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Bev Price
AANR Trustee

BG Parkes
Co-owner, Suwannee Valley Resort

Gary Mussell
President, AANR-West

Joan Harris
AANR Trustee

Karen Lahey
AANR Trustee

Linda Weber
AANR-West Board of Directors

Pete Williams
AANR Bulletin Author

Ted Peck
AANR-SW President

Tim Mullins
Government Affairs Team Chair

Author Bio:

Ted Peck

AANR-SW President
Ted Peck has been a social nudist since 1970 and has been part of AANR for about 20 years. He is married and has 3 children and 5 ½ grandchildren (one daughter is expecting). A former Presbyterian minister and public school teacher, he continues to teach, mostly math, as a private tutor about 40 hours a week. He’s been running in nude 5K’s as part of the AANR-SW nude running series for 16 years, has been a director and president of AANR-SW and is now the member trustee representing AANR-SW to AANR.
Author Website
I was assigned the topic, “nude camping.” With most of the nude camping I’ve done, there’s not a lot to write about. You go to a nudist resort. You take off your clothes and pitch your tent – ...