The Fun Of Fatherhood

I’ll never forget the mix of feelings that I had when my first child was born. I was in absolute awe of the delivery. I was nervous with anticipation. I needed to be strong and encouraging for my wife. I was beaming with happiness and pride. I truly understood what it meant to have a “flood of feelings.”

When the doctor laid our first son into my wife’s awaiting arms, I immediately recognized the physical features of the both of us in him—my ears, her cheeks, my hair, her feet. We both just stared at him and fully took in the moment. Then, after letting it all sink in, I remember having the comical thought: “What am I supposed to do with this little guy?”

Well, it didn’t take long for my imagination to kick in, and I began thinking of all the fun things that we would eventually do together when he was old enough—father and son things, family things, teaching and learning things. Fifteen months later, our second son was born and I found myself having the exact same flood of feelings and thoughts at his birth. Now I had two guys that I could do fun things with!

My own father got to spend some fun time with the boys, too, before lung cancer took him from us while they were still in diapers. I can still picture him clearly as he took one of his evening walks, pushing a stroller into the sunset like a cowboy who was happier behind a baby buggy than on a horse. It taught me a lot about the preciousness of life, the shortness of time, and the importance of a father to his children.

Including nude recreation in our father-and-sons fun time was a no brainer. There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors, the pool, camping, or an outdoor barbecue than being only in your skin. As my sons got older, I was able to use some of those times to talk to them about respecting the bodies of others, health, morality, and about authentic manhood. We still have these talks today. For some reason, it’s often easier to discuss the deep issues of life when you’re having a good time, and being nude lends to the transparency of the conversation.

My sons are only teenagers right now, so fatherhood for me is in an early stage. I probably still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I am glad that nudism has given me a better platform for teaching my sons about life as well as a safe environment to be authentic with them and to have fun walking through life together. Further down the road, in my own golden years, I want to be like my dad walking into the sunset and pushing my grandkids in their stroller. The only difference is that I’ll be doing it in my birthday suit. Happy Father’s Day, fellow dads!

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