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Best Skinny Dip Experience

21st Birthday

I was celebrating my 21st Birthday at my sister's pool.She was celebrating earning her masters degree.We had only a few close friends left as the party wound down.My sister told me the remaining group wanted to skinny dip.I said no problem and happily lost my suit.This was not my first skinny dip,but my first with friends.For the better part of thirty years I have rarely worn a suit to swim.It is truly the best way to swim,you'll never want to wear a suit again.

First time with friends

First time with friends of both genders was at 29 to 30 years old was at night after a long fun afternoon of bar hopping by boat. Don't remember who came up with the idea. Likely it was me mainly hoping to see the others naked. Whoever it was, the idea was a hit and we wound up skinny dipping in a nearby pool. It was a blast with a lot of horseplay but absolutely nothing of a sexual nature. As said previously, the most appealing thing about the idea had been to see the others naked. But what really struck me that night and has stayed with me ever since was how good it felt to be naked in the water, just naked outside in general. And, much to my surprise, how quickly you become acclimated to your own nudity and the nudity of others. It quickly, literally, becomes no big deal. Plus, the oft repeated cliche of never wanting to wear a bathing suit again after swimming naked is absolutely true.

Hirita Japan

We all decided to go camping next to a beautiful lake in the mountains of Japan. A little too much beer and a huge bonfire gave me the idea to go skinny dipping. 3 of us ran to the water and splashed around for about 5 minutes before we realized the water was freezing! Of course all our friends were there laughing as we scrambled shivering out of the water. I dried off and sat around in just my towel for the rest of the night. I miss those friends!

Baker Beach

I went out to San Francisco for one week in October of Two-Thousand and Eleven. My schedule included obvious locations such as Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf. The best naturally, if you would forgive the pun, was visiting Baker Beach and spending the day in the nude. The temperature of the water takes some getting used to, but the friendliness of local beach-goers makes up for it.

Bare Ass Lake

I live in Florida now; but as a kid in Mass. I can remember going to a spot in the woods, we dubbed Bare Ass Lake. Boys would go their in the summer or if they skipped school. If you didn't want your parents to know you were swimming or skipping school, of course you would skinny dip. We had a rope swing and the water was a rusty color feeding from the mountains. It was the most awesome and exhilerating feeling to feel so free with anywhere from 10-20 other boys and not be embarassed because you were baring all. Of course those days are gone, with all the prudes that have made nudity a dirty and perverted thing. Nudity is a totally NATURAL thing. It's the way we come into the world. I believe if there weren't clothes, there would be so much less curiosity and more than likely less sexual offenses. Bare Ass Lake is a fond memory I will carry forever.