Many First Times

We often read stories about “my first skinny-dip,” “my first nude beach experience,” and other first times of nudism. When I was asked to write this column, I realized I’ve had many “first-times.”  Indulge me in this trip down memory lane to relive a few of them and remember the fun that came with them.


I became interested in nudism before knowing what nudism was all about – I just knew I was happiest with no clothes. When still in grade school, I would seize opportunities to be nude – always when there was no chance I’d get caught. I remember coming home from school when I had the house to myself and stripping down to watch TV. There was nothing titillating about the experience – I was just more comfortable that way. This was my first experience with being nude and having fun – albeit pretty tamely.


The 1970s created my first opportunity for public nudity – streaking. Personally, I picked places where the chances of getting caught was low, such as barbeques or country hikes.  Although I loved being naked, I feared the consequences of being seen.


My nudist activities took a long break when I got out of college. I was married with a family, and my wife was not a nudist so there was pressure to keep my clothes on. I enjoyed the few opportunities when the family was out, but I couldn’t be naked for extended periods without creating a major rift in the household.

Then, we moved to an acreage. There, I first experienced the joys of free walking.  Having a dog meant that I had an excuse to go out, and the privacy of the valley meant that I could spend hours walking nude through pastures and wooded areas, and even go skinny-dipping in the river – another first.


It was then that I started looking for opportunities for social nudity. I had recently come out of the nudist closet and was openly expressing my enjoyment of the nudist experience –at least verbally. I took to the internet and discovered both The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN). Through AANR, I found a local club (Sunny Chinooks) and through them I went to my first nude swim. That was in the spring of 2004 and I have been a member of AANR and an active social nudist ever since.


There have been many more firsts since then. My first visit to a nude beach at Wreck Beach in Vancouver, my first AANR-West Canadian Convention at Sol Sante, my first AANR Midwinter Meeting at Cypress Cove, my first time at a nude beach while on vacation at Eden Bay in the Dominican Republic, and the first time I hosted a nude house party.  Nude firsts occur every time I attend another nudist event.  Every “first nude experience” leads to the same feelings – body acceptance of myself and others, a feeling of self-confidence, a sense of doing something healthy and, most importantly, a belief that I am doing what I was meant to do.

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