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Nudist & Proud

Nudist for Life

My first experience as a nudist was at home. But as time went on...I grew interested in crossing the threshold and experiencing nudism outdoors. I began chatting with other nudists on Yahoo and made some great friends. My first excursion was at Hippie Hollow in Austin, Texas. Through one of my Yahoo friends...we met at Hippie Hollow. I was nervous but ready to take the plunge. Ever since my first experience...I have decided to be a naturist for the rest of my days. It gives me a sense of peace and tranquility. I am also a Christian and it keeps me closer to my Lord Jesus Christ as God intended. Being a naturist is one of the best decisions of my life.

Nudist and Proud

I have been a nudist for several years. My wife was also a nudist. You can read our story in the First time experence. I also have stories in the Nude Traveler, Getting Social and Friends, Family & Nudism columns.

Since my wife died I sold our house in California and bought a house in Nevada. I bought a RV and drove to the east coast and mid-west where I have family. I usually spend about about six weeks traveling. During this time I would visit nudist resorts. In my travels I managed to visit 37 nudist resorts during the six trips I took. I enjoyed visiting these Resorts. I didn't find one I couldn't recommend. Age has put an end to my travels.I'm going to miss the travels, but will still visit the closest resort a few times during the good weather.

I really enjoy the nudist lifestyle.

A Nwe Journey

I Spent a lot of time nude from the age of around 15 or 16. I never told any one till i was in my early 20s and never considered myself as a nudist till a friend introduced me to some one saying "This is Michael, he's a Nudist". Until just recently I have only told those close to me and have been quite careful who i chose to tell about my lifestyle. I began to grow tired of hiding it and grouping facebook posts and the like, so I decided this year in 2012 to just reveal my lifestyle publicly via social networking. I have subsequently modified my profiles on my pages to reflect who i am and am now free to express the things Ive always loved so much.

I haven't met with any negative response from any of my family or friends and the ones that already knew praised me for letting it all out. It is a tremendous relief and now I can actively take part in public events (Something which I felt I could not do before without somebody finding out) and help grow nudisim.

It's interesting that now I have revealed all, I have begun to make so many new nudist friends after searching for nearly 20 years. It is like the universe has opened up to me and my family.My wife is not a nudist but joins in the activity when the circumstances are right such as a nude swim night at the local pools or skinny dipping with friends in our pool or a friends spa. I always joke and tell her she may think she will never be a nudist but she has the mentality of one so by default she is a nudist. may be one day she will realize and say to her self "hmmm, may be I am"


Nude Living

Both me and wife Go nude 24/7 indoors and we also
go to nude beaches and nudist camp. We just came back from vacation where we stayed at a nude resort & spa. We enjoy going nude 24/7

Barefoot and Nude

I'm barefoot and nude 24/7 and it's fantastic. It's feels good doing everything nude.

No more clothes restricting my movements. The only time I wear clothing is when I have errands to run.

It's nice to be nude 24/7. I have found out that being nude I feel younger plus I'm more relaxed and stress free.

I'm a member of The Naturist Society, AANR, and also registered on the Community Forum on