The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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Getting Social


I started out as being nude around the house , we have secluded property that allowed me to be nude outside, and I loved it . Then me and my wife decided to try a resort ,and I have got to say there is nothing like it, social nudism is the best, a much relaxed place , many nice people , we have gone back time and time again to this place. And it has me in mind set that allows me to be nude all the time when possible, I love to work in the nude , swim in our pool nude, and if weather permitting being nude all the time. I just wish i would have tried this many yrs ago , the feeling of not worrying about what others think or what you think about others is refreshing, nudism to me is like a breath of fresh air you take,you are calm and at peace with yourself. I think I have found a very big piece of the pie, and also if most folks would just try this one time, I think that there would be a lot more peace in families and such. But we will always have the ones that want to tell us it's wrong and not for them, but they have not tried it, so how would they know, if they would just once try it I guarantee they would be better and more open folks, social nudity is the best there is , no pressure, no jealousy, nothing, just plain old people that do what they do, and don't care about the way they look, just down to earth people, and I can't agree more. Social nudism changed my life ,from just around the house nudism to folks that love that way of life as much as I do, more sure really try it. They would be a lot better off in my opinion.

Discovering the Truth About a Friend

About 10 years ago, my wife and I were on a vacation with a close (female) friend. We have known this friend for over 30 years, and we are quite close. We have traveled together many times over the years, and we usually rendezvous somewhere with her as we live many miles and timezones away from her.

One afternoon during that vacation, we went to a swimming pool complex (textile) and had a good time swimming and soaking in hot baths. Afterward, the ladies went off to their dressing room, and I went to mine, and when I came out, I had to wait 10-15 minutes or so for them to come out.

When they did, they were laughing about something. It turns out that in the open, communal shower, something was said by one of them about their wet suits and the other lady (neither of them can recall which of them said what) replied that it would be much better if we could have swam nude...and then their conversation apparently slid into a revelation that we, as a couple, had been enjoying varying degrees of nudism for over 15 years, and our friend revealed that she had done the same, starting when she was still married, and her husband had taken her to some nudist clubs near their home. That was around the same time as we had begun going naked around other people too!

After having a good laugh about the situation, and how careful we had all been over the years to avoid being "outed" as a nudie, we agreed that it was very nice to be out of the "nudist closet" with each other. With that, we began to plan our next vacation together -- to a nude resort.

As a single woman, she had been reluctant to go to too many nudist places, and was eager to try out more resorts where she could go naked for much or most of her vacation. We all agreed that we would all be much more comfortable being naked in the company of a close friend.

The next year, we met up and went to a nude resort together. The first few minutes of full nudity on that vacation were just a bit uneasy, but in no time at all, we were back to our normal and natural level of interaction, and we have grown closer and closer as friends since then. We all agree that it is unfortunate that we were afraid to reveal our nudist tendencies to each other long before we did...all those wasted opportunities to have been nude together.

We are currently planning our next big trip, which will include a nudist cruise. I would recommend that anyone try letting it slip out that you are a never know who might just say: "Me too!"

Nudists Much More Social

My experience tells me that nudists are much more socially oriented that clothes-ers (My original, BTW!) Since we are not self-conscious about disrobing in public, we are prone to be more outgoing and can engage in conversation with total strangers who may also be nude, but not necessarily so. Truthfully, I have never been rebuffed (no pun intended) in conversation by another nudist. I am convinced that heaven is a nudist resort!
Recently I went boating and swimming on a textile lake and thought how much more fun I would have had nude. IL2BN! (I love to be nude!)

As Often As I Can

In 1997, I acquired a book called "Living Naked And Frugal" by Paul Penhallow a.k.a. Robert A. Holm. The book exposed me to the nudist lifestyle for the first time. I thought the book was absolutely fascinating. The book listed nudist clubs all across the United States to visit, and the contact addresses of the American Association For Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society.

It took me 9 years to finally go to a nudist club because I was afraid to let anyone know that I wanted to go a nudist club. I was afraid of the criticism that I would receive from my family and friends. So, finally in 2006, I went to a nudist club for the
first time.

The nudist club is called "The Berkshire Vista Resort" located in Hancock, Massachusetts. I went there on a cold and rainy Labor Day weekend and I enjoyed the experience and vowed that I would go to nudist clubs as often as I could. Today, my favorite nudist club of choice is the Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

Getting Social

Ive been a social nudist for forty years and I make no secret of that fact so I get the same three basic concerns about people's reluctance to embrace naturism; 1)their body type 2)their religious concerns 3)job sensitivity.

First,NOBODY cares what you look like (except the people who think you look better than they do);second God created us naked and to rejoice in it (we brought shame onto ourselves);third most understandable, can you imagine how the textiles would crucify a poor school teacher if it were found he was a NUDIST!?

With the exception of the third concern I believe people can overcome their reluctance and shed their clothes and bathe in the glorious sunshine!