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One Record But Not Another

IMG_2990Over 5,400 nudists simultaneously skinny-dipped on July 11 at more than 80 AANR-affiliated clubs and nude beaches across North America. While AANR did not break its previous record, which has yet to be broken, it did break the record for a FUN time and a whole lot of wonderful publicity.

According to Mary Jane Kolassa at Above Water Public Relations & Marketing, AANR’s PR representative, specific to the Skinny-Dip in June and July, there were roughly 50 articles, television and radio news items that appeared. The estimated print circulation for the print articles was 15 million. In addition, each print and broadcast outlet has an online site where the articles also ran. The estimated visitors per month for the combined websites was in the neighborhood of 250 million.

And that is exactly what this event was all about — to let the rest of the world know just how much FUN can be had while wearing nothing at all.


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7 Responses to One Record But Not Another

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  2. We were at MAR for this and had a blast

  3. Jasen says:

    Does AANR track conversion rates from this event? How many visitors come out for the event? How many of those become regular attenders?

    It sounds like it is a very successful event with regards to letting people know nudism and nudist resorts exist. But how effective is it at making new nudists?

    • Robert Phillips says:

      As a former AANR officer I can tell you that ANNR is not really an organization of individual nudists that is seriously dedicated to increasing AANR membership. It is primarily an organization of nudist club owners who pay the bulk of membership fees and use those dollars to increase membership in their clubs. There has never been any professionally organized sales team at AANR solely to promote AANR membership with commissions, promotions, etc. Sadly, this is even after the #1 goal of AANR was identified as increasing membership back in (approx) 1999 – 2003. Since the change in AANR’s governmental structure through the AANR Tomorrow campaign, the organization’s focus shifted from AANR itself to the club’s that use it as a tool for promotional purpose. That’s not to say that the average nudist doesn’t benefit from some of AANR’s program. AANR membership to the owners is like an accessory in car. They are not interested in selling accessories, they want to sell you a car (club membership) that contains the desired accessory (AANR membership).

  4. Walt Curran says:

    I was at Beechwood Lodge in Ashfield,PA for the skinny dip. It was my first time being at a nudist resort, there was a small but friendly group of people there that made the experience a good one.

  5. Ken Reid says:

    Wasn’t able to make it had Hip Surgery. Went last year is was better. Instead of groups in the water Like a few years ago everyone got to be in the Pool together.

  6. Jim says:

    There were well over 1,000 people on the beach at Sandy Hook on Skinny Dip day…but no one to organize it and report a number this year and for at least the last couple. Too bad this number is getting overlooked.

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