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Veterans & Nudism

Best Therapy Ever!

Over 20 years as a peacetime and combat Marine has exposed me to a fair-share of stressful, if not traumatic, events that I cope with daily. Not that I think I need to be doped up or be a member of group therapy, but I have been able to put things into context. With the help of a supportive family, little by little, day by day, my life gets better and better.

One of the best things my wife and I have experienced recently is the people at Glen Eden in Corona, California. The ability to strip down both physically and metaphorically among strangers has been cleansing. We leave the stresses of our daily lives in the backseat of our car in a folded pile of laundry. Swimming in the pool, chatting in the hot tub or just relaxing poolside has been more effective in relieving stress than a two hour massage or shots of Jack. Everyone we have met at G.E. have been very nice, if not outright friendly.

I believe a weekend at a nice nudist resort should be prescribed as treatment for any vet with PTSD. As each stitch of clothing is removed, a little stress falls away. I think all nudist establishments ought to offer discounted or free admission for the first year to vets. I am sure once they visit, they'll be hooked and be members for life.

Military Veteran Naturist Values

I joined the Army in July of 1997. I finished training and was sent to Ft Drum, NY where I was stationed for my active duty time. I was training for a deployment to Tusla Bosnia where I spent a year. During my year I built up vacation time and took a four day pass to Croatia. While there I asked a hotel employee where I could go for fun. He told me the beach was popular so I went there and saw everyone was nude. I didn't expect this but I took my suit off for the first time and I have to say I enjoy nude recreation.

I left the Army and I am married now; my wife and I go to Mazo Beach and some of Wisconsin's other great resorts. We both are comfortable in the nude and if it wasn't for the Army I may not have ever gone to a nude beach. We are stress free and love the atmosphere while nude.

Started Before the Army

I was a naturist prior to going on active duty, starting going nude at home in my teens. In fact I had no plans on joining the military until the 9/11 attacks. Soon afterwards I joined ROTC and 4 years later got commissioned into the Army. 2 tours to Iraq later, I'm still a naturist, along with my wife and kids.

I am lucky in so far that I have not ever been diagnosed with PTSD, but I have had issues dealing with the loss of friends while downrange, along with certain traumatic incidents. While naturism is not a panacea, being one with nature in my most natural state has a calming effect on me. Being able to experience the sun and fresh air on my skin takes me back to a simpler time. Being nude reminds me of the good things in life.

It Started While in the Army

While in the Army[1959-1962] and over in Germany I went to a public pool I believe was in Boblinger outside of Stuttgart. It was not uncommon to see people and families in the nude. It was not until the 1970's did I have a chance to visit a clothing optional beach. I think I was hooked[unhooked ,unbuttoned and unzipped, in actually]then.

I am now in my 70's and am a snowbird in Florida where I have access to a private pool in both locations. I am naked when I have the chance. I have been to nude beaches & resorts almost all over the world. I find it to be totally relaxing to be in the sun and water without a suit.It is not sexy or provocative, just a pleasant experience.

As far as friends and family go, most of my friends know about my lifestyle. One lady friend thought that all women on the nude beach looked like playboy bunnies. When I told her that I go, she said she would try it and go with me, I told her that was insulting, insinuating that I did not have a perfect body. She eventually met her husband there.

As far as family, which is limited, my daughter told me she had gone with some friends. I told her that I was a regular and she might run into me there. She was astonished and she was not going then.

One last amusing story. When in my Pennsylvania house I do have one neighbor whose property partially overlooks mine. When I am in the nude, I usually listen to hear if anyone is there. If so I stay in a sheltered area and go in the pool at the shallow end. One day while nude in my pool area I did not realize they were home and his wife came out on their deck. Later when the husband told me that his wife saw me naked, I said OK. He then asked how would I feel if he took some pictures.

I responded that he gives me an 8x10 and several 5x7's and it would be OK. No further discussion and they now know the have a neighbor who is a nudist.

This all started while in the army at a clothing optional pool which looked like fun.


I spent 23 years in the Marines active duty served all around the globe. I fought in two wars, The Gulf in 1991 and Iraq in 2003 and 2006-07. I didn't know it at the time in 1991 but I had PTSD.

I discovered a nude beach and that helped me relax. I found a caring welcoming community at San Onofre Beach and I began to feel normal again. I kept going between deployments even joined a club The Swallows in El Cajone, and the people were so friendly and welcoming.

Then in 2003 I was in Iraq for the invasion. That really messed me up. 100 times worse! Too much bloodshed, stench and terrible images I still can't get out of my head. I again found refuge at the nude beach but I was angry all the time. Looking for answers. Why?

Well I mellowed and just before I got out I was sent back again! This time i was just burnt out! Had to get out after I returned. I retired and have been working to come to grips ever since.

I find it extremely relaxing just being nude around like minded folks. I am just me, not the uniform, not the rank or position--me. I avoid talking about it (the war) unless I have to. I still need to work on myself but I'm much more relaxed now.