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First-Time Nudist Experience

A baseball cap, sunglasses and nipple piercings

I wish I could remember when I first decided to try a nude vacation. I'd never really been comfortable with my own nudity. I don't even like taking off my shirt, so a nude resort would be a complete one-eighty for me, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was something I really wanted to try.

I ended up going to a resort a few hours away in Idaho. I was made to feel welcome right away and was given a complete tour inside and out. After getting settled into my room, I got undressed and took a quick shower. I still had things to bring in from my car, so it was time to open the door and step out into the hallway nude for the first time. I was nervous, but it was also such an awesome feeling! I was really doing it! When I was about halfway down the stairs I looked down and saw a few other guests sitting in the lobby. Amazingly, when they saw me, no one pointed or stared, and the world didn't stop turning! Such an amazing experience!!

After bringing some things from my car, I decided to go for a hike. One of the main reasons I chose this resort is because the property is ringed with miles of hiking trails. Hiking nude out in the open was such an exhilarating feeling! I vividly remember the feeling of air moving all around my body. You definitely miss out on that when you're covered in clothes. I loved hiking in the evenings, but the morning hikes were fun as well. It always felt so exhilarating to get out of bed at 6am and then head out into the cool morning air for a 2-hour nude hike.

The resort has two swimming pools. I'd usually swim in the indoor pool at night, and then every morning I'd head down to the outdoor pool to swim and sunbathe! It felt a little unusual tanning nude on a crowded pool deck, but once I was stretched out on my beach towel and had some music streaming through my ear buds, I'd usually forget I was naked within a few minutes. To be honest, I really looked forward to swimming and sunbathing nude. You really can't ask for a more enjoyable or relaxing way to spend a warm August afternoon!

In the end, I spent four days wearing nothing but a baseball cap, sunglasses and my nipple piercings. To my surprise, it was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever experienced, and I have no regrets at all! If you're considering going to a nude resort for the first time, don't hesitate, you're going to enjoy it more than you think! I went by myself my first time, but imagine being a mom and dad with a bunch of kids and not having to deal with mountains of luggage, clothes strewn all over the room or soaking wet swimsuits drip-drying in the bathroom. There's also very little you have to do between activities. If you're in your room and you want to go for a quick swim, you just walk down to the pool nude and get in the water. You don't have to get undressed or change or anything. So simple, easy and stress-free! That's how a vacation should be! I hope my experience encourages you to try a nude vacation for yourself.

Nobody really cared

We live near Land 'O Lakes and had driven past Paradise Lake quite often. I was intrigued by the thought of this place but thought "no way no how". One day I saw an ad somewhere and clicked on the website and they had this deal for $20 you get admission AND a card to be used at the bar for $20 worth of beverages, huh? Sounds like a deal, right? So I joke with my wife that I was going to go as she was always busy on Sunday's anyway. I got the "oh yea, right" because she knows that I am a very heavy guy and don't like taking even my shirt off. She also applies that as to why I don't like going to the beach. The real reason is that I hate sand in my shorts. So after several weeks of this teasing and laughing I went for it. I went in to the lobby shaking, nervous as all get out. Several people walked by as I was paying and had minimal or no clothes on. I thought "that's cool, I wonder if I can be like that". Got my card and went to the pool deck and all these naked men and women were walking around smiling and laughing and seemed to be having a great time. I got to a spot in the back row and whipped off my shirt, slid down my shorts and practically dove onto the chair. I reached into my bag and got the sunscreen out and applied it liberally to my whitest spots. I have a lot of surface area to cover in other regions and could not get my back, doh! That means I will have to sit face up with what I got showing OR get burned badly on my back. No matter the choice, it was not going to be a good outcome. Well I decided a cold adult beverage was in order. I got my card and just walked quickly as I could a few feet, then back to get my shoes as I am a tenderfoot. I walked past a woman sitting there shading her eyes and she said with a smile "that pavement gets hot doesn't it". Really odd, she did not seem to care that I was so heavy and not tanned, just a smile. I got in line for my beer and a man turns around and starts talking about the heat and the band that was playing and then his wife comes up and we introduce ourselves. They didn't seem to care either about how heavy I was. We just made conversation like we were in line at a ballpark or something, except I usually don't talk to people in line at the ballpark. I had my drink and once I finished it I bee lined for the pool. Nice cool pool with lots of people in it and again, no one really cared how fat I was. I saw many people that day that were not perfect either and I REALLY DIDN'T CARE. Everyone was SO nice and I loved the freedom. My wife was not pleased that I had gone and did not understand why I did this. I recently went back and had a zen time again. I made up my mind to come out of the closet nude to my wife. She was not a fan, but after a bit of talking she realized that I enjoyed the non-judgement and she did agree that if it makes me feel good about myself then that is what mattered. I'll be back again soon with her blessing, unfortunately not with her, but that's okay, no judging!

