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Nudists Give Clothing

The Bare Facts

As nudists, we advocate for a way of life that minimizes the need for clothing—but we also understand that, for many, clothing is a daily necessity. In the spirit of goodwill and community support, we are initiating a clothing and goods drive, not just by nudists, but for anyone willing to help. This campaign focuses on providing essential items to shelters for individuals and families during the week leading up to Labor Day.

What We’re Collecting

Donation Box

While our primary focus is on clothing, the drive extends to other critical needs such as bathroom and hygiene products, small appliances, and non-perishable food items. Each shelter has unique needs, which is why planning your contribution is crucial.

Participation Instructions

Make Your Plan

  • Pick a Shelter: Use the button below to find a shelter by zip code and view their wish list, or donate to a shelter of your choice.
  • Place a box in a common area over a busy weekend.
  • Use clear signage or click here for a donation box label.
  • Coordinate with the Shelter: Confirm their specific needs and arrange details for drop-off.
  • Plan Your Drop-Off: Organize the logistics for delivering collected items.

Spread the Word

Communicate the drive details through your member lists and on social media. Be clear about what is needed and how to contribute. Use our promotional images and hashtag: #NudistsGiveClothing.

Track and Report Your Impact

  • Keep a tally of the items donated—each pair of gloves or socks counts as one item, for example.
  • Submit your totals through our online reporting form below:

Online Reporting Form

We deeply appreciate your participation and generosity. We look forward to sharing the impactful results of our collective effort soon!

For any questions, please contact us at

Thank You!