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Nudist & Proud

Shell Beach, St Barts

When we stopped at St Barts on our nude cruise, we walked to shell beach where we spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and surf.


My first real experience was at a club in CT. I was 28, and my wife was a little skeptical but within half an hour she was nude. We made great friends, and I truly loved the nudist lifestyle.

We have been to Paradise, Lake Como and are members of a resort in Massachusetts; everywhere we go the people have been great.

Better Now Than Never, Best Choice I Ever Made

Growing up, I was never the popular kid in school. I didn't have many friends, I was always skinny growing up, and I used to feel so horrible about myself. But also with me being uncircumcised, I thought I could never consider myself sexy, and felt for the longest time that I was a failure in life. The one thing I lacked in my life was CONFIDENCE.

To get through college, I was tight on money. I had the hardest time trying to find a job. Well, I looked on the job openings board online at my college, and I noticed an opening for a "Nude Model" for an art class. I knew how insecure I truly was with myself, and I was sick of it. I had had it being the outcast who felt like this life had truly no meaning and he could never be sexy.

So at first, I just acted as though I was confident, I pretty much faked it. When I applied for the position, I told my future boss that I had taken art classes in school before, and nudity was nothing I couldn't handle. Best decision, because I did end up getting hired. Afterwards, I started taking notice of various pieces of artwork around my college, and noticed, hey all these people are naked in these sculptures and statues and paintings.

And soon enough, modeling just became easier and easier because I finally felt I was confident enough with my body that I'm not afraid to show it off. Now I love being naked.

And just recently, after reading something about raising awareness about social nudity, I had a fiscal epiphany in my mind, and thought I wanna give it a try. I read about a young guy's experience about how he went for a job interview at a nudist camp and realized that he truly liked it.

So I just tried it one night, I slept naked. Best sleep I'd gotten in a while. Then the next night I stripped down and just sat around like I normally would on a Saturday night and watch TV, and I was surprised how great and relaxed I felt (my body free as a bird and able to breathe, it felt good), it was the most comfortable I was in a long time. I loved it so much, I did it again the next night.

So I started a blog and shared it on Facebook and soon started interacting with fellow nudists, and realized how much they truly love it and how much I truly loved it too. Finally I decided, I liked it so much, why not just be naked all the time? I love it, I'm proud to officially call myself a nudist now! I am truly the happiest and most relaxed now that I ever been; best decision I ever made.

Love to be Nude

Writing about this experience demonstrates that I love nudism. I have always like to be nude but really, after working around the house realized how enjoyable it is. Later I started to spend time hiking nude in the dunes or other secluded areas but concerned about offending other "clothed" hikers. I also like to sunbathe nude in the yard which works since there is a tall fence.

As time went on I wanted to go somewhere I could hike and enjoy nudity without being concerned about hikers or neighbors. So I decided to go to a nudist club (Forest Hills). After arriving there and checking in I immediately went to my car and stripped off my clothes. The feeling of the breeze and knowing I could walk anywhere, without concern, was great.

I was able to talk to other nudists and enjoy the experience. This year I talked for about two hours with one of the club members. We were sitting on her deck and having a pleasant conversation.

I enjoy nudism and social nudism is fantastic!


Hello everyone, my first experience as a nudist was at home. As time went on...I grew interested in crossing the threshold and experiencing nudism outdoors.

I began chatting with other nudists on Skype and Facebook, and made some great friends. I was nervous at some outdoor spots but was ready to take the plunge. Ever since my first experience...I have decided to be a naturist for the rest of my days. Being a naturist is one of the best decisions of my life.

Love to be nudist.