My Red Dress

I am a lovely, fiery, red chiffon dress. When I was first created, I dreamed of being taken on a cruise and worn for the Captain's Dinner. I dreamed of getting twirled around as I danced next to my owner's beau. Then I got purchased by, um, a nudist.

I got hung in the closet, fearful that my dream was just that, a dream. I never got taken out for a dance at Oaklake Trails. My owner preferred to wear cute little socks and a sparkly headband and nothing else. I couldn't imagine why she had even bought me.

"My owner loves being nude too much to really appreciate me"

Then, one day, she took me out and packed me very carefully in a large suitcase. I got bounced around as the suitcase was loaded onto an airplane. It was really cold in the baggage compartment, but I had a few other things tucked around me to help keep me warm. But I had no idea where I was going.

I heard someone say "Orlando" and "Cypress Cove," but had no clue what that meant. I got taken from the suitcase and hung on a small rack in what appeared to be a small bedroom. Hmmm. But, once again, my owner took off all her clothes, picked up a towel and trotted out the door. You mean there are places besides Oaklake Trails where this could happen? If pretty, little, bright, red dresses could cry, this would have been the time.

A few days later I was back in the suitcase and headed on another journey—but to where? We seemed to be on a bus, then out of the bus, then in a cabin on a big boat. Big boat. Could this be a cruise ship? Was my dream coming true? This cruise included Valentine's Day. What a perfect outing for a red dress. Then someone said "Bare Necessities" and I just knew that we'd landed in another place where my owner could go nude.

But the night of the Valentine's Day dinner, I came off the hanger and was put on, along with the fancy jewelry that matches me. Were we really going to dance? Oh, I so hoped. But alas, I only got worn to the Valentine's Day dinner in the main dining room. My owner could not help twirling me around, even if it wasn't on the dance floor.

My owner loves being nude too much to really appreciate me. I do admit to enjoying several more Valentine's Day dinners over the years, and my owner has met some wonderful people on many cruises. Maybe, just maybe, it is because she was wearing a fiery, red, chiffon dress!

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