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The Nudist Traveler

A Little Bit of Everything

We like to take long road trips and mix it up. Last summer we flew to California and immediately went up to Laguna Del Sol where the people and facilities were excellent. While in the area we visited a military base I was stationed at in my younger years. From there we went to San Francisco for two nights staying on Nob Hill. We then flew to Las Angeles and immediately headed out to the Desert Sun Resort in Palm Springs for 2 nights followed by two nights in San Diego by Old Town.

Then we were off to DeAnza Springs in Jacumba for 2 nights and the great Skinny-Dip. After this we finished the trip with 3 nights at Disneyland including the MLB All-Star Parade.

When we travel we like to get the best of both worlds, nudist and textile, and it makes for a very enjoyable trip. We are doing the east coast again this coming summer which will include White Tail Resort, Savannah, St. Augustine, Disney World, Cypress Cove, Paradise Valley and Valley Forge.

Curacao & Bonnaire

I was introduced to the above two sites by friends from our clothing optional pool, Sky Farm in Liberty Corner, NJ. Sorebonne, in Bonnaire is unfortunately no longer clothing optional. It is a lovely resort with well equipped, comfortable cabins on the beach. We snorkeled, swam and got sunburned.

Later, we stayed at Sunset Waters in Curacao where Castaways rented the entire resort for a week. The staff really went out of their way to make us comfortable. The beach was lovely and a good downhill climb from the lodging. I still enjoy the beauty of the place on my screen saver.

It's a shame that it's also not nude all of the time. I enjoy the freedom and the lack of judgment that encompasses the nudist lifestyle. I find that nudists tend to laugh a great deal and enjoy the moment. They tend to focus more on the joy of life than on its inconveniences.

I also like not carrying around a wet bathing suit or struggling with sand in my crotch. There is nothing to compare with snorkeling nude. It's such a freeing experience.

So, I guess try St. Maartin or encourage the above resorts to open to the clothing optional crowd again. Or, come on down to Sky Farm this summer.


My love for traveling began my lifestyle in nudism. I first came to the lifestyle at Wreck Beach in British Columbia. I was 18 and wanted to see what Wreck Beach was about. When I got down there,it was a sea of nude people. That made me feel comfortable to take my clothing off. I thought as any male , certain things would rise. Well, I was so relaxed that it seemed natural to be without clothes. There truly is a freedom about it. I had no problem talking to others also.

I am now 59 and I travel all over to nudist resorts. Every one is different and everyone at these resorts are wonderful. I will always talk to others who never have gone nude and invite them to the culture that is as old as life.

Nude Cruises Are The Only Way To Travel

There is nothing better than a clothing optional cruise- no dress codes, no soggy swimsuit, no chafing of sensitive parts and the feeling of complete freedom is beyond my ability to convey with words! The people, food, staff, ship, were all outstanding.

A cold beer $5, trinkets from the ship $400, a nude cruise of 2000, priceless.

Living In The Moment

I have been getting naked socially since the mid 60's, some 52 years now. We didn't call ourselves nudists then. Through the 60's and 70's, summers in the Berkshires were magical. I went to a local river that ran through a friend's property. It was common to meet several of your friends, their families, and perhaps a few new people at the river every day. Everyone was enjoying the warmth of the day, the coolness of the crystal clear water. We made music; we planned gatherings or parties, and mostly spent time enjoying being naked and being together. Sound familiar?

There was a bond and camaraderie among us all in those days. We were just hippies exploring our world and expanding our minds. Granted, those were more liberal times, open to experimentation and enlightenment. Songs like "Teach Your Children Well, " "All We Need Is Love," I get by with "A Little Help from My Friends" taught us to think with a more open minds. I was changed profoundly after attending Woodstock, August 15, 16, 17, 1969, in Bethel, N.Y. and seeing Easy Rider.

I didn't know how or when but I knew that my life was about to change dramatically By January of 1970 I was hitchhiking across America to find my destiny. Although I had some idea of where I wanted to go, I wasn't fussy about how I got there. There was something to be learned every step of the way. I spent the next 10 years exploring myself and my world, I followed my heart and I have been on that great Magical Mystery Tour ever since.

Getting naked was harder to do from the 80's on into recent times due to job restrictions and raising children but I managed to find secluded spots locally or on my travels that served my needs. Having time on my hands, in the winter of "06", I typed NUDIST into my computer and was shocked to find some 300+ sites. I was also a bit dismayed that 290 of the sites were porn related under the cloak of healthy nudist activities. I did find what I was looking for, in the AANR and TNS sites and was pleasantly surprised at how popular it had become.

I was a bit apprehensive after all these years of seclusion to be naked with other people. While in Daytona that year I located a small club in Fort Pierce called Sunnier Palms. I decided that I had to find out if I could do this. I was encouraged by a gentleman named Bud who said just do it and I did. I met a woman named Allis, who turned out to be a biker who kept me captivated that afternoon with stories of her adventures and misadventures traveling on her Harley during the "60"s. I forgot that I was naked except for that sunburn that kept reminding me of that wonderful day. I knew where I needed to be. Back in the Berkshires that April I discovered that Berkshire Vista was only 20 miles from my house and decided to investigate. I attended BV through the summer of '06 as a day visitor and spent time there in 07-08-and 09. I'm thankful that every one there made me feel comfortable.