildflowers, a Naturist Travel Club in the AANR-West region. Bev is a member of both AANR and The Naturist Society (TNS).
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Probably every member of the American Association for Nude Recreation has cringed at the sound of the phrase “nudist colony.” But why the visceral reaction to just a couple of innocent words? And, ...
I’m sure many AANR members have enjoyed a designated nude beach, whether that beach was legally designated as such or just became known as a nude beach because of traditional use. The Grand Canyon truly ...