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Getting Social

Meeting other nudists

I have enjoyed being nude around the house since my early 20s. It really started with sleeping nude; how relaxing. Later, I began to work round the house in the nude and even cleaning my car in the nude.

Once I gained the courage I stepped outside and enjoyed the breeze. What a feeling when totally nude. I continued to become braver by hiking nude in the sand dunes. My only concern was meeting a clothed hiker and have them being offended. The feeling of the sun and breeze one oneself, while nude, is unbelievable.

I wanted to share the feelings and thoughts on being nude but didn't know anyone. My wife is not into nudity but doesn't mind too much my being nude.

I finally went to a nudist club and had no qualms about stripping out of my clothes. Walking around nude without concern is great. One day at the nudist club it was just starting to be warm but I was already nude. I have no problem talking to others, at the club, who are still clothed. That is the great part of a club; you can be nude anytime.

Although I'm not a member I have met some nice individuals. My only regret is that I didn't become a social nudist earlier.

Part 1 Lesson in Social Nudity

On March 1, 2014, I was at my favorite clothing optional area in New Mexico, Faywood Hot Springs 21 miles north of Deming, NM, just off of US Highway 180. I was camped in the clothing optional camp ground having lunch when a group of four women and three men (young people ages 20-30) came in to the area and checked out the pools.

There was no one in the optional pools so they stripped down to their shorts and sports bras and entered the warm pool. It was a cold day and the wind was blowing making it uncomfortable for total nudity, so when I finished my lunch naked in my van, I slipped my sweatshirt on, grabbed my towel and water and headed back up the short path to the wonderful natural thermal soaking pools...bottomless.

As I came up on the pool initially only my face and sweatshirt were visible and all looked, smiled and greeted me, as I got closer to the optional pool, silence and all eyes dropped to the water or looked away. I had to walk around the rim of their pool to reach the hotter one above that feeds hot water overflow into the pool that they were in, so I watched, in silence, all eyes looked away and slight surprised smiles covered their faces as they consciously ignored me.

When I reached the upper pool and removed my sweatshirt to step down into the 108 degree water, I watched and noticed the nervous silence again. Once in the hotter pool, just 25 feet away from the 103 degree pool that they were in, I listened as they began to whisper and laugh lightly. Trying to decide if they should leave the optional area and use the clothing required pools, but the cold New Mexico winds kept them in the warm water even if a naked man was in the area just a few feet up and beyond.
I smiled and listened, they whispered about nudity and several said that they could never do that. One said that she didn't see any thing wrong with it, another said "did you see his penis" and another said "didn't you know this is a nude area" and every one kind of laughed, because signs are posted on the wooden gates as you come into the area. I listened to them discuss strip clubs in El Paso and how the guys thought they're penis's were too small and they would be embarrassed, and couple of the girls were ashamed of their not so thin bodies. I listened and waited for about an hour getting in and out of the 108 degree water was necessary to control my internal body heat, so every 10 minutes or so I would exit the pool for a short time cooling my body and refilling my water bottle with the wonderful sweet spring water,.... cooled of course.... that fed the hot springs. Their conversations soon had turned away from nudity and sex and they began discussing movies and clubs in the El Paso area. I waited and when I felt it was time I emerged from the pool and grabbed towel, sandals and sweatshirt and walked down to the pool they were in. I stood there in front of them, naked all eyes except one, looked away, and I said "Hi, I was listening from the pool above."

Making Friends

My first social time was at Forest hills. Sand volleyball and the pool. First time I did put on a robe to carry my wallet to pay for lunch. Showering outdoors next to a female was no big deal. Thought of returning but thought I would check out another resort. I went to Sunshine Gardens meet another guy or two to visit there so I returned often. I even went to some winter potlucks they had which were not advertised. After a few years with my dad gone I would take my mom to Florida. I stayed the month of January with a lack of work at home and went to see what resorts were open to me. Single nonmember at this time. I was able to go to Apollo beach and Paradise Lakes.

When I went home I got my AANR membership and the next year I was able to go to Cypress Cove and a singles weekend at Lake Como witch was great and got to know them and did this every year I took mom down.

They also did a singles weekend in April so I would fly down for the weekend and drive my rental car to get mom and drive her home. With this getting me more open to social nudism again I tried Turtle Lake in MI and then soon got my membership there. I was a member 2 years then my job went bad so lack of cash I didn't renew. Have gone there but not often. I also had been to Haulover Beach and another resort north of it once.

Better Late than Never

In 2001, when I was 55, I decided to give social nudity a try. I was rejected at the local resort due to being single. I contacted another one in my home state of Michigan (Forest Hills Club), and to make a long story short was accepted as a member.

I waited for warm weather and went there for my first socially nude experience on May 1, 2001. For some unknown reason I joined AANR the previous year, which turned out to be a smart move.

My first day at the resort, I parked my car, undressed outside the car, thought "Well, here goes" and walked out to the pool area with my cooler full of water and food. I expected someone to point and laugh at my body (one area in particular), but no one paid any particular attention to me. I thought, "Hey! I LIKE this!" I settled in and made myself at home--even doing some nude painting at the resort. That first day was my also my first experience with a hot tub, and I fell in love with the hot tub that day and spent most of my time there or in the pool.

Since then I've been a member of five resorts in different states and lived in three--including the one I live in now.

I was always shy and withdrawn, and social nudity has helped to bring me out of my shell. I've been accepted and well-liked at every resort where I've been.

I was once embarrassed to be seen nude, and now I don't care who sees me nude. All my life I've enjoyed being nude but usually alone--except for an occasional nude time with a brother or neighbor boys as a child.

I LOVE living in a nudist resort where clothes are optional, and I can leave my windows uncovered and walk out of my RV nude and not be afraid of someone calling the police.

People have told me, "I would love to live in a nudist resort, but I can't afford it." Apparently, they never compared the cost of living in a nudist resort to the cost of living elsewhere. I've found that living in a nudist resort is a LOT cheaper than living in a textile neighborhood, and the benefits are unbelievable!

We have two swimming pools, a hot tub, tennis courts, a bar for those who like to drink, a small restaurant, and over 500 acres inside the resort with thousands of acres outside the resort where one can roam nude. Most of area outside the resort, though, is only for the rugged and strong--which I'm not at nearly 66.

As a Christian, I've learned that this lifestyle is very compatible with my beliefs--despite what most churches teach.

I absolutely HATE wearing clothes and LOVE being nude. I only wear clothes when it's too cold for nudity or when I have to leave the resort, and then I wear only the bare minimum. When someone sees me wearing clothes in the resort, they comment on that since they're not used to seeing me dressed.

Even if in the future I move out of here and to a textile area, I will only buy a place that is secluded so that I can continue to be nude as much as possible. I would prefer to have my own property instead of paying someone rent to park my RV.

Social Nudity

I was in a family of nudist so being nude around each other was no problem. Even traveling to friends and other family members' house was no problem when growing up. My parents took us to nude beaches, parks, and resort all the time and I love them. I only became nervous as I got older. I have a lot of tattoos and even though they are not offensive I felt other naturists would feel this would be a covering. I also have piercings as well.

My husband and I went to nude resorts and I shed my clothes and nothing. Everybody was still nice and treated me so well. After that it didn't bother me. I love going walking, laying, and swimming on nudist beaches.

I am happy more blacks are coming out to join us. For the longest time my family would be the only ones. Even today my husband and I are sometimes the only ones at the parks and resorts and beaches. But I love it and tell people I still travel nude over my friends' house. I love to have small get-togethers. we take our clothes off and fun!