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First-Time Nudist Experience

Took me long enough . . .

Experienced a new thing well into my 5th decade . . . I've always enjoyed being nude - sleeping naked, walking around the house when no one is around, etc. But I'd never really been naked in a public place (temporarily shedding clothes for an impromptu skinny dip doesn't really count, I think). For a number of years we've spent New Years at a location that has a beach that is locally known as clothing optional. Two years ago I went there early in the morning on New Year's Day and found myself alone. I kept my suit on when I went into the water, but decided to take it off as there was no one around. I kept a good hold on it and put it back on before I exited the water (still no one around). This year, I did the same thing on New Year's eve. There was one other person there. The next morning I went early to the beach with the idea that I might take the step to leave my suit on the beach before walking to the water. I figured I would put it back on as soon as I got out. When I got there, I was not alone. There was one man who had camped on the beach, and a couple with their child - everyone was nude. Well, OK then, here was my chance. I gave everyone their space, put out my towel, and took everything off. It felt great & natural! I spent the next hour and a half swimming & relaxing. Probably a dozen or so people showed up during that time, all wearing bathing suits. I didn't even give it a thought to put mine on. It just felt wonderful. The next morning, my wife and I returned to the beach early again. While she stayed in her suit, I spent the next few hours wearing only my wedding ring. There was another couple who stripped down to swim but put their suits on when they were on the beach (sounds like me a year earlier!). Other than that, I was the only nude person on the beach! I know that I'll pick & choose my spots - the nude beaches in Hawaii are "unofficial" as State law generally prohibits it, and because I want to be mindful of those who I am with and those who are around. But the sensation & feeling of freedom that I enjoyed is something that I want to experience time and time again.

Naked Boater

I think I've been a nudist all of my life.
I remember sneaking out at night and stripping down and running around my yard. I would even sneak out and go skinny-dipping in our pool. I was actually caught by my mother one time.
But my first time with other nudists was the summer of 2006. It was for the Guinness World Record for skinny-dipping. My wife actually went with me to MAHESO (Maryland health society). She didn't get naked, but I did, and it was the most liberating thing that I had done up to that point in my life. Everybody made me feel welcome and they were all so friendly. My wife felt uncomfortable so we had to leave immediately after the swim. I think she was uncomfortable because she was the only one wearing clothes.
Since then, I have been to a few local swims near Baltimore (MARNA), and I've been to Gunnison beach in New Jersey. I even snuck away to Cypress Cove for about an hour while on vacation at Disney World. (That did not go over well.)
My wife hates it and so I haven't been anywhere for about four years now. So to keep her happy I only get naked around the house. I do miss being with others that share my enthusiasm for nude living.
Maybe one day I will be able to convince her to join me.

First time not last

When I was 14, my aunt flew me out to her and my uncle's house in Phoenix, Arizona. I knew the weather was warm there but had no idea how hot it really was. I had been there a week and used the pool daily but every time I went swimming they would give me a little frown.

The fourth day there, I asked my aunt why she and my uncle never swam. She told me it was more comfortable if swimsuits were not used. I thought this a joke but she explained that they swam natural and since I was here, they preferred not to swim. I said I understood and went out to the pool. While in the pool, I took off my swimsuit and it felt so good. I threw my suit on the pool deck and a while later my aunt came out. She saw the suit and smiled. She said I was precious and said it was good to try it.

I was embarrassed and a little shy. She asked if I wanted something to drink and she went in, brought me a Coke, and put it on the table. She went back in and I got out completely nude. I was uncertain until my aunt came out and said it was okay to be naked and enjoy the sun. She smiled at me and went inside. I stayed naked the rest of the day, not sure about how my uncle would take to seeing me naked but he was fine with it.

After dinner, that night we all swam nude and my uncle explained how they did things and was proud of me. Seeing my aunt and uncle naked was new to me but I got to where I was comfortable. My aunt called my mom and asked if I could stay. Mom agreed to let me stay another week and most of the time I was nude. I loved being naked and getting a tan all over. I also loved spending time with my aunt and uncle.

