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Veterans & Nudism

Disabled Air Force Vet

I have always hated wearing clothing as a child but was made to do so due to a rather prudish family. I went off to college and lived in my own apartment and began to be nude whenever possible.

I joined the Air Force in 2003 as an aircraft mechanic working on fighter jets. I was stationed in Japan for two years and Korea for a short temporary tour (TDY for the fellow airmen). I was able to see the most beautiful places in the world but unfortunately was only nude in my dorm.

I was medically discharged due to chronic back problems and still suffering ten years later. I have found great comfort and relief from pain without the added weight of clothing. Every little bit helps. I have even convinced my wife to see and enjoy nudist life at home with our children.

I still wish I could get her to visit a nudist resort with me. I haven't been to one yet and I would want to visit with her and maybe eventually our children as well. The communities are filled with the most accepting and least judgmental people. Maybe one day.

Breaking Down Barriers to Commonality

As a veteran I was always keen on seeking brotherhood. But in our commercialized society everyone uses props to set each other apart and very few people sought to commune as people. Even in organizations that espouse common interest, it is the interest acting as a discriminator against others that united the group!

In nudism (or just dressing comfortably for hot weather) there is a true destruction of discriminating factors as we literally strip away clothing and false pretense. In the end we are left with just who we are and that unity is refreshing. The opportunity to meet brothers and sisters (figuratively) and focus on knowing them as people as opposed to them as a collection of products, styles, and designers is joyous.

While I've never met friends like I met serving my nation in the hardest trials of life; the closest I've come to those friendships in the civilian world are nudist friends. Cheers and God Bless.

Naturist Air Force Sergeant

I've been a naturist since high school. At the time I didn't really even think about it. Being nude was no different than other levels of attire.

In the Air Force, I had roommates who were also comfortable nude. I don't think any of us considered ourselves nudists; it was just not necessary to wear clothes so we didn't.

While my wife does not enjoy naturism, she is very open to my enjoying it. (Even if she doesn't understand why I do!) I've enjoyed nude beaches and time at home nude as well as time in nature. (I'm an AANR member but without a wife willing to join me at clubs, sadly they're not an option.)

In any case, for me what really "seals the deal" on naturism is being nude in nature. Clothing always strikes me now as sort of a barrier between me and the Earth. I revel in the freedom of movement, in the feel of the cool Earth beneath bare feet, and the breeze on my naked skin. It is a spiritual and fulfilling experience for me.

I don't know that most folks will understand why I enjoy the freedom of being without clothes. I guess if you've never tried it, you can't understand it. What I do know is that I served 20 years in the military and expect a certain degree of freedom. Being without clothes hurts no one. Being allowed to enjoy life on my own terms does not seem to be too much to ask at this point. I have served and protected that freedom. What I ask is simple and human and natural: to commune with nature naturally. Whether fishing or hiking or gardening.

People are so unused to seeing unclothed people nowadays that they feel the right to be offended by it. I don't think an unclothed 90 year old is any less beautiful than a clothed 90 year old. The wrinkles, the worry lines, the wear and tear of life as they worked and raised a family - are all beautiful. To think that a 90 year old face is beautiful but the body is not is just childish. All people of all ages, sizes, colors, and whatever else are beautiful; human and beautiful. After all, it's the same person, whether they are clothed or unclothed. A human being.

My fellow military members and I worked and fought to defend our freedom. I think we are owed this simple freedom in return. We're not asking for the freedom to protest military funerals (that's legal, sadly) or the freedom to hurl slurs at other people. Just the freedom to be us. Just us.

How I Became a Nudist.

I was in the Air Force based in Germany(1973-1974). I met a local German woman who worked in one of the chow halls. We started dating and had many great times together.

In July 1973, she picked me up at the base and we headed to a lake maybe an hour away. I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes but I did not see if she had any swimsuit on under her clothes. I thought she would change into her swimsuit at the lake.

We arrived at the lake and I was gazing at the surrounding area and I was not really looking at the others nearby but at the beautiful countryside. I suddenly looked at her and she was standing there nude much to my BIG surprise. I then looked around and observed there was one FOOL with clothes on...I'll give you 10 guesses who that fool was...LOL

Anyway, she finally talked me into getting naked and the rest, as they say, is history. So this summer, I have been a nudist for 41 years and have loved every minute.

Maybe I Am Stubborn

Starting in kindergarten, I felt annoyed at how much our culture expected me to fit in & not be who I really am. Example: I grew up in Nebraska where Football is the core of our culture. Instead of going out for team practice after school, I carried home my schoolbooks because I liked studying.

Decades later, I was an Air Force scientist & managed research & development projects. The military helped me learn fitting in has a place in society. We wear uniforms; we join the Officers Club. But "scientist" fit me very well: making things that had never been done before, going outside the box & resisting tunnel vision.

Growing up, I never heard of nudity until I saw pictures of hippies in magazines. At age 19, I got a roommate who'd grown up in Korea. I was so horrified when he went nude after a shower that I rushed to my pastor for therapy.

Fortunately, he had also lived in Korea & his response was, "So... why are you upset?" He jarred my reality by saying the bible says nothing against nudity; even states in Romans it's NOT a sin.

I entered the military late in life at age 28. By then my attitude about nudity had evolved to "typical for Americans." By age 30, I'd go nude in the house at times--as did my wife & son. I then lived on an airbase & one day a neighbor lady asked that when I go nude in the house, at night with the lights on, to please close the shades. However, she was a nurse so seeing me naked wasn't a big deal & we learned their kids went nude in the house. They moved out & the new neighbor's kids went nude in the back & front yards.

Around that time I had one of those nightmares we awaken from with cold sweats. I dreamt I was taking a shower, heard my son screaming, looked out a window & saw people dragging him to a van. In the dream, I absolutely had to first put on my clothes. THAT changed me. I made a goal of being very okay with my nudity--being who I really am.

At age 40 I had a tour in none other than Korea. I lived a mile from base, not in the mini-America of the airmen who live just outside the gate, & had a rooftop to myself. For the first time, I started going naked where some people could see me. Also that year, I found a Life magazine article about the AANR. I then realized there were organizations for people like me. I promptly joined it as well as other naturist groups. Within a month of getting back to the USA, I attended a nudist event.

HOWEVER, my life was in crisis at this point. My Korean tour wasn't as a scientist & my thinking outside the box in how I handled the job led me to an involuntary but honorable discharge. My wife was enraged at me for being gone for a year & left within 24 hours of my return--my discharge convinced her I was insensitive. Yes, I had flaws, but I survived by proclaiming, at least to myself, I AM WHO I AM & I REFUSE TO BE ASHAMED OF IT. Nudity is the exact same thing & became the best therapy I could possibly have.