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Friends, Family and Nudism

How I Have Changed

Please note that I only consider myself a family nudist. I do believe in many of the naturist ideals. I just don't personally feel the need to join a club or anything.

Like all of us, I had a few nudist experiences as a kid. But, unfortunately, I was really never allowed to run around naked as a kid. I didn't understand then and I still don't understand now. However as I became a young adult I realized that nudity does not mean sex, and in many ways, is just simply relaxing.

I don't really "get social" but I see nothing wrong with it. If someone were to catch me simply naked, I would not be embarassed. I think I would be more embarassed if I was sitting half-clothed on the toilet. However, I would still love to try it some day.

Some of my friends know that I am comfortable with the idea of nudism. I would love to attend a nudist event with some of my close friends. I think it would strengthen our friendship and create lasting memories.

I am a family nudist. I like to be nude, just you probably won't see me at a nude beach. I don't think I would have a problem being nude in front of my partner, or children. I would probably allow my kids to run around nude. However I haven't had that social aspect of nudity yet. Maybe I'll try it sometime...

Being a family nudist helps me be comfortable with my body. Sometimes I think it's sad the people are uncomfortable with their own bodies. I think if nudity was commonplace, the world we be just a bit better. When I am nude, I also tend to eat a bit healthier, because when everyone (including yourself) can see what you really look like, you care about your body and yourself just a little bit more, i guess, I haven't really figured that out yet. :)

My Family Knows I Am a Nudist

When I first started going to a nudist resort in my area I did not tell any of my friends or family members about my becoming a nudist. However, I soon felt I wanted them to hear the story from me in the way I wanted to tell it and at a time that I was comfortable telling them. I did not want someone else taking that from me. I also did not want them to get the impression that I felt that I was doing something wrong of something I was ashamed of.

So one time when I was visiting one of my sisters and my Mother (along with other family members) the subject of my tanned arms and face came up. I told them that I had been going to a place where I could sit in the sun and get a tan as well as swim and I had an all-over tan (no tan lines).

My other sister found out from me sometime later and she thought it was absolutely great. Again, she would not participate in it herself but she not only accepted it but on a later visit (when the weather was warmer) invited me for a swim in her pool. The pool was in an area secluded enough so I did not need a suit even though she and her husband did wear them.

I now live in a clothing optional community where (weather permitting) I can go around nude as much as I want. Both my sisters and their husbands have visited me where I live now and are glad to see how happy I am here but while they may have told their friends and neighbors that they have visited me I really doubt if they told them about the fact that they stayed at a nudist resort.

Cultural Coincidence

It was 1957 and I was plant manager of a small company in what was becoming Silicon Valley. Rapid growth and an increasing work load had made me a less than pleasant father and husband.

My wife and I had a serious discussion of what could be done to resolve my dilemma. I harked back to my childhood experience swimming naked in San Francisco Bay with a group of boys and girls of similar ages (10-13). She was raised on a farm and had had no exposure to the joy of nude recreation.

I had read some copies of the old American Sunbathing magazine and found the location of a camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains only a few miles away. My spouse was college educated and had been in the WAC and had no objection to trying social nudism.

We called and got directions to Lupin Lodge and drove down on a Saturday morning to be certain our children would have some new playmates to enjoy. The manager enlisted a member to show us around the grounds and buildings. He concluded our tour at the smaller of the two swimming pools.

As we entered the gate around the pool we heard a surprised voice shout "Jennie?" "Hugh?" and looked down at the face of friend from our town who was also my employee. He turned away and started shouting the name of his wife, Sally. She came running excitedly from their nearby campsite because Bill had their year-old daughter in a float in the pool with him.

She, too, was amazed to see us and they began introducing us to the many friends they had made at the camp. Sally was a teacher in the school our two oldest children were attending and Jennie and I had introduced her to Bill and started their romance.

Through them we met Sol Stern, President of the ASA and his wife and many other popular social figures in nudist circles in the San Francisco Bay area. The children made many friends and looked forward to our many visits to camps as far away as Sacramento and our stays at others when we visited Southern California.

Present Nudism with Confidence and Knowledge

I knew for a long time that I enjoyed nudism before finally letting everyone know. It first came about because my parents and two young nieces accidentally caught me naked in the backyard from a distance. I managed to put shorts on before they got to me but the secret was out. I really hadn't tried to hide it, just had never admitted it to anyone.

After that I thought 'why worry about who knows?' and I even felt that nudism was such a great way of life that I wanted to spread the word to others. So after that I would casually let others know I'm a nudist when discussing things like how warm it is, how good the sun feels, soaks in the hot tub, hiking, etc.

It's really easy to just mention something like 'I've recently found out that I like hiking nude much better than clothed.' Or maybe, 'Yes, the sun feels great but I don't like tan lines so tan without clothes.'

Then, of course, they ask why I do it and other questions. My girlfriend and I have also invited others to soak nude in our hot tub or at clothing optional hot springs and even those who swore they would never get naked due to their weight, etc, have tried skinny dipping and loved it.

So we now try to tell everyone about nudism and have gotten mostly very positive feedback. My girlfriend's daughter has even stated it's fine if we are naked when she comes over (which we do now). And while recently staying with us a few days while recovering from surgery I noticed her walking down the hallway nude, so we are helping others get comfortable with their bodies.

I've even become somewhat of an activist now and started a nudist group about five years ago and do things like hosting World Naked Gardening Day in 2010. We even invited the public to join us and gained numerous new members and were on TV nude four times, as well as on the front page of the local paper.

ALL articles were very positive for the nudist lifestyle. This year, 2011, we plan on hosting WNGD again and want to host other events to further promote the positive aspects of our amazing life choice.

We're not fond of being on TV but actually find it easier when we're nude than clothed for some reason. So although we're not great public speakers we've decided we'll take it on ourselves to be the local spokespeople for nudism in our area because we believe nudism will never grow like we want if no one takes the initiative to promote it publicly.

With all this, everyone we know, knows we are nudists and only one family member had any kind of negative reaction, and she got over it in time. So I really think we worry way too much about what others will think when we announce our nudism choice to others. Just present it with confidence and knowledge and it will go fine.

If you wish to contact me you can do so through our nudist group at We are located on the western slope of Colorado and welcome new members.

When I Told Mom

I wouldn't say I grew up a nudist, but according to Mom, she "potty" trained us children by letting us run around the yard naked. We grew up in the county, so very few neighbors. So I never had any problems being nude from skinny dipping in the creek, streaking during my college days, to dropping my pants whenever I could. But it wasn't until about 10 years ago, when we experienced our "first" social nude outing, that we began to appreciated what nudism is all about.

Well, after a trip with 2 other nudist couples to Tulum, Mexico, I was showing pictures (clothed) of our trip to Mom. I did tell her that the beaches were clothing optional. Then she asked me if we went naked. It was then I told her we were nudists and showed a couple of pictures of us.

Then she said "GEORGE ROBERT,(in the South, we go by 2 I could have only gotten your DADDY to do that!" Then she told me how she would be nude when we weren't home... Love you, Mom.