Fun with Photography

The Bulletin is having a photo contest and there are cash prizes. The suggestions for what could be photographed have two things in common-they involve nudist activities and they involve fun.

Have you come home from a picnic, a child's sporting competition, or another activity that was fun, only to realize the only way of reliving the experience is in your memory? Have you wanted to share the fun with Aunt Bessie in Timbuktu but can only speak of it? Memories fade and the details of fun events of your life disappear. Let photography keep those memories fresh.

I became interested in photography over 40 years ago. Recording the adventures of my growing family and being able to recall and recreate the fun was the incentive for me to buy a new 35 mm camera. Later I added a VHS camera to record my kids' sports activities. For the next few years I shot many rolls of film and then waited anxiously to relive the fun event. Evenings were spent viewing the latest batch of photos. The VHS was better-we could relive the fun immediately. I still view those images occasionally to travel back nostalgically. Unfortunately, over the years life got in the way of my photography and I drifted away from creating a permanent record of the fun in my life. It's a big regret that there is a 25-year gap in my family's photographic history.

About five years ago I rediscovered still photography. I again began photographing family gatherings and sporting events involving my grandchildren. I started with a simple point and shoot camera that produced sharp images that could be printed and shared with friends, family and my own fading memory. Over time I have upgraded my equipment to provide more flexibility, but the basic premise remains the same-I can permanently record the significant and memorable fun events in my life.

So what do I photograph? Anything I want to remember-anything fun. This includes:

  • A history of my kids' and grandchildren's favorite activities. I never tire of following the stars of those photos.
  • A trip to see wild horses in their natural habitat. Being able to watch them in the wild is a special memory.
  • The Zoo. Observing a variety of exotic (and often endangered) animals close up is an experience that would be cost prohibitive otherwise.
  • Nudist activities. Yes it's possible to photograph nudist activities. Most clubs have rules (often strict) about using cameras-make sure you follow them. The rules don't exclude all opportunities, though. Photographing hikes away from the main camp, nude activities off grounds or being an events photographer are a few ways to document your nudist fun. Some clubs even have photo clubs.

Does it take expensive equipment to take good pictures? Absolutely not! Most cell phones are capable of creating excellent photos. Photography is not a traditional nudist activity but it is something we can all do at the nudist park or when having nude fun with other activities. Why not add a camera to your nudist activity bag and find chances to share your experiences? Who knows, you might be the winner of one of The Bulletin prizes

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