AANR Authors

Bev Price
AANR Trustee

BG Parkes
Co-owner, Suwannee Valley Resort

Gary Mussell
President, AANR-West

Joan Harris
AANR Trustee

Karen Lahey
AANR Trustee

Linda Weber
AANR-West Board of Directors

Pete Williams
AANR Bulletin Author

Ted Peck
AANR-SW President

Tim Mullins
Government Affairs Team Chair

Author Bio:

Karen Lahey

AANR Trustee
Karen Lahey has been serving AANR-NW since 2006 and has been an AANR Trustee representing AANR-NW since 2018. She was instrumental in the selection of the new association management software and is serving as the chair of the Membership Marketing Committee whose responsibility is the recruitment and retention of AANR members. She also sits on the board of the AANR Education Foundation. New ideas and suggestions are always welcome.
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Welcoming. What does that mean? The dictionary meaning is “to greet the arrival of (a person, guests, etc.) with pleasure or kindly courtesy.” But what does that mean to us, as nudists? For clubs, ...