The Power of Naked

For several years AANR sent a contingent of members from across the country to Washington, D.C. to “stump the hill,” a slang term for lobbying congress for our rights.  One of those times, several of the AANR folks met in the Longworth Building cafeteria.  None of us was shy about expressing why we were in Washington. At one point, several strangers pointed out a newly installed vending machine that didn’t even have its own corner yet.  It was the first time that I had seen “Naked Juice Smoothies” being marketed and, of course, it called for a photo – even if I did have to keep my shirt on!
A few years later, it now seems that just about everything you can think of is marketed using the words naked, bare, or nude!  This year AANR members James Futterer and his wife, Sheila Brown, have been on a personal crusade to find as many of these items as possible and send me a photograph each time.  The first one was taken at the Natural Grocers in St. George, Utah.  
I have no idea where the others may have been taken, but enjoy a bit of visual display.  And I am quite certain that James and Sheila have not exhausted the supply!  Keep your eyes open and find the Power of Naked yourself.

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