NakationTM Time

With the beginning of spring, you probably are thinking of flowers, blue skies, sunshine, and doing something fun outdoors. I encourage you to start looking at your calendar and making plans to spend some time revitalizing your spirit by taking your clothes off. Now is the time to start planning your weekends and summer vacation by spending it in the nude. 
If you are anything like most nudists, once you have visited a nudist club or beach by experiencing the fun and friendship of other nudists your future weekends and vacations will be Nakations™. Most AANR clubs have extensive activities throughout the summer with an assortment of activities for everyone to keep you coming back. 
My family and I have been members of Mountain Air Ranch for the past 27 years and every year there is a new calendar of events with something for everyone to do. One of our newest events was a three-day weekend of Carnival to honor the summer Olympics.
The most significant element of Carnival are the elaborate costumes that are painstakingly handmade. The Carnival is all about dressing up, and it doesn’t matter how underdressed you are. The costumes were one of the key elements of the golf cart parade and the weekend. Three tribes were formed to create comradery along with competitiveness. 
“Look Up” Volleyball, a first-time Ranch event, was filled with laughter and screams, as the three-foot diameter ball came floating across the tarped net. The Bocce Ball Tournament had timed games and rotating team members from the tribes. Many people were first-time players in a longtime Ranch event. A steel pan band started the Poolside Fête off with Caribbean music. Fête food was served throughout the weekend honoring the Carnival theme. The Poolside Fête had multiple bands playing throughout the weekend and a 13-foot tall puppet danced among sunbathers on lounge chairs. One of my favorite activities during the weekend are the therapeutic mud baths. Different colored mud is applied to the body and then dried by the sun. There is warm water to rinse the mud off, and plush towels to dry off complete the experience. This is just a few of the creative activities held at one of the many AANR clubs. 
As your searching for that perfect activity for your nude experience, remember your AANR membership can save you money during your travels. By going to AANRs member sign in page you can locate coupon codes for car rentals and flowers. These codes are good all year and can easily save you more money in one use than your AANR membership dues for one year. Just another reason to be an AANR member! So get out your calendar and start planning your Nakation™. 

Taken from the AANR Monthly Bulletin, "Across the Board" brings information and thoughts from the Governing Board of AANR to you. The Board values your membership and wants to make sure that it is doing what is right for the members and clubs. The first step is good two-way communication.