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Nudist & Proud

Home Nudist

My name is Keith, I've been a closet nudist to my parents for 30 yrs. I have talked to them about nudity, and so far they aren't interested. They do not like to be naked any longer than it takes to get into other clothes. I first discovered nudity at about 10-11 yrs.old, since then every chance I got I would go nude as long as I could. I'm going to talk again with them soon, and show them some things about nudity that may help change their minds about nudity, at least when their at their house.

Nude is Awesome

Nudism is awesome! As I type this right now I have no clothes on. Which is awesome. Being nude is much better than having clothes on. Every night I sleep with no clothes which is cool and awesome! I just wish I could go to a nude only spa or nude only hotel. I can't wait to have my own house for I can be nude all the time.

Pacific Northwest Nudism

As a teen living in New Orleans, for a year I found the weather too hot and sticky for clothes, but I could only be nude in the privacy of my own bedroom. Years later I was back living in Washington State and discovered the unofficial nude beach at the Evergreen State College. I went there as often as possible and enjoyed tanning nude in the open air.

I wanted more and joined Forest Murmurs (which since has closed) and then began producing public access TV promoting social nudism and my own religious views (biblical) on nudism. This was how I "came out" to my family, since the local newspaper interviewed me and my parents read about me when the article was published.

Since then I have continued being an extremely open and vocal promoter of the nudist lifestyle and never keep my choice of non-clothed living a secret.

Happy To Be Nude

I love to take walks early in the mornings on weekends. So last summer I decided to be brave I went out for a walk without a thing on, it was exhilarating to have the morning air blow on my naked body. I have done this even in the snow & heavy downpours during those downpours I have taken a shower in them, the warm rain feels so good. I rarely wear clothing when I go anywhere I am a Nudist & I AM Proud to be one. :)

First Time

I am proud my mother was a home nudist. I learned respect for other people's feelings going nude when 12-years-old at the beaches and also in resorts. Being nude is paradise and freedom others just dream about. Nudist are the best listeners and best friends in the world. We need more nude beaches in Florida and a hotel on the east coast to go to with AANR standards enforced. Being nude is very natural. I love being nude all the time.