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Earth Day Fast Facts From a Nudist Perspective

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 began with a series of grass roots efforts conducted by citizens (in particular many college students)concerned over environmental issues. Thus, in honor of Earth Day 2015 (begun in the U.S. and now celebrated in 192 countries), the American Association for Nude Recreation – an organization long known for promoting the natural life and of encouraging its members young and old to serve as eco-conscious custodians of planet Earth — is pleased to share with you five fun factoids and recommendations…

1. On Earth Day, or any day, don’t sit alone in front of the television or computer. The energy your home consumes with you in it through the use of electronics and lights can besubstituted with spending time out on the town, congregating with friends or at an AANR-affiliated club. It’s worth noting that most public areas use fluorescent or LED bulbs, which are more efficient than those found in the average home. If you’re not going to go out (or maybe after you do) there is really no better day for using vast amounts of candles.

2. Think about housekeeping or exercising in the nude. By doing so you sweat less, don’t dirty clothes, and can also keep the air-conditioning bill down and shrink your clothes washing loads too. In the sunbelt, by turning up your central air conditioning thermostat one degree, fuel consumption can be cut by as much as 10%.

3. Take your clothes off at home and feel more comfortable free of restrictive clothing. You’ll also save laundry work this way. Typical (versus energy efficient) top-load electric clothes washers and dryers generate 5 pounds of CO2 per washer/dryer cycle. Given it’s used an average of 4 times a week, that’s 20 pounds a week, 80 a month, and 960 pounds of CO2 a year. The typical nudist family will use the washer and dryer about half that. Within the American Association for Nude Recreation membership roles, that is a collective savings of 24,000,000 pounds of CO2.

4. When you run your dishwasher, you produce approximately two pounds of CO2. Hand washing dishes is no better; that can use up to 15 gallons of heated water and that’s almost 3 pounds of CO2 per dish washing, so wait until the dishwasher is full to run it. Did you know many AANR resorts have restaurants equipped with energy saver dishwashers, that when coupled with efficient use reduces the washer’s carbon by 25%

5. Need to get away? Take a Nakation®, a clothing optional vacation. Remember, luggage kills fuel economy, and checking it on many airlines costs you too. Travel light on road trips too. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle reduces your car’s fuel economy by 2%. Nakationers are able to pack less and travel more. And AANR-affiliated resorts and campgrounds are extremely affordable. With over 200 clubs, campgrounds and resorts to choose from throughout the Western Hemisphere, there is one close to you that will also save you fuel.

Despite all of the damage caused to the environment by man, most of it is reversible. As conscientious custodians we can restore habitats and return species to them; clean rivers; renovate buildings; replenish the topsoil, replant forests. Nudists are closely connected to and get eagerly involved in the preservation of our nation’s beaches, parks and other natural resources and they are also committed to reducing their personal impact on the Earth’s resources.

What are you doing on Earth Day or year-round to help sustain the environment?

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3 Responses to Earth Day Fast Facts From a Nudist Perspective

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  2. don ferguson says:

    NUDE ALL THE TIME except when the government requires ..

  3. Fred Akins says:

    If NVE cooperates and gets the new meter put in, we’ll be going solar power and cutting the use of the electrical grid by 80%. We had solar panels put in just before the first of the year and are now only waiting for NVE to do their part and get us connected and online. We already have a solar heating system for our pool, which by the way has yet to see its first bathing suit…we’re now just waiting for the all electrical vehicles to come out so we can quit using gasoline as well.

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