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Veterans & Nudism

Work uniform may vary

Working in veteran support for the VA, we do home care services for respiratory needs. I was impressed at our agency's attitude in being accommodating to our clients preferences and we hold regular meetings to make sure we are meeting their needs in providing a comfortable environment. It's difficult to imagine every possible situation, but thought we had most of it covered: religious requirements of the houshold might require a particular head covering, or a female therapist for female patients, or simply no shoes inside the house. In a moment of intended sillyness, my co-worker asked what we are to do if the client is a nudist. (She knew that I am a nudist, and probably had the intent of adding some levity to the meeting). Our boss, without missing a beat simply said, "if your client is a nudist, then you treat your nudist patient." A good answer. Undeterred in her attempt to throw things off track, my co-worker asked what we are to do if the client insists on having a nudist therapist, and dressed as such. A legitimate question in the situation where a client might live in a nudist community. After a brief pause, our boss replied that if we were willing to accommodate the client, we should do so appropriately. I mean, we would take our shoes off if those were the house rules, so why not. I had heard stories of postmen objecting to making deliveries at nudist communities, and I alway thought contrary; I thought that that would be the best assignment, to be able to do your job in a nudist environment, and if you were allowed to be nude, well, sign me up. And so, it seems that I now have permission, even an obligation to be nude when necessary! We all had a little giggle at the exchange, but I will be making a point to promote our services at the nearest nudist resorts in the hope of enacting our 'nude if necessary' policy.

Young Disabled Vet Finds Peace Within Nudism

I began as a lone naturist as a teen, but after joining the US Air Force I decided to try social nudism. I went to a nearby resort, and within minutes I forgot I was naked. I had a great time there, and would also occasionally go to Hippie Hollow near Austin, TX to relax in the sun for the day.

After returning from two tours in the Middle East I was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. I found my life difficult to handle both at work and at home. I chose to leave the military hoping to move on with my life, but that has proven difficult to do.

I have spent most of the last few years depressed more often than not. Having a service dog and a supportive family and girlfriend has helped me a lot. Just as returning to the nudist community and way of life has helped.

I feel like my worries and bad memories slip away for a while when I'm nude, especially when I'm visiting with other nudists and friends. The time in nature, minus all the things that remind me of my troubles, is cathartic and rejuvenating. What makes it even better is that my girlfriend has started joining me and enjoying the time together as nudists. I think it goes without saying that my dog enjoys the nature walks and camping trips too!

I have found myself looking forward to even just an afternoon away from my daily life where I can relax without a care and without a single thread on. It is more enjoyable than going to therapy, and for me has been more successful too. I've always been a more introspective type person, and the peaceful and calm I find even amongst other nudists allows me to sort through my thoughts and feelings far easier. I have made more progress in the last year hanging out with family and friends at our monthly nude camp outs than with anything else.

Nudism has long been a part of my life, and it always will be. I can't think of a better way to relax, de-stress, and find the inner peace I lost while overseas.

Military brat

In the 1960's my dad was assigned to Rhein Mein AFB in Germany. As a young teenager, I spent many weekends at the Rhine river in Frankfurt and first experienced the locals in very casual nudity that is the European style at the beach. I gotta say my mother wasn't thrilled about that though, but, it changed my life.

When I enlisted in the USAF myself, group nudity was very common and sometimes a necessity. Everybody remembers the 1 minute SS&S (which included showers) in basic training.

Later, in country in SEA, when we got a new uniform issue in the field, we stripped out of the old ones and into the new ones, no problem. When it rained we all would all strip down and rinse off the jungle dirt, smells and sweat. Nobody was self-conscious. It felt good, even liberating, to get a rinse and air dry.

When I was assigned to Vandenberg AFB, my wife and I found the nude beach at Gaviota. Almost all the people there were military from Vandenberg and a healthy portion of those were from my own squadron. We had the highest espirit de corps of all the squadrons on base. We were really tightly knit and well adjusted.

For my wife and I it is so normal now that we can't imagine not being nude whenever we can be at Black's Beach or DeAnza Springs Resort. But I'll never forget those days in Germany where I first discovered how liberating social nudism was.

PTSD Issue 90% better when at Solair

I am a disabled NAVY combat veteran. I served my country proud for 10 years. I recently got married and had expressed to my wife that I enjoyed being a naturist. We found a terrific place where we could be with other people who also enjoyed this lifestyle. We enjoyed it so much that we purchased a trailer in the resort.

I find that when I arrive at Solair, and the magical gate appears to open (with my key card), I am comforted, and relieved of all the daily stresses and problems I encounter. My PTSD goes into hiding and I find my happy place.

We are currently looking to relocate in a few years to a place where we can practice this lifestyle year round. Currently, we have a few months where the weather is not conducive to being a naturist!

It started In Nebraska - before my 20 yr Navy career.

It started in 1984 when I was 18 yrs old, 2 years before I joined the Navy. I was camping at Cram's Cove, close to Broken Bow, NE & along the Middle Loup River. I wanted to go swimming and bathe myself afterwards before the campfire festivities later that evening.

I thought well, I have to get naked to lather up with my bar of Ivory Soap so I decided to swim without a swimsuit so I would be naked for the bathing afterwards.

Well, I loved it, and have been enjoying nude recreation ever since. In 2001-2003 while stationed in Jacksonville, FL, I decided to go to my 1st nudist campground/resort, Sunny Sands-(kinda of close to NAS Jax), and I had a great time, so I went every weekend I had off.

I retired in 2006 and have struggled with Trauma issues and what the VA say's is Mild PTSD. I do know, when I am free from clothes, I am totally free from all my issues. They disappear with the clothes.

Being a Naturist has help me accept me for who and what I am, by keeping my self-esteem at healthy levels. If it was not for being a Naturist, I believe my self-esteem would have fallen into the pits and beyond after the trauma.

I feel comfortable in my skin even though I am older and body parts have settled south and I am 15 lbs heavier than I use to be. I am a beautiful person with a beautiful personality and that is the true beauty in people and that's what counts.

I just moved & started a new job here in TN, I work from 3:30 pm to 2:00 am - 4 days a week. I love the 3 days off, but, I have to keep my same sleep/wake up pattern on my days off that I have for my days on. It has hurt my recreation time and friendship time. I have not found friends that are even close to my sleep/wake routine or a lake/river that would be safe swimming nude in, late at night

Now, I just need to find a job with better hours so I can enjoy nature, in a natural fashion and friends.

Have a Wonderful Day.