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16th Annual Cape Cod Beach Clean-up

        At Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, MA              9:00 AM, Saturday, June 9 2012 The Cape Cod Beach Volunteers of Nudist and Naturist are holding its 16th annual Beach Clean-up. The event is open to all volunteer nudists, naturists, … Continue reading

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Earth Day Fun Facts

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 began with a series of grass roots efforts conducted by citizens (in particular many college students) concerned over environmental issues.  Thus, in honor of Earth Day 2012 (begun in the U.S. and … Continue reading

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Think Spring!

Today is the first day of spring. Signs of spring fever are everywhere. The weather is warmer in most parts of North America, and soon winter will be a distant memory. Basketball fans are engulfed in March Madness. Baseball enthusiasts … Continue reading

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March Madness, Nudist-Style

It’s that time of year again when basketball fever hits the country. Once again, it’s time for March Madness. Although we ran this post last year, it bears a repeat–just like some of your favorite teams. Nudists Embrace March Madness … Continue reading

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AANR Announces Nude Recreation Week Event

AANR is pleased to announce the Nude Recreation Week event for 2012: AANR’s Amazing Canvas Nudist Face & Body Painting Event to be held July 14, the Saturday of Nude Recreation Week. Although the details are still being finalized, clubs, … Continue reading

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What Are Your Nude Year Resolutions?

I know, it is only Thanksgiving week but we’re already looking ahead to the new year. AANR is compiling a list of the Nude Year’s Resolutions of our nudist members and friends and we want to hear about yours! Funny, … Continue reading

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Nudists Dream of Nude Beach on Coney Island

The Brooklyn Paper reports that a group of skinny-dippers want to set aside a portion of Coney Island Beach as a designated nude beach. So far, the city says nudity is not allowed. but the idea is gathering support. In … Continue reading

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Bare From the Toes Up!

A message from AANR President Susan Weaver: If you are like me, you have a couple of perfectly good running shoes in the closet that didn’t quite fit as comfortably as you hoped.  Or maybe a pair of hiking shoes … Continue reading

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AANR Responds to Lady Gaga’s Nudity is “timeless” Quote

Lady Gaga, speaking on her video blog GagaVision has said she wants to be nude on all TV shows because it would be “timeless.” Weighing in on this with a slightly unexpected response is the American Association for Nude Recreation. … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking…but April Fool!

Dekan Archipelago, South Pacific 4/1/11- Edun Airways to Offer the First No Clothing Section on Their Flights By Tom Mulhall, The Terra Cotta Inn With the cost of fuel skyrocketing, budget airline, Edun Airways located in the exotic South Pacific … Continue reading

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