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Bev Price
AANR Trustee

BG Parkes
Co-owner, Suwannee Valley Resort

Gary Mussell
President, AANR-West

Joan Harris
AANR Trustee

Karen Lahey
AANR Trustee

Linda Weber
AANR-West Board of Directors

Pete Williams
AANR Bulletin Author

Ted Peck
AANR-SW President

Tim Mullins
Government Affairs Team Chair

Author Bio:

Pete Williams

AANR Bulletin Author
Pete Williams has been the leading author for The AANR Bulletin monthly magazine for many years. Pete is a leading health advocate and participates in many sports including competition stand-up paddleboarding.
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Body acceptance is a core tenet of nude recreation – the notion of welcoming everyone regardless of weight, tattoos, piercings, hair color, surgical scars, and other imperfections.