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Friends of Nude Recreation

In addition to our nudist resorts and participating businesses, AANR appreciates the following nudist groups, which also help to promote and protect the nude recreation that we enjoy.

AANR Educational Foundation

This 501( c )(3) charitable organization is equipped to accept tax deductible gifts. The Foundation helps fund scholarships and research to promote a healthy view of the human body. You can visit their website  or download a PDF version of their brochure here.

American Nudist Research Library

For over 20 years the library has served as an historical and documentary resource to scholars and nudists.

B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation

Beach Education Advocates for Culture, Health, Environment & Safety Foundation Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt nonprofit educational corporation. B.E.A.C.H.E.S.’s four concerns for our public beaches are explicit in its name: cultural diversity, public health, environmental conservation, and beach safety.

Tampa Bay Free Beaches

We believe that with the growth of clothing optional /naturist recreational facilities at public beaches and private resorts that there will be a corresponding growth in safe and sustainable tourism, jobs and taxes for the Tampa Bay Area.

Federation of Canadian Naturists

While AANR is affiliated with a number of clubs in Western Canada through its AANR Western Canada Region and Ontario via the AANR Midwest region, the Federation of Canadian Naturists is also extensively working throughout the country to promote nude recreation.


Serving Naturists in Quebec

Gay Naturists International

Gay Naturists International (GNI) began in 1981 as part of The Naturist Society (TNS). In 1993, they became an independent organization. Through their affiliated clubs, they lend a bare hand to any fellow who’s comfortable being gay and naked.

South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB)

South Florida Free Beaches/Florida Naturist Association, Inc. is an organization advocating for a fair share of public beaches and other suitable public commons for nude recreation in Florida, including the designation of clothing optional areas.

The Naturist Society

Founded in the 1980s, the Society publishes a magazine four times per year for subscribers and conducts events (“gatherings”) around the country. Often referred to as TNS, its affiliates NEF and NAC help educate and protect.