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First-Time Nudist Experience

First Time Was Awesome

I was fresh out of college in early 70's but had not lived the 'flower child' life here in conservative Midwest. But a college field trip to the southwest gave me my first chance to let loose. And of all places to enjoy desert heat, sun and first time group nudism was in a nice cool creek down in the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

Cool water was soo refreshing after uphill hike with heavy backpacks. There were a couple hesitant girls who kept t-shirts and undies on, but that didn't stop them from going in the water to frolic with all the rest of us nudies. You could see from the look in their eyes that they really envied us being naked,but something still kept them from going for it, despite all the encouragement we shouted at them.

Seemed that this was a 'first' for many in the group, so I was not the only noob' naked in the sun. The longer we were naked, the more at ease all were. Women stopped trying to hold a hand over their breast or pubic area, and with no towels with us, we all found the comfort of warm rocks to lay out and sun dry.

Our hike out and return trip was nothing like that day naked in the water. I have no idea how many others were won over, but I certainly was sure I'd find myself naked and in the sun soon again.

Yearly return trips for me for a decade down to the canyon were scheduled each summer. Spent every trip finding new waterfalls and pools to play naked in, and I always managed to fine another 'noob' somewhere along the trail to convince to come along on my side trips to 'find the freedom' too.

The Surprise Anniversary for a First Time Naturist

When it comes to someone's first naturist experience, all the thoughts of what you will experience races through your mind. You contemplate stares, comments, laughter, and so much more when you imagine an encounter with someone at a naturist resort.

Add to that for each year for the anniversary, my wife and I annually trade surprise vacations with the other spouse. One person plans the entire trip and the other person has no idea about any part of the trip until you are either at the airport or on the highway. As I planned this trip, I knew I was taking a big risk because my wife had never experienced any type of nudity.

Yet, planning the trip was so much fun in that I produced a three ring binder with information, details and photos of where we were headed and the agenda for the trip.(My wife is a detailed person so this was imperative to get her buy-in). She was instructed to put together a generic suitcase for any trip. Then the day before we left, I packed the items that were critical to our stay and she was not allowed back in the closet to try and guess.

It was not until we were on the interstate to Miami that I gave her the binder. Her first reaction was "Are you taking me to a nudie place?"

I had a deep swallow and said, "Just read the book, it's clothing optional." After some laughing and discussion, she agreed to check it out.

Early the next morning we were off the St. Martin and Club Orient. It was mid-afternoon when checked in and were surprised how laid back and casual our host greeted us. Since Happy Hour had already started we checked into our villa and went to the resort bar for our 2 for 1 drinks. I was totally natural and she was in a sarong that I had purchased.

At dinner at the resort restaurant, we saw everyone was just wearing a towel to full sarongs, so that relaxed my wife to know that she had options. The next morning we went down to the beach and she wore a half sarong but soon that was gone and she embraced the full natural experience for the remainder of the stay.

We made so many friends in such a short time and all our potential concerns were erased by the staff and guests. Most guests are repeat guests of anywhere from five years to thirty-five years. We sat next to both millionaires and blue collar people but it never mattered because the experience of this freedom broke down every social barrier that we experience in the states.

We never felt more relaxed for any vacation than our first experience at Club Orient because there is security everywhere to protect you and respect your privacy, a grocery store, boutique, activities for the entire family, a great French restaurant, nightly dancing in the buff, along with a bar and grill (with both having great happy hours) right on the property.

If you are ever thinking about a first time naturist experience and your spouse may be apprehensive, you should know that Club Orient is the right place to go for getting your feet wet.

Secretly a Nudist

I'm 21 years old. I have always loved being a naked. However, I'm a Catholic and I'm not sure if nudism is the right lifestyle. I believe in modesty and chastity, but I don't know if nudism is compatible with that in any way. I have a big family, and I still live with them, so getting naked has always been risky because I don't want them to find out.

I sometimes sneak out at night and take off my clothes and walk around and even climb trees naked. I enjoy it a lot. Right now I'm sitting naked in full daylight as I write this, and hopefully nobody will find me. I've never experienced social nudism, but maybe someday I'll find a nudist beach or club when I move out and am on my own.

Happy Nudists

My wife and I are naked around home all the time but to go out to a camp was another thing altogether. When we first got to camp we were shown the grounds and told where we could park and there was no pressure on us to disrobe, but after we parked we got out to undress and I looked and Diana was out of her cloths in a New York minute.

We had such a good time that the weekend just seemed to fly by. We are now nudists anytime we can be for the rest of our lives.

First-Time Nudist Experience

I had always enjoyed being nude from my teen-age years. At night, I would skinny-dip in our backyard pool. I also enjoyed being nude outside in the yard at night.

My mother was aware of this, and was comfortable. I still enjoy being nude as much as possible around the house, and on my back deck. My next door neighbors are aware of this, and don't seem to mind.

I first got the courage to go to a nude resort about 5 years ago. I drove there with a lot of trepidation, having never been nude in a social setting. When I got there, my host gave me a tour of the resort, and introduced me to several people. She did not pressure me to be nude immediately.

After the tour, I asked what I should do next, and she suggested that I start by removing my clothes and take a walk on a nature trail, where I could get comfortable being nude without immediately being nude in a large group of people. I did as suggested, and later joined the crowd at the swimming pool.

The freedom of being nude in natural surroundings with other people with the same attitude is wonderful. Today, I try to go to a nudist resort as often as possible, but I don't get there enough.

I find that after a week of stress, a day nude with other nudists is so relaxing. I go home more relaxed than I would be if I had gone to a textile resort.