How I "Corrupted" My Husband

"But perhaps most importantly, he totally gets it... why nudism has been so important to me."

When anyone asked my husband Alvaro Suescun, how he became a nudist, he loved to tell people “my wife corrupted me."'s true.  Yes I was a nudist long before I met my husband.  And yes, I did introduce Alvaro to nudism.  But the amazing part is that after not too much time, Alvaro went from "she corrupted me" to becoming a vocal advocate for nudism.

So here's how it happened!  A relationship with a nudist boyfriend had ended and then I met Alvaro: the consummate gentleman, the proverbial tall, dark and handsome Latino, and a great dancer.  Over time our relationship cemented. When we began making serious plans for our future, I confessed there was one thing missing – I was a nudist and I really missed the friends and the life I had so enjoyed.  To my great surprise and delight, he said..."It wouldn't be a problem."  So with lightening speed, I contacted two very good nudist friends and planned a weekend at Berkshire Vista in Hancock, Massachusetts.

The weekend came and it was time for Alvaro to make his grand debut from our room.  With no hesitation, he put on his sandals, threw a towel around his neck, and walked out the door.  Soon he was talking to folks he met along the way to the pool (nudists being the friendliest people on earth.)  When they asked how long he was a nudist, he proudly told them "About 15 minutes" or "Since this morning."  When they discovered that his future wife was the long-standing nudist, the frequent response was, "How unusual."  And he would reply, "Yup, she corrupted me."

Our next trips brought us to Solair in Woodstock, Conneticut, a place I had visited many years before and fell in love with.  When I asked if we could buy a cabin, Alvaro initially resisted...saying, "I don't want it to become our life." Of course, I reassured him we would only come occasionally.  But I knew that once he got to know people, made friends, and got involved, his attitude would change.  And guess what....

Fast forward to today.  We've been Solair/AANR members for 14 years.  Alvaro is the first one out of the door to camp.  He participates in pickleball, tennis, swimming, shuffleboard, volleyball, bocce ball, horseshoes, and he volunteers for camp projects.  He tells the world we're nudists and gets very defensive at any suggestion that there's anything wrong with this.  He can also expound upon how nudism is fun, safe (especially for kids), and family-friendly. Listening to him talk about the virtues of nudism with his charming Colombian accent is even more endearing.  But perhaps most importantly, he totally gets it... why nudism has been so important to me. And his ability to wholeheartedly embrace and share this together has greatly enhanced our relationship.

P.S. I have also "corrupted" grandchildren, friends and colleagues, and I intend to continue! 

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