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First-Time Nudist Experience

Wow. I did it.

I had learned of a nude event at a nearby gym. It was sponsored by a local nudist club which rented the facility for an evening once a month or so. I had become determined to go to the event having always been intrigued by nudism but never trying it. I was as nervous as I could get worrying about how I'd "respond" but I was committed. I drove over to the health club that Saturday evening and sat in the car just eyeing the place for a good 10 minutes. I was not about to chicken out. I went in, paid my admission fee and headed for the locker room. I quickly figured out that everything was co-ed. There was a couple in the men's locker room and they were naked. Oh my. How would this go? LOL. I just stripped as quickly as I could. Out the door I went with not a thing on. Wow. Was this great or what? I took a quick dip in the pool and then went to the sauna and hot tub. I was feeling very comfortable nude. This was great. I was hooked on nudism. Everyone was so friendly and open. I got involved in the volleyball game. Here I was playing co-ed naked volleyball. I was totally hooked. This was great. I stayed until the event was over enjoying the whole experience. 15 years later I'm still at it. A nudist for life.

18 Years ago I went to a nude beach for the first time and now I cannot seem to go eslewhere

I once heard about a nude beach near where I lived on the news as it made some contraversy. I was already sleeping in the nude for some time, never thought I would try it outside, but then one day I went to the beach out of curiosity. I did not go there to go nude, but after speaking to one regular there I found myself taking my suit off and going skinny-dipping!

Wow! What a sensation it was swimming in the ocean without a swimsuit! I began coming back up until the beach I went to got raided. I was lucky I did not get caught, but afterwards the beach lost its spunk, and single men started to be the norm offsetting the balance of men and women.

I must say that did not stop me from becoming a naturist as I joined a landed club nearby and met plenty of friends while at it and the most important thing is that it was not sexual being around the same images that Playboy and porn make degrading only in real life.

I even learned later how great it is to be in a motel room while on vacation with no clothes on and even not close the bathroom door. I do however, live with my mom who does not know about this, but I still sleep nude at night though! Wow is all I can say as no correct words can describe the freedom you have without clothes! I have been hooked and there is no going back for me!

First time nude

My first time nude was in 1986 at Rincon Beach in Santa Barbara, California, when I was 16 years old. I had been nude at home when no one else was home and was and still am a swimmer so I was used to having next to nothing on.

I saw a book in the travel section of the bookstore about California nude beaches and discovered Rincon was the closest to me. Pre GPS, I got out a Thomas Guide and figured out where to get off the freeway.

I had a Speedo on underneath just in case I backed out and still wanted to enjoy the beach with next to nothing on. I walked the beach to the nude area, put my towel down, dropped my shorts, and sat down. It took only about 30 minutes I would say to start being comfortable and to actually get up to walk around. Any fears of "excitement" went away quickly and has never been a problem.

I visited this beach almost everyday during the summer making the one hour drive each way.

My next obstacle was getting my girlfriend years later to try. She was hesitant at first, and would say she would do it, but would never remove her swimsuit when we got there. After a few times, she eventually went topless and then nude. It eventually became illegal to go nude at Rincon and there is nothing closer to enjoy.

Nudity has been enjoyed in our house ever since. After marrying, we bought a house with a completely private backyard and can enjoy the yard and pool nude. We made it a point to raise our kids nude also (now ages 4 - 10) and they have no problems with it.

A close friend I work with knows I am a nudist and has come to our house with his wife to try. He eventually brought his two kids and they took to it right away when seeing our kids naked also. The wonderful thing is kids take to it naturally and it is not as difficult as when you start it at an older age.

I am now 43 and enjoy living in a nude environment. I look forward to the end of the day when I can strip my clothes off at home and just be comfortable with nothing. Still being a swimmer, a Speedo is sometimes too much for me and I wish they still had the old days at the YMCA where swimming was done nude.

First Time 50 years or 1 month

We moved to CA when I was 33, bought a house and had a pool built. I quickly started skinny-dippin' at night. My daughter would often join me. When she left home to join the Navy I started cleaning the pool in the nude, in the daytime of course. When I was 44 my company sent us to the Bahamas to install a missile tracking station. They had a nude beach which my wife and I visited. She claimed it was nude because there were never any people on it. I started taking off my skimpy swim suit after a week or so and after about a month I just left it in the trunk of the car. One day we had walked about 3 miles down the beach and turned to go back. Around the first bend in the beach we saw 3 couples walking toward us in city clothes. It was high tide so we went into the water so they would have room to pass without getting wet. When they were even with us they asked if we lived on the island and we responded "yes." Then they barraged us with questions-what did we do for recreation, cost of living, etc? We kinda pointed at the beach, water and some nice shells we had picked up. As we got to our car one of the men asked if I wasn't sort of embarrassed being the only naked guy in a group of eight. I looked down and said "Gosh, I AM naked! You know it IS a nude beach and I would think YOU'd be embarrassed wearing clothes." Fast forward thirty years, my wife fell into fragile health and I lost her five years later. Our last serious talk she suggested I marry again and I should join a "nudist colony." After she passed I spent a miserable month and then remembered her suggestion. I printed out the free first time visitor pass and went to Glen Eden. I met many nice people, swam a lot, basked in the sun and that night I slept all night with no tears. The next week I took the motor home and dogs and went again for two nights. Again I slept like a baby all night. Guess what? The next week I joined and got a Gold Seal gate pass. I only live 17 miles so I go out about every other day and my sleepless nights have practically disappeared. So now, was I a nudist when I skinny-dipped in my own pool or on my first trip to GE?

What did you expect?

After several years of wrestling with the idea,
I finally made it to a naturist resort in beautiful Palm Springs. I was moments away from stepping outside for my first ever experience, when someone knocked on the door. Without thinking I popped it open to find a lovely but fully clothed lady standing there. Apparently she had the wrong room number. I'm proud of the fact that I didn't even flinch. Her direct eye contact was as if it was set in stone. But, when she turned to leave she really "got an eye full" as she walked away.

My first thought was something like, "Well, what did you expect, feathers?" So, with that thought in mind I went outside and began the best and most relaxing vacation I had ever had. Needless to say, I haven't looked back,
except to laugh. At that time, I became a
practicing naturist and I'm proud of it.