The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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Nudism & Health

It Was Always "Natural"

My experience with being nude started really at birth and ever since. My Parents weren´t nudists but, living in Holland, it is the norm. Then we came to Canada. At the tender age of 6, I remember Mom just letting us go nude at the lake all the time. I always thought the other kids were strange wearing bathing suits.

Why? As time went on my brother and I would always be nude at the house, even when there were guests of Mom and Dad's around. Of course they came from the old country. As I got older I always went hiking nude. Sure, we ran across people out in the woods, but they stared and we continued on.

As a adult now I go to the resorts that have non-clothing options. I guess I feel the opposite from those who feel great when they take off their clothes. I feel normal when I feel the warmth of the sun, or the feel of sand or leaves on my skin. I love it when
the waves of the ocean hit you and you feel every thing. The best part is when you are nude with others; there is true fellowship with them. You see all of them as they are with nothing to hide.

I think the whole world should be nude. After all isn't that how it started in the beginning?

Bare Buns

In 1986, I was on a business trip to California and I had heard Black's Beach was in the area so I decided to find it and check it out. It is north of San Diego not too far off I5. The beach is at the bottom of a tall cliff that runs a fair piece of the coast in that area and you got to the beach by going down a somewhat torturous hand-hewn path in the cliff. The beach itself is rather narrow but stretches for some distance on either side of the entrance to the path.

It was a weekday so there weren't a lot of people, some couples but mostly men; still, they were all naked. I doffed my clothes and except for my fair hide looked almost like a native. It was refreshing as I walked along the water's edge which was surprisingly cold. In fact, there weren't many people in the water and those that were didn't stay in long. The few people around didn't pay me any mind, this was reassuring and I soon got over my initial shyness.

I stayed about an hour on the beach and found out that the California sun is very unforgiving to redheads, I got a nasty sunburn, especially in places that hadn't seen much sun before.

In 1975 I bought a sailboat and quickly found that sailing offers many opportunities to to go bare buns to the wind. I do it as often as I can and have been fortunate in that my lady friends like to do it also. Unfortunately, while they don't mind going nude sailing, they've been reluctant to do it in any other venue. Those who have joined me on my boat in the nude can attest that nude sailing is a very pleasant experience. Everyone should try it, it's the only way to sail.

When I First Became a Nudist

I remember well when I had my first nudist experience. I was running down the street outside my home in San Antonio, Texas. My diaper fell off at age three and the rest is history.

Since then I have enjoyed the outdoors, swimming, sports, martial arts, you name it as a nudist. That means 61 years of absolute joy and freedom.

Part of Every Good Day

Our back yard pool was the place where I first experienced nude recreation.

It was a warm summer day. I took off my suit and went skinny-dipping for the first time. I felt natural and free and alive.

Since then, every day I'm able to be naked outside is a very good day. It could be a stroll through our garden in the cool air of dawn, lying in the warm sun, being in the yard in the still of the evening with a full moon shining on me, or taking a dip in a cool mountain stream or lake on a visit to the wilderness.

Being naked is being more at one with nature, more at home as a human being, more myself.

Getting Healthy in the Nude

In my early twenties, I used to bike 100 miles at a time, run 7 miles a day, and play basketball until it was too dark to see. But after a couple of decades of marriage, starting a business, and being chained to a life of fast food and fluorescent lights, I had let myself go. I was overweight and exhausted.

About 2004 I decided I had enough of hiding behind my clothes. Determined that I was not going to an early grave, I began slowly changing my lifestyle.

I got on my bicycle after over 10 years of not riding at all. The first few rides were hellish, and doing 10 miles nearly killed me. Little by little I worked up to longer rides, to the point where I was riding 2000 miles per year, more than I would do in my twenties. This gave me enormous self-satisfaction.

Having always been a nudist at heart, I slowly began peeling away the layers, such as riding my bike without a shirt, and walking around the house nude (we are now empty nesters). Finally I started attending local nude swims in the winter, harkening back to the days in the 60s when I used to swim nude with my friends at the YMCA, and skinny-dipping in ponds and lakes.

My wife was supportive, and one day she decided to try a day at an AANR club, which ultimately led to us becoming members of Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat in Peebles, Ohio, and we absolutely love the nudist/naturist life. She's always the first one to take off the clothes.

We walk, hike, swim, play games, and get the sunshine, fresh air and exercise that our bodies so badly need.

Is nudism/naturism the answer to better health? Not entirely, of course. It takes some regular exercise and sensible eating. We made the conscious decision not to get a golf cart, which forces us to walk back and forth from our campsite to the pool, pavilion and bathhouse, pulling our cart filled with cooler, towels, chairs and whatever else is needed for the day. We drink moderately, and after watching two parents waste away from tobacco addiction, we don't smoke at all.

For my wife and I, it's not so much about weight loss as it is about feeling good and generally looking better. We don't own a bathroom scale and we don't count calories.

In mid-July I turned 57 years old. At Cedar Trails, when some friends learned that it was my birthday, they told both my wife and I that they would not have been able to guess that we were that old. Needless to say it's always great to hear a compliment, and when we got back home I began digging through photos of myself from a decade ago, and was somewhat shocked to see how much healthier I looked. That's what prompted me to write about this.

I still feel I have a long way to go, but over the past 8 years I have gotten happier and healthier. Everyone wants to look good, and that's fine, but better health should be everyone's goal. We live in a society where we are led to believe that a magical pill can cure just about everything that ails you, when the truth is that people need to change their lifestyles.