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First-Time Nudist Experience

Glad I Did It

When I was in my 20's I wanted to try nudity. So one day when I was in my bedroom I took all my clothes off and wondered what my mother's reaction would be if she saw me naked. I wanted that to be my first nudist experience. So after getting up the courage to go to the family room where she was sitting,I walked right in front of her & told her that I'm a nudist & she was my first nudist experience. She said she was glad she was the first & didn't mind my nudity. I have been a nudist ever since.

First Time

I have always enjoyed being nude, when I was still young I would sleep nude and wonder around the house when my parents were not home. I find clothes to be very restricting. When I got married the wife and I enjoyed our time together in the nude and when we started a family we raised them in the nudist lifestyle, I didn't know that there was a club close to us until I came across the AANR website and found one in Kansas, we made arrangements to visit the place and that was the best decision we made, we just wish we would have found it earlier, the people are so friendly

First time

I used to think that if someone saw me without my clothes it was one of the worst, most embarrassing things that could happen. I had always been taught that the human body was shameful and dirty but quite honestly, I was nude a lot when my parents would leave the house as I felt so much more comfortable; I slept naked, too, and slept really well. I wanted to try swimming naked and being outside even if others saw me but I didn't want to force it on someone who didn't want to see me and would only want to be around those who didn't mind. That's why going to a nudist resort was something I'd always wanted to do.

I didn't try it until my 30s. I remember the trepidation as I made the call and drove through the front gate. Not seeing a soul, I parked the car and stood there a minute with the car door open and then just like you'd take off a band-aid, I stripped.

Wearing only my sandals and a towel around my neck, I started for the office and passed two clothed couples and began to get nervous. I stepped into the office and a fully-clothed, middle aged woman met me. I started to wish I had not even come but she assured me that she wasn't a nudist but managed the place. She soon made me feel really comfortable because she wasn't shocked or offended then she and showed me around. It just wasn't a big deal.

I sat by the pool and talked with people who spoke like they'd known me for years and I forgot I was naked after about ten minutes. I spent the whole day and evening there. People were so respectful and kind. I didn't feel ashamed of my body and I felt like there were no barriers. Being naked just wasn't a big deal but it so wonderful not having a wet swimsuit on and it was nice to feel the wind and sun on my skin. I went back several times and was welcomed each time.

Fateful Conversation

I always knew I was a nudist but I didn't have anyone to share it with. Several of my friends knew but none were inclined to participate. Then one day a coworker (my HR manager actually) mentioned that she was collecting money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

She had a sign that said "Save the Ta-Tas". I knew her pretty well, so I jokingly said "you know, the save the whales campaign shows whales, and Save the Children shows needy children, so maybe you should ..."

To my relief, she laughed and said "yeah, that might bring in more money." We talked a while longer and then I mentioned that it's legal to be topless in our city. She thought, and then said "so I could paint my chest pink and stand on a street corner collecting money for the cause?" I said "yep" as she walked out of the room with a distant look on her face while she pondered her options. (I don't think she ever did that though.)

Two days later, I got up the nerve to ask her if she'd ever consider going to a nudist park. She said she had thought about it, but they were too far away (Europe or the Caribbean). She was shocked when I told her there were two parks within 30 minutes of our office.

She asked if I had ever been, and I told her no because I'm a single male and I don't have a female counterpart to go with. It took her less than a minute to put it all together and she blurted out, "I'm a female counterpart, right? I mean we don't HAVE to be romantically linked to go, do we?" I told her the web sites say pairs can be just friends, and she responded with, "well that's it then. Let's go together. When can we go?"

We went the next weekend on a relatively warm October day. I thought it might be a bit odd to get undressed in front of a friend, but I knew I was comfortable being naked, and it sounded like she was too.

We were met by a nice couple who gave us a quick tour of the park and showed us the indoor pool where we could get undressed. Before I knew it, my friend had pulled her dress over her head and was totally naked. "I figured I'd get into the spirit early and leave the underwear at home" she said with a big grin as I got undressed.

The host couple talked with us for a little while and then left us to a wonderful day of nude recreation and conversation. It was just two friends having a nice day together, but without the social barriers. I learned more about her in that one day than I had in months of prior interactions.

We returned to that park quite a few times over the years and we always have better conversations and more fun together at the park than we ever do when we do similar things in the clothed community.

I'm glad I took the chance to pursue that initial conversation, but I've never found a similar opportunity to startup a conversation like that with any other friend. I'm still looking for opportunities. It would be so much easier if society would allow us to just stand up in a crowd and say "I'm a nudist. Is anyone else interested?"

My first time at a nudist resort with reluctant wife.

It was back in the 90's. I had brought up resort nudism with my wife a few times; and she'd said "no" every single time. She just didn't want anyone to see her naked. After doing some homework, I found a resort nearby that allowed first-timers to stay covered. So I made a deal with her: if she'd accompany me to the resort, she would not have to undress; and I would not pressure her to. That convinced her to give it a try.

We drove to WTP on a spring morning. We checked in; I undressed and my wife stayed dressed, quite apprehensive about being around nude people. We did a tour of the grounds; and as it was still early, there weren't many people around. My wife started relaxing and enjoying the natural surroundings. We went for a walk on the trail, had a picnic at lunch, and walked by the clubhouse. The hot tub was inside, and there wasn't anyone else around. I nudged my wife to see if the wanted to get in the hot tub; and being private enough for her, she agreed. We sat and chatted in the hot tub for a while, and just as we started exiting the hot tub; someone walked in! We were both nude, standing outside the hot tub, with our towels out of reach. The individual said a few words, the three of us naked; and my wife unable to hide or cover up. After he left, I was sure at that point that my wife was done and would want to leave. I thought to myself nudism was probably over...

And so my wife got dressed, and we proceeded back to the car. But right as we got to the car, my wife turned to me and said: "Let's not leave yet..." I was surprised. So I asked her what she had in mind. She wanted to go for another walk before leaving. So we went on a stroll, and ended up back at the clubhouse. Once there, my wife just said: "Ok, let's just hang out here a while..." before disrobing! And so we just hung out nude together at the clubhouse for some time. She didn't seem concerned at all about anyone walking in on us again.

Then really came time to leave. Instead of covering up again for the short stroll back to the car, she opted to just throw her towel over her shoulders. Once we got back to the car, she tossed her towel in the trunk, and just as she pulled out her dress, the manager came out of his office to bid us farewell. I thought to myself that one person seeing her nude was one thing, but two would definitely be too much for my wife. But my wife just turned to him, naked, and said a few words back! The manager then invited us to come chat; and before I knew it, my wife proceeded to the office to go have a chat with him. I followed my wife to the office, and found her engaged in a very lively conversation with him, nude and not in the least bit self-conscious about it! We left shortly after, my wife sporting a big grin.

The idea of being seen nude is a big barrier for women when it comes to social nudity. But as my wife found out, in a nudist environment it's not as scary as it seems.