Anyone who has been around me for even a short period of time is well aware that my two passions in life are traveling and wearing nothing. My most recent trip involved a cruise in a small ship along the Dalmatian Coast, and, as usual, I looked for opportunities to feed that second passion as well.
One morning in the ship’s lounge I picked up a copy of the Adriatic Times, a weekly publication for the tourists to that area. Thank goodness it is written in English, and I could enjoy skimming it while I had a cup of hot chocolate. Much to my surprise, when I reached page 36 the headline jumped off the page.  “10 most beautiful nudist and naturist beaches in Dalmatia.” I quote the introduction:
“Thousands of island, islets and rocks scattered all over the Adriatic are an ideal place to enjoy seclusion, quiet and a complete merger with nature. This is a particular aspiration for those who are reminded of civilization by the least clothing on them and do want to get rid of the last pieces even though they may be just mini bikinis or thongs.”
More than that, three of them I had been near or was able to view from a distance. Remember, this was the end of November, and the only way I could enjoy them was completely nude under my parka!
The first one was near the island of Korčula which is a beautiful island with a gorgeous, walled Old Town. The beach, called Proizd, is described in the Adriatic Times: “Just like most of the beaches used by nudists, Proizd is located in a secluded place of the uninhabited island at the entrance to Vela Luca. The shady gravel coast is ideal for enjoying sea entertainment in an incredibly clear sea.” Although I had no way to get to the small island, I paid homage to it by taking my glove off and putting my naked hand into the Adriatic Sea!
At the second one, I got close enough to find the sign pointing to it. We were on a wine tasting outing to Vrboska and my trip mates could hardly wait to point out the sign that pointed to the only official nudist campsite in Central Dalmatia.  It is on the island of Hvar and one kilometer from the winery where we tasted the wine. The big decision was wine, or a short walk to a pebbly, nudist beach that was closed for the winter. I chose the wine.
The final one I saw was through pouring rain from above the city of Dubrovnik — you know, the city whose old walls were used in filming Game of Thrones for TV. It is on the island of Lokrum, which is about a 10-minute boat ride from the port of Dubrovnik. The Adriatic Times described the beach “as if it had escaped from the canvas of an artist with its intact natural beauty.”
Would I have preferred to be on the Dalmatian Coast when it was warm enough to go to all 10 best nudist beaches in the proper uniform? Not really, because I am told that the streets of the lovely, little towns are elbow-to-elbow tourists during the high season. If I could simply drop (gently) onto a beach and enjoy the warm sea and the sunny weather, it would be a privilege.  But just thinking about it is a pleasure, because the Europeans are so much more accepting of nudity than the U.S. is. I dream not only of warmth, but of that kind of acceptance for our nudist venues here. 
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