The Spirit Of Fun At Sea

"Smell the sea, and feel the sky let your soul and spirit fly." -Van Morrison

Seven days at sea on a Bare Necessities nude cruise… it’s hard to invent or find more fun squeezed into each and every day. But this kind of fun is like having ice cream for every meal. It’s very tasty, but even the best ice cream can get tiring if you eat nothing else.

Although I enjoy sampling from the smorgasbord of indulgences offered at such a venue, I get a deeper satisfaction from activities that require a more complex effort, something that forces me to stretch my capabilities. An endeavor that provides new understanding.

I lined up such an activity for last February’s cruise, presenting Nudism in a Nutshell: a History of Nudism in the United States. This required months of advance preparation and practice and provided a great deal of both satisfaction and relief upon its successful delivery. (It was so well attended and enjoyed that I will present it again on Bare Necessities’ 2016 February cruise.)

But wait, there’s more! Like the other passengers, I signed up for activities and seminars, including a series of on-board theatre classes. While I chose to participate just to try something new, I was totally unprepared for the effect it had on me.

The classes weren’t unusual as theatre study goes… at least I don’t think so. One of the prominent features was delivering monologues to others in the class, culminating with a performance for a wider group of passengers. Due to time constraints, we read rather than memorized our monologues—fortuitous, as it turns out because memorization is not my forté!

The marvelous part of this experience was accessing the emotions that matched the character and the script’s situation, and using one’s body—posture, gestures, countenance, and vocal delivery—as a conduit for that emotion’s expression. For me, it was as if a door opened and something I hardly recognized—a naked and exposed essence—stepped into view for a few moments then, when the monologue completed, that something returned inside and closed the door. Was this me? Or was it just something I could do? Perhaps that’s the mystery and the allure of participating in theatre.

All I know is that I’m still having fun thinking about it… and about doing it again.

A special thanks to Bare Oaks Players, the class instructors. Kudos, especially, to instructor Karen Grant—theatre guru, coach extraordinairé, and also President of FCN/FQN.


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