My first nudist experience

Me and my girlfriend went to Sunset beach Jamaica with on our friend on day pass as we all worked on a cruise ship. The beach had clothing optional area. My girl friend being from Europe asked me to accompany her but i never been nude in public, was shy specially with other friend who was a girl also. I went with my girl friend to the clothing optional beach and she knew I was shy we went to the very end of the beach. There were few other people nude already there enjoying. As soon as we put our bags my girl friend started to remove her bathing suit and was completely naked. On other hand I was still shy and sitting with my short. Soon the employee can to me asking to shed off my clothes and respect others or else go back to textile end of the beach. My girl friend said to me just do it no is watching you so i slowly removed my pants and there i was completely naked in nature not alone. But still shy i just sat down and relaxed my self. There were few more couples on the beach. I stood up and walk towards water with my girl friend still covering me up from others. Once in water i started to enjoy the freedom without clothes. As we were in water there was a young couple approached towards the place we were and thats it. I had to get out naked in front of them. My girl friend actually told them this was my first time and they all told me its ok we are all fine and my first moment came where i was naked in front of strangers other than my girl friend showing my private body and they all acted like nothing happened. After that we chatted to each other and were having fun. I even walk on the beach and i i w comfortable on my first experience. My gf asked then to get a drink from bar which was on the line between clothing and textile beach. I made effort and got us drinks. We sat down with other couple drinking as i was comfortable knowing i i am not going to see them again. Soon our friend came to the clothing optional side and there i was naked in front of her but being from Europe she was ok and soon she took off her clothes. We all had fun and I completely forgot that i was nude and enjoyed it a lot. When time came to put back the clothes didnt wanted to. But me and my girl friend use to come with day pass everytime to the resort when our cruise ship use to come Montego bay. After that i went couple of times to Orient beach and also to Haulover beach and enjoy my time there.

My first nudist experience

So my girlfriend recently left me and I thought I really think now is a good time to do something wild and crazy. I thought why not go to a nudist resort? I had been checking out one before I thought Id take a lady friend too but she wasnt interested. I had forgotten about it but decided to try one. At first I was nervous but then I stripped my clothes right off and got in the pool. Soon I saw a fellow naked female and was nervous about talking to her and if shed think I was up to something but instead I got a friendly greeting and we started chatting. Later I met another girl and told her I wanted to come back and she was excited. She even gave me a hug. Than I spent the rest of the day day swimming and socializing with other couples and playing water volley ball and we quickly became friends. I loved it. Im going back there and trying another one in CA and even want to attend festivals around the world

Glad I did it!

I've been sleeping nude since high school and would walk around the house nude whenever I had the chance. After several years of being an at home nudist I started researching nudism and found there was a clothing optional resort not too far from my apartment. I took a day off work and drove up there, feeling nervous the whole way because I had never been naked in front of someone in a non-romantic setting. When I arrived I parked by the office and walked in, still clothed. When I walked in, the receptionist greeted me and I noticed she was not nude, which made me wonder if I was at the right place. She confirmed I was, and I asked if I could take a tour. She said she would be happy to give me a tour and answer any questions I had. I asked if it was ok for me to disrobe, and she said it was a little too chilly for her tastes (about 52 degrees) but I was welcome to do so if I was comfortable with it. I went out to my car and, in spite of my nerves, decided to just go for it! I took off all of my clothes and walked over to the golf cart waiting near by. I hopped on and was given a tour of the grounds and facilities. After a few minutes I actually forgot that I was naked! We met a few people along the way, and everyone was friendly and inviting. I spent the rest of the day there, feeling more and more comfortable as the day went on. I have been back there many times since, and am still trying to convince my wife to join me. One day, maybe she will, but for now it's my mini-vacation when I need to get my nude on!