My Final Frontier

In the middle of January I stepped onto my last and seventh continent—Antarctica. Of course, it was summer in the southern hemisphere and the temperatures were a balmy 25 to 40 degrees. Even the penguins were wearing nothing more than their little tuxedos. In fact, one day I managed to make my adventure a nude cruise!

As many of you who travel for fun know, the first few days of any group journey is spent in getting to know your fellow travelers. Most trip mates tell the group where they live, what they do/did for a living and where they have traveled in the past. Although the information is mildly interesting and soon forgotten by most, I have a sure-fire way to make certain that I am remembered: I divulge that I own and operate a nudist club. As soon as the fellow travelers are positive that they heard me correctly, the questions begin.

Aboard the Corinthian II, a double hulled icebreaker, almost 100 passengers and nearly as many crew were completely fascinated and continued to ask all of the usual questions. Although they were basically a captive audience, I found, like Mark Twain noted, that "travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." The questions were genuine and the responses were well received. Virtually no one rejected me or refused to sit in the bar and visit with me. Clearly, I was the ambassador of the day for nude recreation and I took full advantage of it. don't have to be on a cruise to the bottom of the world to speak up for nudism.

When I proposed a photo shoot, I got a beach towel from housekeeping (who knew why I wanted it), a place to disrobe (that was somewhat out of the brisk breeze), a "You don't have to be place to stand near the rail of deck number six, and the cooperation of an excellent photographer. By then, I was just another friend with a slightly different attitude toward body acceptance. The shoot went off without a hitch.

But you don't have to be on a cruise to the bottom of the world to speak up for nudism. Almost always, whether on an airplane, a train or a boat, a conversation can be had about what you do for fun and why you enjoy it. Most fellow travelers will show curiosity and if you just give honest answers, one more person will be educated about nudism. Try it, I think you will find it fun and rewarding! n

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