The extended week ended too soon for me and once I got home, I would try to find places where I could go naked outside. I did go naked when no one was home and would even call my aunt and tell her I was. She would laugh.

I now love being naked and go to resorts and beaches as often as I can.

Since Childhood

I think I may have been a nudist pretty much all of my life, though I did not come from a nudist family. Early in life, as young as six, I remember taking off my clothes anytime I got the chance, but always alone. My father was Air Force, so we moved around quite a bit. Tennessee, Arkansas, California, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and I always found places I could go outdoors, be alone, and be naked, but never really understood how I felt about being naked until a summer in Arkansas.

About a mile from our home there was a small pond where my brother, sister, and I would frequently go fishing. We took an old picnic table top to the pond once, nailed a couple of small logs to it, and created a sort of outrigger boat. It was fun. When I was about 13, I was at the pond by myself one day and decided to row around for a little while. I didn't want my brother to know I had been at the pond (my parents were at work), and since the "boat" floated very low in the water, getting you pretty wet, I decided to take my clothes off to get on the boat. That was the most liberating feeling I had ever had. The sun was very hot on my skin, but the water coming through the boards of the picnic table seemed to keep me very cool. I spent about 2 hours there, rowing around that little pond.

From then on, into my 20's, no matter where we moved, I found places outdoors where I could disrobe and enjoy being in my own skin. Sometimes I would just lay in a field, sometimes take a walk through the woods, but feeling the wind and sun on my entire body.

I met my wife in 1990 and we were married in 1991. It has been 25 years of happiness that I would not give up for a minute. Throughout our life together, we have enjoyed nudity together. We frequently camped on company property in the woods, went to hotels in other towns and spent weekends nude in the room, but always just the two of us. We now own a lake house at a reservoir near our home, and when we are there, just the two of us, we are almost always in the buff, mostly sitting on the deck playing cards. I even hung a light over the kitchen sink last week in the buff, even though the window over the sink faces the dirt road that is frequented by folks out for a walk. A couple months ago I told her that I thought I could go to a nudist resort. She surprised me a little with her reply of "We could go to a clothing optional resort and you can go naked, but I don't think I want to."

We have not yet had the opportunity to go to a resort, but we still spend a lot of our time in our natural state. I hope to get to one soon, though, as being naked is what I like best, and I would like to spend some time with other like-minded people.

Did It!

Well I finally did it yesterday! I had thought about it a lot but never really had the courage to be nude in a social environment. I have been what you call a closet nudist for a while but I rarely can get my wife to join me. But I have become comfortable hanging around the house nude more often and lately I have been nude for the an entire day on the weekend. We have a semi-private back yard and lately I have been fairly bold and hang out in the yard. So after my latest weekend adventure, I thought I need to try nudism in a social setting. So yesterday was the day. I had a business breakfast to attend and I will admit I was quite nervous and could not really eat without upsetting my stomach but afterwards I headed to the nearest nude resort in our area and was still nervous on the drive. I got to the gate and had to wait to be let in as a guest and it took quite some time for the man to let me in but I was still a bit nervous sitting there. Well I paid the fee, filled out the paperwork and he told me where to park for the day. The only disappointing thing is that he told me that I could not wander the woods as he said he had campers and did not want to have me disturb their privacy, so I had to stick to paved roads in the resort to walk around. I had read that a walk was the best way to become acquainted to the style but oh well. So I drove to the pool and got out of the car and immediately stripped down to my nudeness! It felt so very natural and the nerves were settled down and I felt great. I went immediately to the pool area and found that no one else was there! What a disappointment. I will admit the season is about done here but no one! Well I set up my towel and decided to try out the pool, it was cool but felt so very good on the skin. Eventually a few people did show up and I remained quite calm and there were no nerves, I was jumping in and out of the pool quite naturally. Some one did talk to me and asked me why I decided to do it. I guess I would say, why not. No one had ever seen me naked (that I know of) other than my wife and now I can say at least 7 other people have and it was not a big deal. I can hardly wait for next summer to give it a try again. I loved the experience!