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Guess the 2015 Skinny-Dip Count, Win a Skinny-Dip T-shirt!

Thousands of nudists skinny-dipped at nearly 100 locations across North America last Saturday, July 11, at 3 p.m. Eastern Nudist Time to celebrate Nude Recreation Week by “Skinny-Dipping Again!”, this year’s theme. Before and after the event, articles appeared online … Continue reading

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Nudists Beat World Record for Skinny-Dipping

On Sunday, over 800 nudists beat the skinny-dipping world record.The event drew 805 people, breaking the previous record of 729 people set this past July on El Playazo Beach in Vera Playa, Almeria, Spain. AANR was on hand to join … Continue reading

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What Does Body Acceptance Mean To You?

We live in a time when people are paying more attention to health and physical fitness. Childhood and adult obesity is at an all-time high, which can lead to Type-II Diabetes and other health concerns. Studies show that a sedentary … Continue reading

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Why Nudist Super Bowl Parties Are More Fun

By Tom Mulhall, The Terra Cotta Inn The New England Patriots and the New York Giants will meet in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis on Sunday February 5th. Of course nudists just like everyone else around the world love going … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father, Inventor, Statesman, and Nudist?

By Chet Kresiak Known as “The First American,” Benjamin Franklin is certainly one of the most revered figures in American history. From his inventions such as bifocals and the lightning rod, his accomplishments as a politician and diplomat, to his … Continue reading

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Nudists Dream of Nude Beach on Coney Island

The Brooklyn Paper reports that a group of skinny-dippers want to set aside a portion of Coney Island Beach as a designated nude beach. So far, the city says nudity is not allowed. but the idea is gathering support. In … Continue reading

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My First-Time Nudist Experience

From the World of Nude Recreation I grew up in Brevard County, Florida, back when there were plenty of deserted beaches to go skinny-dipping and I made regular use of them. But I had never been to a nudist resort. … Continue reading

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“Bear” With Us

The AANR Skinny-Dip Bear is showing up in all sorts of places. On vacation in the tropics, at the theater, snorkeling and at a variety of other hot spots. Where would you take your AANR Skinny-Dip Bear? This holiday season, … Continue reading

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AANR Skinny-Dip Bear Debuts

You already recognize AANR as the go-to source regarding the great American tradition of skinny-dipping. Made by the Vermont Teddy Bear Company especially for AANR, this Birthday Suit Bear’s coat comes off to reveal his naked body underneath. His sash … Continue reading

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Wild Horses Shouldn't Keep You Away!

For over four years AANR has been working to re-establish a nude beach section on the Maryland end of Assateague National Seashore.  On behalf of our members who enjoy skinny-dipping in a safe and positive environment, AANR has lobbied legislators … Continue reading

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