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Best Skinny Dip Experience

Covered Bridge

I first experienced skinny-dipping at around age 9. My grandparents had a farm, and down the road was a covered bridge with a swimming hole in the creek underneath. I would skinny-dip there with the neighbor kids and cousins. We would run around playing indian in the nude in the woods and swim throughout the day.

Alongside the road ran the railroad tracks. Each day when the train came by the engineer would blow the horn and wave. Everything was so easy and simple back then. I was never opposed to going and visiting or staying at my grandparents.

I can remember getting out of the water and having to remove the leaches. Time passed on and so did the farm. Laws changed too, of course, against this sort of thing. But I have always found secluded swimming holes to swim nude in.

Lifelong Skinny-Dipper

As a youth in Florida with a pool in the backyard, a privacy fence and a liberal parent, I skinny-dipped whenever the mood struck.

As an adult in the Midwest, I skinny-dip at Blue Lake Nudist Resort every warm weekend I'm able to. There's nothing quite like the feel of the air and water on bare skin.

Stationed on Guam

I was stationed in Guam serving duty on a Submarine tender, and we were docked in what is called Inner Apra Harbor, which is like a smaller part of the larger bay. Anyways, we had a small on-base Enlisted men's club, and our very own swimming hole which was actually a smaller finger of the bay, with salt water and fish swimming around, with a floating dock complete with a 5 meter high dive.

I used to get up and out on Saturday mornings, and go over to the pond, get in the water, drop my trunks, and swim over to the dock, which was anchored to the sea bed. The water was twice as deep under the dock as it was from the beach under the dock, and crystal clear. When I laid out on the diving board, you could see the fish swimming around below.

There was no shortage of deserted beaches around the island when I got off base.

Good Old Fashioned Skinnydipping

When I was about 16 years old, three friends and I decided to go swimming in the Ocala National Forest in the Oklawaha River. The river was wild with no houses. We found a great place with tall trees and a steep bank. Since we had no swim suits with us, we all went swimming naked.

It was not our first time, but one of the only times we were totally free. We got the idea to make a rope swing from one of the trees. We walked about a quarter mile up the dirt road to the cabin where we were staying to get some rope. We didn't bother to dress.

We saw one car and they saw us, but didn't stop or say anything. We returned to the river and made the swing and spent hours swinging out over the river and dropping in. It was so much fun we didn't notice when a man in a canoe came slowly drifting by. I almost fell right into his canoe!

While under water, I remember thinking that I hoped he would not get on to us for being naked. When I came up next to his canoe, he looked at all of us and said, laughing, "It's been years since I went skinny-dipping! That looks like so much fun!"

My Very First Skinny Dip

My first time skinny dipping will always be one of my best memories. I have always wanted to go to a nude beach and when I got my first chance I did it. I stopped by a nude beach in Florida - Playalinda Beach, on the Cape Canaveral Shoreline.

I got there early to ensure I got a good parking spot, since there were not many at the end of the lot. It was a nice and hot sunny day that day and there were plenty of nudists laying out on the beach. I found a spot for myself and stripped off all my clothes to be like everyone else. I laid out in the sun and it felt great with the sun hitting my naked body.

After 30 minutes or so, I finally went into the ocean to cool off and the water touching my naked body felt great. When I got out after several minutes later, it was a great feeling not having a wet swimsuit sticking to your body.

You always find yourself fixing your suit, which is not fun at all. This is how you are supposed to swim in the water - "Naked," just like the old days. Whenever I get the chance, I love to skinny dip just for that main reason.